Pre-Show Grammy Rap/R&B Winners (2014)


Envelope Please.

Gramophone’s have already been passed out. And so far Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have racked up in the rap categories. Check out the other winners below.

Best Rap Performance:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.43.11 PM

Best Rap Song:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.44.51 PM

Best Rap Album:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.47.19 PM

Producer Of The Year:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.18.12 PM

Best Music Video: Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.01.18 PMBest R&B Album:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.56.23 PMBest R&B Song:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.54.09 PM

 Best R&B Performance:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.55.24 PM

Best Traditional R&B Performance:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.58.15 PM

Best Urban Contemporary Album:Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.06.59 PM

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  • maine


  • JADatsyuk

    FUCK the Grammys. Absolutely pathetic.

  • JP

    HA! First you don’t nominate MBDTF a few years back, now you don’t even telecast the genre which is the most impactful on earth and to add to that “The Heist” wins over what is one of the best Rap Albums in recent history? The Grammys have been irrelevant for a minute. Fuck a grammy, Drake 650k, Hov 500k, Eminem 800k, Yeezy 300k and you ignore this genre? That’s aight, we’ll stay being the most impactful genre in music. FUCK A GRAMMY BABY.

  • JAv

    Politics as usual.

    The only reason people watch are for the performances.

  • Jaymalls

    Lol… I can only imagine the type of fuckery that’s going to come from this! I’m cryin!

  • Word

    Seeing “Best Rap Song” and “Thrift Shop” win makes me beyond sick.

  • Caposet303

    Pharrell wins again. He won it again exactly 10 years ago. Oh and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy won Rap Album of the Year cause it missed the cut of date.

  • areal1

    No racist but WHITE PRIVILEGE WINS AGAIN!!!!

    • Micke

      I’m white and from Sweden, I agree to 100%.

  • Donn


    I can’t stop laughing. Shit don’t bother me that much. But the comments are gonna be enjoyable. Niggas bout to type they feelings tonight

  • minnie

    Congrats, B Dot. Your Macklemore just used their white skin to win over Kendricks masterpiece.

  • cannon

    the heist is WACK cmon now. macklemore and ryan watever are cheeseballz

  • cannon

    lol! yo i didnt know yall post the winners early! thats fucked up. when i seen mackelmore winning everytihng i cracked up with anger

    • Leon Sandcastle

      “…cracked up with anger.”

      Exactly. When they first put out the nominee list a while back, I was like “watch that corny ass album win”
      But actually seeing it happen is hilarious and infuriating at the same time.

  • fuck the grammys,Eminem has to win, Eminem was deserving,2013 best-selling album,went platinum within two weeks,but not placed on the candidate list,categorically that the candidate is given to the new kids who do not deserve it the most ridiculous music awards !!!

    • Respect

      His album didnt make the cutoff date, he’ll be nominated for it next year

  • yeah

    i’ll understand performance but no more than that, grammys are killing the grey area pop perception of hip hop. Understand i give mack his respect. Take it if it were the american music awards, i’d understand them sweeping the category. But this bias of the voting board has got to stop. If this is going to be the elite, get it right. But most artist get that the politics is fucked up and dont lean on awards to feel credited. Hip Hop is in a great place. We the people arent even giving a fuck who gets the award any more. This is the social media age, and they as the most prestige level in music awards need to reflect the worlds connections and opinions. You’re fucking up history. Fuck is up with them cutting the hip hop awards out of the show? Like hip hop isn’t the most popular genre in north america.

    my straight opinion though; you can’t even dream they wouldn’t fuck ye over again, but NWTS surely was more loved than the heist, out..

  • Kevin Banks

    Fuck is this shit?!

  • Dashing28

    Congrats to Macklemore. He didn’t do anything wrong by winning. He made a good album that had lots of radio hits.

    Shame on the Grammy voters though. This continues a terrible pattern of not knowing/caring enough about hip hop to be able to accurately reward the albums that have the most critical acclaim and impact the genre the most. If the Grammy’s are supposed to be like the Oscars, they don’t just give the award to the most popular movies it’s the best.

    This is why Blueprint, not 1 Tribe album has ever won, not 1 Nas album, not 1 Scarface album, not 1 biggie album, not 1 Pac album, not 1 Wu Tang album has ever won.

    Yeah, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have more Grammy’s than Biggie, Pac, Tribe, all of Wu Tang (solo and together) and Scarface combined.

    Something is wrong with that.

    • Megamind

      Dashing, I agree with everything you said!!!
      Macklemore will get unnecessary hate and he did nothing wrong…but GRIND! Now the Grammys on the other hand! FK THEM! It’s disrespectful to the culture not to air the award or give it to the best album – GKMC

    • brza

      well said

    • Ryuk918

      Yeah, definitely feel like The grammys are trying to shape what they think the genre should be as opposed to rewarding the best body of work.

  • Gmillz

    This is wack. How dare they give a Grammy for best rap album to an artist that’s not Interscope, Sony, or EMI.

  • inf

    ‘Thrift Shop’ the best Rap song of 2013..?! That hurts. Smh. Rap is something so dear to my heart. Growing up poor with no father it was encouraging to know that someone else shared my struggle when i listened to rap. Cant even front it raised me. Me, my walkman, my thoughts, and my ambition. It gave me life. So seeing someone like Maclamore get the highest accolades for making music that thats not what i consider authentic hip hop hurts. Lets face it. he would be just another rapper if he was black. Hes not that lyrical at all. But its all politics i guess. Nas still doesnt have a grammy so its obvious they have no idea what theyre takking about.

  • Just…… wow man… really put the state of our genere in perspective smh

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    Macklemore sucks and Eminem will win next year.

  • IM730

    Honestly to me this is the equivalent of Vanilla Ice winning Best Rap Album foreal!

  • s

    so macklemore is the face of hip hop right? smh

  • donjuanOG

    kendrick deserved one he didnt get it.. good.. can you imagine that motivation the nigga gonna have. its just funny that macklemore won all these “rap” awards not to discredit his art but i dont believe his album had an impact in the rap community at all.. the singles did but no one was riding around listening to the heist. just leads me to believe that Grammys are overrated when it comes to hip hop generally speaking.

  • brza

    like I stated before I understand that a Grammy doesn’t make or break the artist but Kendrick losing Best Rap Album to the these 2 is mind boggling?! gkmc is truly a work of art. very disappointing

  • Matt

    we know now, that’s its official, homosexuals run the rap game , Blk struggle vs Homo Struggle, Homo struggle 3 grammy’s ,blk struggle 0

  • Matt

    Fuck the grammy’s

  • Wow how in the hell did they sweep the hip hop category? I mean who are the judges for this bullshit.

  • B

    did any of you even listen to The Heist? By far, by far, by far the best, most impacting rap album of the year. ya’ll are crazy. that content is crazy, (most likely it is way to deep and complex for you simple ghetto trap mindless music fucks) it takes an elevated intelligence to appricate it (meaning you probably have to at least graduate from high school, maybe attended a few CC courses) songs like ten thousand hours, cant stop us, same love, make the money, white walls, wings (changed my life), starting over, and my oh my are amazing rap songs. crazy subjects and content. relevant subjects that other rappers cannot even begin to approach. fuck what ya’ll think, ya’ll just salty you dont got a vote that matters. hands down, best album of the year, maybe of the decade. simpletons, pathetic. (and I seen them in concert, i’ve seen many more artist than anyone else on this site I know that, Jay-z twice, kayne west, lil wayne, jeezy (twice), drake, kendrick lamar, jcole, TI, big sean, mac miller, yellawolf, meek mills, freddie gibbs, big krit (twice) you have no idea… the list goes on, im tired of typing. shit ive been to rock shows bon jovi, TSO, etc. and the list goes on, I would have to check more of my stubs. the best show, hands down, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. the stage was insance, show had energy, and dude actually appricated and respected the crowd, I thought it was over 3 times, dude just kept rapping and performing. and the fact that this was indy? hahahah cant wait for the next project fellas. if this wasnt the best rap album of the lets hear that is? I want to hear some suggestions (and if anyone says yeezus, immediately kill yourself because your a breathing contradiction)

  • Michael Ibbett

    Almost all white…Macklemore…Pharell won because he produced for white bands and singers…Alicia keys is half white..Justin…
    I’m white and this looks pretty strange