Drake On SNL


Drizzy Takeover.

Aubrey returned to Saturday Night Live last night as both host and musical guest. Also starring in a few skits, he performed “Started From The Bottom”, “Trophies”, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and was joined by Jhene Aiko for “From Time”.

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  • kingkong

    he makes good music but he is so fucking corny and his sketches were gay as fuck. he messed up big time on the trophies part.

    • JimBeam

      He didnt mess up when trophies came in. That was supposed to happen like that.

      • kingkong

        i know, it just sounded off/akward

  • kingkong

    comparing Kanyes SNL performance to drakes makes it apparent who has more impact

  • Taurus

    Born to win. Drake a winner always

  • Chronic

    This dude did 4 songs. Most music guest maybe do 2…dude is a dick who he shouldn’t have to waste his time doing skits on a skit show…

    • Mike b

      No they always do 2. Mid show and end

  • Ccrazyman

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    • eastpointvet

      thanks never heard of the site but its a pretty good one from what i see

      • Ccrazyman

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  • CoolAssTuck

    This nigga tryna bag my bitch. Gotta snipe him..

  • Donn

    Yo I died when this nigga started blinking dumb crazy while he was rapping lmao. Then we started singing with Jhene I cringed lol. Dude is just funny. Great music, just when u see him in real life he’s just funny to look at

  • JADatsyuk

    Drizzy and Jhene fuck yet or nah?

    • TMCCoast

      That’s Gambino’s girl.

  • mikekkp

    With a few weak sketches based on poor writing, Drake delivered with commitment even haters have to admit that.
    His musical performances were on point. He mixed up the “old” SFTB with the brand new Trophies, then he did a few verses from HOWGH which has been overplayed but changed it up to an acapella version then morphing it into “From Time” bring out the amazing Jhene Aiko. I thought that was great.
    The only weak Drake’s acting performance was his Jay-Z impression… needed a bit more work HA!

    • Mike b

      It wasn’t acapella…was acoustic or unplugged

      • mikekkp

        haha thanks mike b I couldn’t remember and I googled
        #googlefail #mefail

  • Mike b

    Thought the skits were pretty funny..I liked the Bar mitzvah rap….I celebrate Hanukkah I dated rihannaka my mommy’s from Canada daddys from Africa

  • dom

    I thought the performances were better than the skits.. could be funnier.. highlights were drizzy as lil wayne as urkell and rick ross as a teletubby lol

  • C Rubio

    A bunch of males acting like females on this. What kind of man talks about how another mans looks or how he blinks and how awkward they felt looking at another dude. That awkward feeling is probably coming from the fight with your conscious whether you’d like to bone him or not. I read these for the laughs. All of you are a bunch of female clowns, I heard E! Entertainments hirering.

  • NativeKing

    Drizzy killed it.

  • Driz

    Drake disrespected the shit out of her fuck that

  • GreenBergs

    lol who the fuck is this niggas voice coach?

  • Dashing28

    Credit given when earned. He was great in al of the sketches, even though the material wasn’t always that funny, but he never fumbled or looked like he was reading the cue cards (which is more than I can say for some seasoned actors i.e. Ben Affleck, etc). he seemed like he enjoyed himself.

  • TeF

    Drake is by far one of the corniest and most tissue soft cats to ever represent this culture, I prefer old Drake, that being said, people seriously have issues in their own life if they can’t admit that this kid took it further than Anyone thought he would and is literally winning life right now. Shoutout to Aubrey.

  • Drake Corny

    That shit corny b.

  • rickyanthony

    lol rap radar gettin hollywood as fuck callin drake “aubrey” now