Rick Ross On Buying Holyfield Mansion

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The Big House.

Rick Ross is living large. Its been reported that the rapper recently copped former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield’s crib in Fayetteville. Listed as the “largest single family home in GA” the 54,000 square foot, 109 room mansion sits on 105 acres. Amenities include a 350,000 gallon outdoor pool, bowling alley and a baseball field.

Last year, Hoyfield lost the home to foreclosure. Priced at $10 million, Rozay reportedly bought it for $2.5 million 7-8 million. As far as maintenance, up keep will cost roughly $1 million annually. Electricity alone can run $17,000 a month. Don’t expect Georgia Power to give any freebies.

UPDATE: Ross talks to Revolt about his purchase

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  • He better turn that shit into a resort unless he aint “The Boss” no more. 109 Rooms? That shit would be Hotel or Resort Rozay if it was me.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Why the fuck should I paying 17,000 a month on electricity. man fuck that.

  • Nsjsnnsns

    He’s going to actually become a drug trafficker now just to keep up with bills

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    Hmmm… i coulda sworn some other rapper pulled a similar purchase not too long ago

    nah maybe im just buggin’ out

    • 1 mill a month?

      dont believe he bought this house at all.
      he aint got the money to pay and run this house.
      this is just another publicity stunt like all the rest of his buffoonery in his career. he turning into game.

      ill wait to he furnishes it,

      no doubt it will just be promo for mastermind.

      as i say other rappers made the blueprint,,,sold multi platinum plaques…..made 100’s millions….huge worldwide….sold out arenas….crew sold millions……..expanded…made more millions…..no acting…..no pretending. no stunts.

      ross’s never turned into the mainstream big time artist the paid bloggers..media and record exes would like u to believe.
      its a rap for ross…..

      • Seriously4

        HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW IF HE GOT THE MONEY OR NOT? Broke niggas stay hatin

      • ShonPierce

        Where did u go to school…or what school did u drop out of? Who do u know paying a mil a month for a damn 7-8 mil dollar home. Are u a home owner? Do u have a mortgage? Better yet a credit score higher than a 640. If u think he’s paying a mil a month for a 30yr loan then ur just plain stupid

  • raj

    he still trying to be like 50…his idol.

  • It’s Just Music

    who gives?

    hip-hop sucks cause of posts like this glamorizing materialism.
    This has nothing to do with music.

    I thought i logged in to rapradar not tmz

  • Nadine Jerome

    Rick Ross could provide off-campus housing to students in GA in his 109 bdrm house. I don’t know what you can do with all them rooms, if you don’t put those rooms to good use ‪#‎keepingitreal‬ What he shouldn’t do is: let bitches stay in his rooms and use his address as a permanent address; let his niggas stay in his rooms, and use his address as a permanent address – b/c he be 15 miles away on the other end of the house, he’s not going to know who-is-who #facts

    • The D

      ^ you could get it

  • 大胆不敵なリーダー

    At 2.5 million, the house was a hell of a deal, hope he rents some of those rooms out too MMG niggas to cover that maintenance cost, it would be idiotic for him just to pay that shit out his pocket.

  • Hussle

    shit…I’ll do the maintenance for 500k a year bruh. holla at me

  • mrholloway

    good deal on the house…he could cut those bills in half if done right

  • Peekay

    so dumb. the cost to furnish those rooms? Water bill for the pool? Either he’s gonna need a Segway or he’ll get super fit walking around that resort.

  • Damn i just realize that this a 50-esque move lol well at least 50 did it in his 1st year, took ross almost 10 years to get it and he got it when the housing market isnt great, good discount.

    • ShonPierce

      The market bring good or bad has nothing to do with houses this large. Investors of mega mansions ain’t worrying about a damn housing market. They just but it bc they can

      • You obviously no nothing about buying houses, or maybe you do i just dont see your point other than rich ppl buy mega mansions because they feel like it. Id buy a mansion too if i could get it for cheap like ross did. He didnt pay full market price for the mansion so explain how the house market isnt bad when the bank who foreclosed it sold it for damn near 60% below what its worth

        • ShonPierce

          See this is the simplicity of it all. Whether the market is up or down it doesn’t matter when ur speaking in terms of rich people. Mike Tyson’s house had a $20 mil price tag on it and nobody wanted it bc of the name associated with it the same goes for this piece of real estate ross just purchased. If they had a $12 mil price tag on it I’m sure he could’ve still made the purchase but it wouldn’t have made sense economically bc in essence he’ll live in it 5 years tops, put a mil or 2 in it then put it back on the market just below fair market value and at that point he will offer it to a friend who’s doing well in the industry and walk away with a substantial profit. The market could be shitty but if a rich man want it he will have it

  • Coney

    Yall niggas dumb. He just copped a 10 million dollar mansion for 2.5 mil. That’s a deal he’d be stupid to pass on. He can easily flip that house and double his money. Smart move. Yall stay commenting from your moms basement and learn the real estate game.

    • nice crib though

      u gotta ask why other people never bought it then,
      other wealthy people. if it was that simple a deal.

      shit fishy to me.
      ross to me looks like the type of nigga now that got alot of people in his decision making, alot of people calling shots in his career and moves to make. alot of pieces of his pie. wouldnt say he a puppet for other people but not far off.
      he’s in to deep now to turn back type of shit.

    • Jburg

      If it was so easy to flip, it wouldn’t have sold was less than half its worth. Did you even think about that before you typed that out?

      • Coney

        The house was in foreclosure thats why its sold for alot less. Granted, there may have been other issues with the house that we arent aware of but alot of foreclosed homes go for MUCH less than what they’re worth. If Holyfield owned it outright and sold it on his own he probably would’ve got alot closer to the asking price but since its bank owned it went for cheap. Now think about that before you start typing

        • BurtBurg

          It wouldn’t have been in foreclosure in the first place if it was that easy to sale wouldn’t you think…..

          • Devin Ancrum

            It’s also more that the person was trying to keep it and couldn’t therefore instead of getting rid of it while possible he got behind on paymnts.

    • AKbar

      it was a $2.5 million down payment and a $10 million annual on a 25/30,40,50 year lease. you can’t flip this house, you just get the luxury of living in a fine styled area and the government cakes off of your treason for buying it.

      lies/cheating/stolen blah blah blah.

      count your blessings

      • question

        so what your saying is ross got some people behind him putting him up as a front for some other motives that will come clear later.

        talking about opening the house up to kids…like neverland…..michael jackson style……..whole thing is weird.

        ross aint got no bitch…..who gonna live there…mmg?


        • AKbar

          i was thinking we turn up gay in that mansion for luxury brainwash to feed to a bull crap sg.drug dealer/ local motive kurt who dictates deligation towards the government when your bars run out of lines that are etched in stone; lieing about where you live, stealing other peoples visionary ideas, slapping his name on a sticker that he tarnished meaning god or the devil is playing games with you and i. O and others, nigga

  • Jimmy Spicer

    smart investment.

    • Weirdos

      Yeah paying $17,000 a month on electricity is smart

  • NativeKing

    not a ross fan, but gotta respect the hustle…he made his dreams his reality.

  • EARL


    • 4321

      you do realise jayz and puff and probably a few record exes were behind sending ross at 50. that was a set up by them to try and get 50 finally out the way. it was probably all planned.50 getting blackballed by alot of forces. if it werent for jay puff lyor def jam warner birdman drake wayne kanye all helping ross then he’d be finished along time ago regardless of music.
      ross still got heavily damaged and nobody looks at dude the same.
      his worth may have gone up but his credibilty is shot. thats what ross craves most but can never have.

      • Marlow †

        nigga how you know what he craves most shut up

  • FLY513

    why is this even news? who gives a fuck?! and why u niggas worried his pockets? u niggas probably don’t even have ya own spots and talking down on another nigga. smh.

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    real or fake.. fuck it. just be proud of dude.
    its entertainment

    If I go down to my lobby right now and ask who rick ross is.. 8/10 know who he is.. It’s called the Rap Game for a reason. The only thing that ever mattered is that can you make enough to take care of your family and then some.

    • Just asking, but why do i have to be proud of him? He never done shit for me.


    lol 50cent buys Tyson’s crib..Ricky buys Holyfield’s crib…The officer wants to be like Fif lmfao

    • ShonPierce

      I find it funny that people need to make reference to a washed up rapper name 50cent. U must be the only friend he got left bc no one else cares


    he didn’t buy it he just went and looked at it and took some pics to post in online to get people talking like he always does

  • CmonSon


  • YouGonEatYourCornbread

    why all that space? we all know his nigga gonna be in the kitchen most the time anyway

  • TheUpperRoom

    To afford this Home He will Have to earn the bare minimum of 10million a year Before taxes … 10 mill after taxes is about 5.5million. Between the up keep for the house and his lavish lifestyle 5.5 million don’t sound like it will be enough… richky gonna need 10 jobs……

  • Extra Domus

    Ross following in 50’s steps LOL

  • LP1087

    He’s trying to buy one 50 is trying to dump his, simple……and we all kno who workin’ w/ more. If you can’t see the logic there than ur blind

  • luketheduke

    opening the doors to the kids from new orleans, miami? some fishy shit goin on here with this.. 109 rooms? bout to be some baad shit going on in there..

  • brollya

    dat look like the same house dat birdman building in miami…. officer ricky taking pointers from a real hustler….

  • jay

    yo he needs to spend like a million setting up solar panels and windmills in the yard. for a house that big he could generate enough electricity that he wouldnt even have a $17,000 electric bill at the end of the month. In fact the electric company would probably end up paying him so they could use the electricity that hes generating. I mean that’s what i would do if i had that house.

  • brollya

    50 cent buy tyson old house, den ross finally scrapped up money to by holyfield house

  • Malibu7

    How do you get a mili a year for maintenance?!?!?! Taxes are roughly 2% of purchase price or 160k a year. Electric 17k x 12months = 204k. Where’s the rest? Water, landscape and misc can’t be over 600k!! Still curious purchase. Wonder why he’s in GA so much now and not Miami

  • Dan Karlin

    I never realized so many real estate agents frequent Rap Radar. I guess you learn something new every day, huh?


    Im sure Rozay is gonna be smart about whatever he plans to do with the property.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • The Incredible Creation

    Dear 50 Cent & company, please do the research and expose whatever the fuck is going on here… lol we all know 50 famous for shit like that and this just SMELLS like another PUBLICITY STUNT to promote his “highly anticipated” album lol smh -_- come on now.. shit gettin old… & lame …lots of money in the rap game right now huh? them black bottles must be doing NUMBERS… O_o

  • brza

    something seems off about this – 1M annually in maintenance?! there has to be more to this story

    • willmecca

      Well you’re paying probably 300,000 a year just for security guard, maid, butler, and personal landscaper. Then you have a 10,000 a month “on the low end”electric bill. The house hasn’t been properly maintained for about 5 years and probably needs a new roof. a roof for that house probably runs 300,000 to over hall. There’s a reason homes from the gilded age didn’t survive even though the riches people in the world built them. They cost too much to maintain.

  • minnie

    the only time this guy makes the news is for his latest purchase i.e. Rolls Royce, etc. Total joke.