Lil Bibby ‘Free Crack’ Release Party

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Lil Bibby celebrated the release of his mixtape Free Crack, last week at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta. At the 2:43 mark, he says he’s grabbing Jadakiss and Pusha T for the “Water (Remix)”. Whoa!

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  • Chronic

    How you gonna celebrate a release 2 months after it’s out?

    • ryanoa

      Because people are sleeping on Bibby like crazy. The dude is next up. I’ve been in tune since he started putting out videos on youtube in 2012, but most people aren’t in tune.

      • Chronic

        I liked a couple songs off the mixtape. next up? I dunno bout that. but I could see him putting out a really good album

  • dd

    ‘Lil Bibby’ & the title ‘Free Crack’
    Sound like a Aaron McGruder joke from The Boondocks.

    RR “Co sign that wack shit, give it a pass”