J.Cole Honors Nas At Vibe Impact Awards

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Made Nas Proud

Last night, Nasir Jones was honored at VIBE’s Impact Awards at L.A.’s Carondelet House with guests Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes, No I.D. and more. Above, Cole gives a heartfelt speech on his idol.

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  • dero


  • areal1

    That’s DOPE that J Cole is humble enough to do that. Pac was like jesus Nas wrote the bible…NAS GOAT

  • LOL

    great video, J. Cole is the modern day Nas

    • It’s Just Music

      this site needs a you played yourself section for user comments so this can be featured on it.

      J Cole a modern day NAS?
      The modern day of a rapper who has tons of classics and damn near influenced every rapper in the game?

      Yeezus have some respect for the legends man.

      • theflyeststar

        lmao word

  • minnie

    I wonder if Cole’s admiration for Nas and Pac upset Jay haha! Its gotta hurt YN as well, seeing that he is a HUGE Jay supporter and one of Jay’s artists looks up to Nas more.

    • Donn

      A 42yr old man who is worth half a million dollars, has kids and over 15 businesses. This would be the least of his concerns, maybe for a teenager

      • bumpy johnson

        @ donn the same thing ran thru my mind when @ Minnie …made that assumption .what ppl fail to realize Jay is in no man’s land right .now . he doesn’t care what they say or think about him at this moment ……HOV conquered .the rap game …the stats is there .

        • bumpy johnson

          on stickin to the script . congrats to nas on the honour .though .

      • areal1

        Stop it man this is rap hov always say it what brings him back to drop more albums is the love of rap not the money like he says it’s a competitive sport and hov is a competitive guy so of course he sees it I don’t think hes upset by it but if u don’t think hes thinking nigga i signed you I’m THE goat (not at all IMO)then I think your mistaken its hip hop a competitive ego driven culture that he loves he wants to go down as the GOAT the mike jordan of recording in his words u don’t think he feels slighted when his own artist says at least two artist are better than him(again true IMO lol)then I don’t think your payin attention to hov interviews and music

        • marty mcfly

          I highly doubt Jay gives any fucks that Cole thinks so highly of Nas. As if what Cole thinks really makes any difference to Jayz? LOL. Cole coulda signed with Nas’s label Ill Will Records if he was that much of a Nas soldier but Jay put the opportunity if front of him and Cole took it. Just did like Nas did when nobody wanted to put the Hip Hop Is Dead album, until Jay stepped up and put some promo behind it as president of Def Jam at the time. Jay aint worried about Cole’s respect for him or lack there of, he got bigger concerns on the table then whatever the fuck Cole is doing. You talking about Jays ego? I bet every time Jay goes outside its somebody calling him the greatest that ever did it period.

          • marty mcfly

            I mean… Just like what Nas did when nobody wanted to put the Hip Hop Is Dead album out…

          • theflyeststar

            jay always looked up to nas, that could have been him giving that speech instead of cole

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah because Jay thinks Nas is dope. Jay is not really the hater type a nigga. He has always said Nas is dope cause Nas is a good friend of his so no need to diss and if a nigga’s dope then why not show love. I wouldn’t say Jay looks up to him, id say Jay prolly really likes good music and that includes Nas. Jayz – Can I Live 2 “I get my plot on and my drop on, through the rotten, dont even hate on those who hate me, I got Pac on”…

          • marty mcfly

            And yeah im sure Jay would give a speech about Nas. Why not? Jay likes to give props to hip hop legends. He made a whole song called A Star Is Born about how dope everybody else is, other then just himself.

          • marty mcfly

            Its prolly more likely that Nas looks up to Jayz then the other way around. Go check the scoreboard cause Jay is doing alot better then Nas is in hip hop.

          • areal1

            I was with you up until this bullshit statement what scoreboard we looking at cause sales don’t mean shit press clippings and owning teams don’t have anything to do with the music I know your probably a jay fanatic but come on any unbiased hip hop fan will tell presently is not even close Nas will rap circles around hov check mchg vs life is good come on and dont reply like a typical jay stan talkin bout money and beyonce and all that dumb shit who cares that doesn’t affect us the music does and in that regard RIGHT NOW that’s all nas

          • marty mcfly

            We can talk straight good music cause Jay got alot of that and we can talk bars also cause Jay is good there too. Jayz aint Trinidad James homie so go listen to Black Republicans again cause Jay can hang with Nas on any song at any time and his albums can do the same against Nas. According to the fans overall (including Nas fans), Jay is the one rapping circles around people because every time he puts something out people support it. Since 1998 Jay has consistently been in front of Nas and again thats according to the people who keep supporting his career. So yeah im talking straight up music and Jay is definitely an artists not to be fucked with. Yeah we can talk MCHG vs Life Is Good, Jay got fire on Magna Carta so you aint saying nothing by mentioning Life Is Good cause Jay got good music too.

          • marty mcfly


            Holy Grail
            Jayz Blue
            Nickels And Dimes
            Open Letter

            These aint no weak ass songs fool. What you wanna talk? Bars? Concepts?, Beats? What? Jay can do all the same shit Nas can do and then some… They both can do the same shit the other one can do but overall it appears that Jay for the most part has taken his career further then Nas. With Jayz and Nas, its more then beats and rhymes because both these guys are hip hop brands. Their both a business man, not just business men. So yeah we can talk just straight up music but anybody rapping professionally for 20 years like Nas? Id say have earned the right to also talk sells and numbers and business success. So yeah go check the scoreboard cause sales do have something to do with the music in terms of if people want it and want to support it. I know what you mean though by saying it dont mean shit but after 20s though? 20 years of Nas selling records and it dont mean shit? I dont know about that. When it comes to Jay vs Nas? 95% of the argument is just about straight up music but that last 5%? Sales should be at least discussed because the fact that Jay has consistently outsold Nas does suggest just a little bit that maybe Jay is ahead. As far as lyricism goes between the two, there is no way for you to just prove Nas can rap better then Jayz (and vice versa) because Jay has lyricism too. For every punchline Nas has, Jay has one, for every concept Nas has, Jay has one, for every dope album Nas has, Jay has one so NO Nas aint rapping circles around somebody who has done the same things Nas has done. Nas has classic albums, Jay has classic albums, Nas has dope beats, Jay has dope beats etc… Nas aint running no circles around JAY? Be for real, again go check the stats homies. ALL the stats across the board with everything that comes with being an artist. Who is really running circles around who?

          • marty mcfly

            Im a go watch the grammys where Jay has the most award nominations again (in all of music period) so im sure he’s gonna take home something like he does almost every year but who is really running circles around who? And im a Nas fan. I think Illmatic is better then Reasonable Doubt and I think Nas is one of the greatest of all time but him running circles around Jayz? Thats when im like wtf are you talking about.

          • areal1

            First off don’t turn into a Internet banger and get all emotional like a fanboy and start trying to diss me nigga that’s wack tuck ya emotions in second I said RIGHT NOW he’s rapping circles around JAY all those songs you named on mchg are lazy lyrically and like I said any unbiased fan will tell you if you compare life is good to mchg is not close I agree with you that over there whole career its close but that’s not what I’m talking about go listen to made nas proud and hear NAS multi syllable flow listen to jays open letter with lines like im in cuba I love cubans hov jay had that slick talk he’s not really lyrical anymore like I said once again Any UNBIASED fan will tell you that oh and as far as jay goes ive been a fan of his before he was jay he hustled with my uncle in trenton his man DeHaven has a daughter desiree who I went to school with so I always root for jay or bubble lip shawn so that’s not it I’m just keepin it 100 nas is better right now and fuck the grammys that shit don’t mean nothing to us come on now.But in the end we could agree to disagree that’s why we all have our own opinions and how did we turn a nas pay into a jay nas debate smh

          • sugasmax

            No Illmatic no Jay-z

  • oneloveonebeing

    dope story, you can feel the emotion

  • J. Cole KIller

    You’d think this Nigga was signed to Nas. Smh

  • It’s Just Music

    i understand you have to pay homage but yeezus J Cole calm down.

    first you make a whole song dedicated to Nas on your album crying how you let nas down
    then he hopes on the remix and bigs you up
    AND now you doing 6 minute speeches dedicated to the man.

    This is why Cole will never be a “new legend” with Drake & Kendrick.
    He lacks confidence to the point where he is consistently and constantly bigging up Nas, Jay, Kanye and millions of others in the game.

    Damn Cole. have confidence if yourself and make an album like The Warm Up and you’ll be on the road to legendary. the dude clearly has the potential but he has been disappointing me two albums in already.

    • Joe

      Soo Jay bringing up BIG every 2 lines in his early albums, and Eminem praising Dre all the time, and hell Wayne praising Birdman doesnt count? Just cause Cole paying respects to his idols now that he’s at a stage in his career that people will listen and take ot on doesnt mean he dont have confidence.

    • SmoothG718

      Does it make you feel cool to say Yeezus ? Just asking so I can do it too

      • It’s Just Music

        if you need someone to tell you how to be an individual than by all means do it.
        I can see you have the individuality of a cereal box corn ball.

    • SmoothG718

      Also, I’m sure Cole is ppretty confident since he out sold and got better reviews on his alubm then “Yeezus”. I’m also sure he’s not losing sleep over your misguided opinion

      • It’s Just Music

        Cole outsold Kanye only because Kanye made an album that was not Hip-Hop cause he wanted to do something completely different. I doubt that’s something good on Cole’s part.
        If Kanye would have dropped an album like MBTDF, I bet my bank account Cole would have not out sold him at all. Doesn’t matter since that’s Kanye’s 7th platinum album with Watch The Throne.

        and all those names you mentioned, completely different situations.
        Dre took Eminem under his wing and out of the hood.
        Birdman did the same to wayne.
        Jay and Biggie had a rao group together and Biggie died.
        those actually warrant constant homage.

        Cole always needs to ride off legends names, whether its Nas who he made a whole song about or Jay which is brags like a fag “sometimes I brag like Hov” on his intro. 10 seconds in his album he’s already talking about another man ALREADY.

        Say what you want but Cole will never reach Kendrick and Drake.
        Why you think Cole is pushing this whole “New Legends” things two medicore albums in?

        If Cole is a legend, Kendrick is a GOD. Drake is a music legend outside of rap.

  • Hussle

    This is some real shit!!!





  • Denise

    Kenny Thomas Is Coming!!!