• Pw

    This wack ass nigga Maino talks tht New York shit but none of his records sound like NY all down south shit… more Lox records please

  • LOL

    i fux with you Maino but this isn’t the way to bring back NY. your officially a hypocrite.

  • It’s Just Music

    maino is salty his time is up.
    He bitches about NY “falling off” but the truth is, he is using that as an excuse to justify that he fell off.
    all that slandering of south shit and he makes this.

    his music is garbage, that’s why he ain’t popping. not even a jadakiss verse could save this clown.

    crazy that this site even posts about him and plies lol the irrelevancy is real.

  • BigBawseee

    criticizes NY + their rappers .. choses the most down south trap beat smh maino youre a lame


    Shit sounds pretty dope to me. Sound like a bunch of bitches on this site. SMFH,

  • crownKc

    OH T.I. killing it once again !

  • De’Sean Allen-Eikens

    TI is okay everyone else in this song is fake(French Montana) or garbadge

  • CoolAssTuck

    I’ll know NY’ers have found their sanity again when this guy no longer has a career.

  • OcelotDME

    This go!!! fuck wrong w you niggas? smh

  • datmuthafucka

    this joint GO…y’all fugazi’s love too hate!

  • Mike b

    The hand of God was a classic mixtape… comparable to old 50

  • LP1087

    Sound like I could do the turn up dance to this Maino…..no bueno, not w/ ur recent rants that I was in full support of

  • BlackAnastasia

    Maino is nowhere near the South dickrider as Fabulous.His songs “Diamonds” proves this.NY had a hand in its own fall by jumping on that Southern Wave with Memphis Bleek”Round Here”Brave hearts”Quick ToBackDown”Dip set”GetCrunckMovement”FatJoe”MakeItRain”all Southern songs.NY will never Reign again because rap has moved on to Swagger and less thought provoking type Rap.This NY/$outh topic gets a lot of NY natives into their emotions but then these same rappers turn and either do songs with South Rappers or they Rap over Trap beats.I don’t get it.