• areal1

    Damn what happened to my nigga red he had momentum at one point now he’s just another artist stuck in bad boy purgatory. Damn shame smfh

  • Justin Time

    French Montana replaced this nigga quick. Dude came outta nowhere and at least dropped an album. Red Cafe was on Bad Boy forever and barely released a single.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      that because french montana undertstood the movement.and the movement was is to sound like a nigga from the south.and be around them niggaz..

      • Jon Long

        well cafe being trying to sound like a down south dude for 5 years. He sucks at that too. “money money money” lol! what a clown. this 40 yr old rapper has been done for years. Plus…he’s not rich. rich dudes don’t get evicted and don’t have other dudes buy him cars.

        • Justin Time

          Yo I forgot all about that “Money” single. Red is dope but he always came off as a knockoff Fab

  • RIV

    same ole same

  • Shan The Man

    Pure fucking trash.

  • Coney

    And songs like this is why this nigga hasn’t come out yet. smh

  • The Incredible Creation

    really just came to see the comments… but i fuck wit Red so i’ma watch this real quick lol

  • guest

    “i’m rich” – a rap song featuring 5 rappers who aren’t rich.

  • fullyautomatic

    Nigga da rolls Royce rental cost more den his video FOH u lame Diddy ain’t neva gunna put u out…#killurself

  • confused listener

    the song was dope….but if dude is rich….da fuck he doin in the back of a taxi?! lmfao im just sayin…..

  • dion0025

    well on google red cafe net worth 3 million & plus he getting money over sea in europe he must be doing something right lol