Mac Miller Leaves Rostrum Records


Free Agent.It’s been a fun ride, but after three years on Rostrum Records, Mac Miller’s calling it quits. In a statement given to MTV, Mac says he’s parting ways with the independent label.

Rostrum is my family. That is forever. No matter what, we will always work together. We moved mountains and I can only see them continuing that tradition. I am grateful for everything I learned and am always here for whatever.”

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  • suck a dick b dot

    teen wolf?

    • DRAKE_is_GAWD


      • IM730

        haha YALL NIGGAS CANNOT make youre own lanes… Straight biting like you at the dentist and getting xrays….

  • Tha Teamjpbtv Prezident

    wow – welp good luck Mac – youll be fine your a smart young man DaButtonPusha

    • mac

      ayyyy dabuttonpusha for real?!?!?!?

      • Tha Teamjpbtv Prezident

        Hey MAc you know Imma always love you bro – I cant wait to catch up with yo butt lol may be I can get a 16 from you – YOu have always been wise with your decision – I have faith in you – always have – you will be fine – Keep rising!!! JPB

  • LuckyP757

    smh they took his indie ass and had him at the top of the charts. hope it was some internal BS that drove him away and not him being disloyal

    • nicoswebaby

      Nah the contract was finished and he decided not to make a new one.
      It’s a smart move, because he has a name now, would be nice to see him sign to TDE though.

      • The Incredible Creation

        mmmm TDE? =/ i don’t think so… *shrugs*

      • LuckyP757

        what would be the point of signing to TDE is he has a name now? he’d always be kendricks little brother over there. whereas no one really cares about wiz anymore so staying with rostrum would seem to be the move. hope he knows what he’s doing

  • iamsherman

    Mac Miller networked his ass off and made good music during his time there… This is a loss for Rostrum, who now has to turn to Wiz Khalifa like LeBron James in Cleveland.

  • Hussle

    why split the pie when u can have it all to yourself. lol

  • Mac did the damn thing. Congratulations brotha. You graduating.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Good Move Mac!!!