New Video: ScHoolboy Q “Man Of The Year”

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 12.21.43 PM

Fantasy Island.

Surrounded by pack of honey’s, SchoolBoy Q’s the luckiest man alive in his new video directed by Dave Free, Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleishman. Yup, his beach is better. Oxymoron drops February 25th.

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  • Standout

    Every video should play on a ipad or iPhone I’m just saying. It’s a new age. I hate that shit

    • it’s the roc


    • AppleSucks

      It’s not a thing with the site, Ssfari doesn’t support HTML5.. So much for being better than Android.…. Losers

      • J.o. Mac

        You have to much time on your hands LOL retard

  • Kid

    Exaclty, it’s 2014 guys, catch the fck up

  • Batman

    Dope video

  • Donn

    Hope his album does well. Not really feeling the uptempo music he’s doing but I’m sure the album will have a few potent cuts on it. I don’t see this dude being a star but I see him getting some show money and making the internet heads happy. 50,000 first week and he’ll be gucci

    • Jake

      I think he has a more radio friendly flow than Kendrick and is already getting some play time through features. Dude could be huge.

    • McGlock

      Q already on the radio thanks to Macklemore.. lol

  • onenutned

    the video makes the song better cuz I wasn’t feelin it at first. #tits

  • bngfrt

    there is currently no video displaying…….or nah

  • NativeKing

    between this & collard greens, i dont really know what schoolboys message is

  • Tushawn Bundy Stewart

    He looks like a homeless man trapped on a island wit beautiful women! Lol

    • J.o. Mac


  • guacaMOle

    This guy is whack, only reason the video was watched was for the beeches…. this guy will be gone within next 12 mths…washed up

    • Jake

      You do realize he isn’t new right? Debut album is a debut to the public and apparently yourself… Regardless of if he blows up or not He will have his show money.. You sir are whack.

  • AKbar

    i can’t wait for this album. Support the NEW school.

  • @k_dukes


  • Trappin’ Trev

    i had to watch this video twice. got damn this is awesome