Kendrick Lamar Covers Jet

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Hip Hop Savior?

For their Black History Month issue, K.Dot’s mug takes the front cover of the upcoming Jet magazine. In the cover story, he discusses social responsibility, Jay Z, and more.


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  • bt123

    is that a lazy eye i see?

    • OKKK

      not as bad as biggie’s tho

  • Donn

    The PR behind this dude is amazing. The machine working

    • True enough

      It amazes me what happens when you enter the matrix

  • t

    U know u made it when you’re on the cover of JET

  • haann

    I didnt know hip hop needed saving …

  • smh


  • Killyoself Asap

    To all you kendrick nutriders out there: I dont need him to save hip hop. Maybe you weak ass clowns that wear tiny pants need him, but not me. I still got W.C.,Daz,.Bun B,Raekwon,Mobb deep,Devin,8ball n mjg, and the rest of the dudes I been listenin to for years who still drop hot shit and still rock shows.

    • Killyoself Asap

      I got nuthin against this kid either, I’m just tired of everyone talkin like he all that matters in the game. I thought his album was boring as shit n couldnt even make it all the way thru. Talkin bout stealin his parents car or some shit. I aint got time for that kid nonsense