Kid ‘N Play On Arsenio Hall

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House Party.

It’s been over 20 years since Kid N Play were on The Arsenio Hall Show. But last night, the duo returned to the program with a performance of “Ain’t Gon Hurt Nobody” and “Rollin’ with Kid ‘N’ Play”. Still entertaining after all these years.

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  • Dashing28

    This should have way more comments. I know these guys were’nt NWA or Public Enemy, but they were great performers and entertainers. It’s good to see them on stage together again.

  • LeVar Johnson

    That’s wassup. Glad to see tthese guys are still together. House Party is a classic.

  • Kai AugustAngeles Simmons

    I love Kid n’ Play to death! Kid was especially dope, underrated as a lyricist. Guess I know how I’m gonna be spending my Friday night. Watching the 3 good House Partys. Class Act was the bomb too!

  • theflyeststar

    good ole days

  • CoolAssTuck

    Jay Z is older than both these cats and them tittays at 1:50 are lovely.