Kanye West Yeezus Goes Platinum

Kim Kardashian watches Kanye West concert with Lindsay Lohan, Anna Wintour, and more celebrities in NYC

Plaques On Sight. And though it took longer than normal, it was definitely bound 2 happen sooner or later. The RIAA has just certified Kanye’s Yeezus with a million units shipped. Congrats!

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  • he sell 633k

    how this is Platinum?



    • DRAKE_is_GAWD



      • KooKooCal

        garbage! BTW this isn’t DRAKE and you aint WEEKnd.. Strop pretendin

    • Hiphophead

      Because it isn’t about 1st week sales it’s about cumulative.

      • Extra Domus

        He was at 633K on Jan 5th – 1 mill on Jan 8th you mean to tell me you believe he sold the equivalent of his first week in 3 days?!?!? 6 months after the release!??!

        • trevor

          google bought 500k

      • Extra Domus

        633k is the cumulative amount

    • NativeKing

      same reason Good Kid Maad City was certified platinum about a month before it actually sold a million…it’s always been this way dude….

  • ASG

    It sold a million world wide… not in the US. #rapradarfail

  • boony

    shipped platinum

  • Jeff

    they must be counting free downloads lmao

  • Con

    Haven’t even heard it

  • Kendrick goes platinum – sell +1kk

    Macklemore goes platinum – sell +1kk

    Jay Z goes platinum sell – sell +1kk

    Drake goes Double Platinum (Take Care) – sell +2kk

    Drake goes Platinum (NWTS) – sell +1kk



    • NativeKing

      incorrect, I know for a fact Kendrick received the platinum plaque about a month before it actually passed 1mill sold…

      • Public Hairs

        Yea but Kendrick was ACTUALLY on pace to clear 1 million, not just barely passing gold.

  • ilexx

    Dudes numbers are like 630k+ in the U.S so how is he platinum?

    The RIAA don’t usually certify an album platinum based on worldwide sales so that’s pretty strange.

  • eastpointvet

    there is a platinum shipment certification and platinum sales certification if yall confused

  • LuckyP757

    • 19 minutes ago

    there is a platinum shipment certification and platinum sales certification if yall confused

  • mike

    This nigga Kanye eatin (see full figured stomach above).

    • Nickey Negrito


      That was truly funny. Word

    • McGrahamable

      Asian pussy with sweet and sour sauce?

  • Hussle

    so Cole is platinum too since we talkin shipped copies????

    • ropeburn

      no if it was platnium RIAA would’ve certified it.

  • Collins

    Damn, so this nigga beat Cole?

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      He been beat Cole cause the comp was only for first week sales, but Cole did reach gold before him. That’s why everybody think Cole outsold Ye, but from what I understood it was only pose to be first week sales.

    • LP1087

      Couldn’t have. Maine shit is better sonically, what’s fducking w/ that

  • Shipped copies lol anything to justify this album is good lol (certified crap)

  • august midknight

    hahaha those sheep bought this trash probably thought “Yeezus” was so genius and creative, its ahead of its time, and that the people who didnt like it are nothing but simple minded and close minded people that had the album go over their heads,,,, cause the album is trash lyrically and musically,,,,,, “im at a french cafe ,,, b. i.t .c.h wheres my croisant” wow!! thats some next level shlt,,, and im just too ignorant to understand its genius,,, i guess all the ranting paid off, he kept screaming that the album was the best thing to ever happened to music, and manipulated the sheep into thinking its good, just like how he self proclaimed to be a genius and kept repeating and now thats all what people call him, even when he sneezes on a record its considered a classic

    • mike

      Why are you so mad? Just because you don’t like an album means everybody else has to hate it to?

  • Your Father

    Ironically this album turn is when he did the most media and stayed in the news all day but still failed to out do his old shit. The fans have spoken – good music before gimmicks.

  • NativeKing

    shame that you cats really didn’t know these certifications are determined on shipments…smh….

  • Extra Domus

    I don’t get the shipment thing – I doubt a million physical copies were shipped if nowadays most purchases are digital…do you count digital copies as “shipments” ?!?!?!? Anyways…633k sales to date assuming 250k are physical…That means there’s another 750k copies just sitting on shelves yet the album is still considered platinum…SMH!

  • Matt

    even his wack album went plat, dam…

  • mizz

    Yall sone hatin ass fuckbags. Bet y’all would be trying to take pics if you met him for ig likes

  • asmith0609

    Just means major retailers like bestbuy ordered more of the album because it still sells the album still sold for Kanye. Like Jay-z selling his album to Samsung and going platinum before it even released

  • Public Hairs

    Yea the RIAA certification process is kinda bullshit. He’s getting a plaque simply because the warehouse decided to ship out the last 400k+ units of the “Yeezus” album that may NEVER get sold.

    Definitely a PR move to bring attention to the album since it sold so low.

    • Public Hairs

      Also, double albums get counted as 2 units. So when a double album goes diamond, “only” 5 million people actually bought the album.

  • Yung BO$$

    Yeezy chunky

  • ordell robbie

    this article was bound 2 be awful before you even wrote that cringe-worthy pun