Drake Returns To Jimmy Fallon

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Late Night Drizzy

The last time Drake was on  Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, he debuted “Too Much”. But on this go around, he sat down to talk about his Grammy nominations and hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow. Afterward, they played beer hockey.
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  • brza

    *Drake voice* started

  • Nathaniel

    nigga said “like” 50-leven times.

  • psstDj

    woah looking like “thank me later or “so far gone” Drake
    good to see a rap star and young black man host snl

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Am I the only one who thinks Fallon sucks? I much prefer Conan and Kimmel.

    • Dashing28

      I used to hate on Fallon, but after watching it recently he’s better than both of them. He always has cool different ways of interacting with his guests like the beer hockey or lip synch contests or something. And he’s got the Roots and some atypical hip hop guests that you wouldn’t normally see on late night TV.

  • Lea

    He is gorgeous..just himself.

  • John Jay


  • fullyautomatic

    Nigga gay af…Drake ur fake FOH