• Viva La Raza

    Ace Hood goes hard.

  • TOmmy

    Ace comes across to forced it’s like he tries to hard and it’s not natural.

  • Ghost of Non-Phixion

    I hear a slight Drake influence in how he pronounces things but Ace go so hard I dont even care.
    He branging that ghetto gospel for sure…feeling this tape bruh

  • Dre

    He saying he The King Of The South on alot of records on here wonder if T.I gonna say suppm about this…tape dope AF tho cant front

  • The Almighty

    dudes mixtapes are better than his albums

  • PasserBy

    There’s always like 4 good songs out of the 15-whatever tracks on his mixtapes. He should just wait the time it takes him to make two mixtapes, and then put out a memorable/quality rap album. It seems now he is just strictly rapping for the money.One point in time I thought he could form a new lane in rap.same beat and flow as the last times, nothing really changing. Will ace forever be on the fringe of the rap game?Only time will tell.

  • I’d Tap Ya Wife Elliot

    Big Homie you fucked up I expect this type of shit by your dooraggin ass employee B Dot. Omarion Care Package 2 on a Ace Hood post ok

  • TT

    he is dissin jay z or what in the intro?

  • Good Day


  • JMcL

    Ace hood is one of the realest in the game u can always count on him to drop the street bangers

  • j.c

    Ace hood is the hottest rapper out in his age ranger fuck drake and he,s snappin on this one