Beyonce & Jay Z “Drunk In Love” At Grammys



The Carters opened up this year’s ceremony with the first live performance of “Drunk In Love”. Beyonce’s outfit is the shit, if I do say so myself.

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  • Kevin Banks

    Beyonce looks better in real life than in music videos, dope performance!

  • lebron jamies

    jay z won. eternally.

  • Iller

    I would sell my soul just to be that chair,
    I would drug my balls on broken glass just to kiss that chair,
    I would hung my balls between a crocodile jaw just to let BeyoncĂ© head lock me between her legs and I wouldn’t mind dying by it

    • C’mon now

      Because you’re a sucka’

  • oj da jewman

    horrible performance by her, vocally.
    don’t ride nuts and say it was great

    • dickinyamom

      your gay

    • Hussle

      hater thats what they call u

  • Fly boulevard

    S/0 to rap radar for having the vid u p first

  • Craig

    1st time she actually looked like a black woman in a while, That was super sexy, now they just need to stop making her pictures look like a white woman.

    • Jaramac

      Alright “Craig” calm down

  • cannon

    thank god i got a sexy girlfriend with cakes. she aint beyonce but oh well haha

  • JADatsyuk

    Hov won at life.

  • GreenBergs

    b dot you single handedly are responsible for killling hip hop!!!!! live with that faggot lover

  • Hussle

    Jay won indeed. GODDAMN

  • s

    jay-z – boy from the projects; has a net worth of 500mill; married to beyonce with that face.. shiet dude seriously won. Bill gates couldnt even buy love with all that $ he has ..

  • jj

    I wouldn’t let my joint walk out the house wearing that, naw that’s private. She just had his seed too, Jamie Foxx clownin. Nah, B would be wearing a big ass gown. Classy in public, trashy in private.

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  • gzdehb

    smh out of all the recent posts you YET AGAIN put J & b @ no 2 over everything else. They dont need help or promotion other people do.

  • onenutned

    jay-z look mad uncomfortable touchin on his own bitch.

  • Elroy

    Typical dumb blacks