Cam’Ron & Juelz At DunkxChange In NYC

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Powerful Music.

Hypebeasts in NYC all gathered at the Sneaker Pimps’ DunkxChange event recently. Providing the musical entertainment were Cam and Juelz with the classics. Now, that’s what’s really good.

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  • bcro30

    They went from performing on the big stage. to performing at Nike outlets.

  • Hussle

    Juelz Santana : the laziest rapper ever!!! last album came out almost 10 yrs ago. Ridiculous

    • bigfoot2011

      Real shit

  • bigfoot2011


    • el jim chapo guzman

      fuck you mean lames nigga,you lame

      • bigfoot2011

        Cam almost 40 still doing exactly what he was doing at 20. Dressing like he 20. He performing at worse venues than in his 20’s. If u don’t think that’s a lame, ur a serious lame

        • Trillionare

          Cam is past rap… The nigga is getting movie money now with that Netflix deal he just got.

  • Myke Wayne

    This could be good for both. We need more Cam and Juelz. Get that momentum

  • cannon

    i like the bone thugs loop

  • Ben


  • Lo

    dusty rappers living in the glory days, i’m from NY and i think these guys got too much pride. where’s the new music at you clowns?

  • bcl187

    Fuckin KillA!!! Anyone Who Hatez on Cam Don’t know shit bout Real Rap!

  • Justin Time

    Let’s be honest..they’re finished. Only person checking for them is Miss Info