• Peace


  • Alex

    while Kendrick’s verse is dope, this song is soooo overplayed that I even struggled to get there

  • sam

    just ain’t feeling this shit swear he is selling out don’t fuck with rock straight hip hop

    • Word

      There’s that “I want my favorite artist to only do rap and collab with rappers and never grow” mentality we all love so much.

    • jfraz1992

      u gotta listen to the message and kendrick snapped lol

    • jay

      That’s the stupidest shit i’ve ever heard. that’s all you listen to straight rap? From Run DMC and Aerosmith to Jay-Z and Linkin Park rap and rock have been collaborating forever. how does this make Kendrick a sell out?

    • TeF

      Yeah, you’re Hip Hop as fuck with your anime character avatar. Go have several seats.

  • Brendon Jamal Brown Silver

    SO FUCKING DOPE!!!! 5/5 !!!

  • Lil Wayne


    • Chan

      Still waiting….

      • Strong Enough


  • OcelotDME

    Verse is insane especially towards the end!!

  • Carlos Danger

    King Kendrick was just beasting with the dragons….superkicks88

  • Maddark

    FUCK the Grammy’s for real… its KING KENDRICK

  • Bobby Hill

    When I hear this I think of Nba 2k14. Kendrick snapped though

  • AKbar

    i saw this verse in my dreams a year ago and this guy just showed the world the potential of Hip-Hop. You’re all welcome!

  • Viva La Raza

    great song, GREAT verse…
    not hard to understand why he rapping circles around these temper tantrum rappers…
    touches on Martial law, traditional rap references for you simpletons, great flow.
    this is a win and im NOT on the Kendrick bandwagon in the slightest

    • marty mcfly

      Kendrick also has verses that aint that dope. I mean people was acting like his verse on Schoolboy Qs single was all that. Kendrick is in a space where everything he says is treated like Exhibit C even when its not that serious. Just saying

      • Chronic

        The fact he switched between Spanish and English was enough to make that verse dope