Always respect for the L.O.X …

  • DMVillain

    That “Faded” track is fuckin flames ! LOX 4 Life !

  • osowhitedirt

    LOX been the shit Still is the shit And always will be.. Real Street niggas Real music Real bars

  • osowhitedirt

    Matter fact slap your favorite artist and tell them LOX 4 Life

  • All these and my dudes still doing! Better than your fav rappers today!!! The Lox D-Block!!!!!!

  • Onepercentfree MaxGrogan

    Free frame of reference from Montreal to the lox styles P rolls royce A.F/F/L Grogan /// OnePercentFree

  • Van Sertima

    That’s my Uncle Ghost right there. SP gave me jewels for life through music.
    Real Talk. But Tracy G looks nothing like how she sounds.

  • smh

    GHOST aka Pinero!
    Donnie G!
    These niggaz as a whole and individually is still UNTOUCHABLE…..and till this very day don’t NOBODY do a back n forth flow like Styles and Jada. The best to ever do that!