Bun B On Rap Lyrics Used In Court On CNN

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While the New Jersey Supreme Court are considering to allow rap lyrics to be used during trials, Bun B sits down with the CNN to weigh in on the debate.

Below, he returns to ESPN’s First Take to speak on his beloved Houston Rockets, if their post-season contenders,  James Harden and more.


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  • It’s Just Music

    Bun B, dope rapper with awesome music and also very educated and very focused with his ideas and perspective on things.

    Wish rap was filled with more artists like him



    • BigBawseee

      yet you made nada

    • Extra Domus

      They shipped one milli he only sold 633k

  • to

    that’s msnbc… not cnn

  • Guillaume Pilon

    Using lyrics in court is wack

    Its like using the movies actors are doing against them

    • bigfoot2011

      I knew someone from the peanut gallery would say this. Make up yall Damn minds. When rick ross lies in his rhymes, yall go after him for not being real. Now when police go after these “real rappers”, then u cry that the lyrics are like movies. So do u want fictional rap or real rap?

      • Guillaume Pilon

        Nobody belive rappers talking abouts k….

        Rick ross just took it way too far

        Thats why people are making fun of him

        • bigfoot2011

          When BIG said “niggaz is actors they deserve oscars”, was that a compliment? He said that cuz everyone knows acting is fake. Why don’t actors get murdered like Big and Pac did? Ur a fucking moron. There’s a reason why rappers get murdered left and right cuz they portray their rhymes as real where as actors let u know that it’s fake.

          • B

            Brandon Lee got shot, he was an actor… fucking moron

          • B

            Also, Judith Barsi, Ennis Cosby, Phil Hartman, Rebecca Schaeffer, Adrienne Shellly and Sharon Tate. Actually, there are way more actors that have been shot and killed than rappers. thanks for showing your ignorance… fucking moron. hahaha

          • B

            and fyi bigfoot aint real… fucking moron. hahaha

  • Extra Domus

    This is scary, …Imagine how Eminem’s lyrics could’ve been used against him – the last example in mind was a dad that killed his famliy reciting the lyrics of the 3AM song…

  • Chronic

    Eminem would be a serial killer

  • Dan Karlin

    Using a rapper’s violent lyrics against him in court is like trying Robert DeNiro for murder because of his role in ‘Taxi Driver’. I do agree with @bigfoot2011:disqus, though – there is a double-standard when it comes to hip hop and “realness”. You can’t please everybody. And there are people who can’t be pleased nomatter what happens.

    Sidenote: Isn’t citing lyrics while on trial something that has happened before? I vaguely remember Shyne’s lyrics being used as an “example” back during the nightclub shooting case in 2000/2001.

  • bronxbillyunz

    I LOVE HER!!