Jay Z Gives J.Cole Roc Chain At MSG

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Chaining Day.

J.Cole brought in his 29th birthday tonight on the New York leg of his What Dreams May Come Tour at Madison Square Garden. During his set he brought out Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, who blessed him with his original Roc-A-Fella chain.


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  • Maestrosik

    Dope Birthday!!!!! Revenge of the Dreamers Day!!!

  • yrnehcane

    this nigga j cole is 29!?! he be rappin about college like he just graduated lol. salute to my brotha tho!

    • The Incredible Creation

      I think RR is wrong because said he turned 28 in a video I saw yesterday.. =/ *shrugs*

    • chan

      Niggas be 40, rappin about the streets like they still living there. and rick ross is 38 rappin about shit he aint never did…lol

      • pickaboo

        and they still be richer than you… and whatever they are or do, they at least happy…sorry hater

    • lolol

      he was talking about it 4 years ago at the age of 25, and I know that a lot of people that are in college or graduate during those years of their lives … cole world & born sinner on the other hand are not college albums………… friday night lights was a long time ago man

  • Reggie

    IG vids is all we have? TF… tape with the camera, crop for IG… not the other way around

  • Guest

    jay gave that his original roc chain it gets no better.

  • Carlos Danger

    jay-z gave him his original roc chain it gets no better..cole world get a jacket.

  • LOL

    the future of hip hop

  • oneloveonebeing

    that was dope…

  • Ben


    • That Square-Head Nigga Batman

      U clicked on the link dipshit

  • Pax

    The ROC 2004 > The ROC 2014

    • Ricky Retardo

      nigga thats when the break up happened.. fuck is you talking bout?

  • sincereakilleez

    Long deserved good for Cole. He puts a lot of work in. People forget he produces most of these records as we’ll. This is the perfect co-sign.

  • yeah

    “Aintchu Roc? well where the fuck yo chain at??…”
    Congratulations my brother

  • Guest

    Just curious on what everyone’s thoughts are on this but does anyone elese agree that a Cole Drake album would be bigger then a Cole Kendrick album? I mean if either happend it would be huge.

    • Matik

      I would be afraid that drake would bring too much of that R&B singing shit to it and fuck up the energy .. but a Cole/Kendrick album would be straight hip hop fire, just my opinion

      • BeReal

        I disagree because even Cole/Kendrick would have some singing records on there since all three have done plenty. Cole/Kendrick always say there working on this who knows if it will ever happen but I would prefer a Cole/Drake record I think they work better together. As we seen from both Jodeci and In the Morning which were both huge successes (besides the autism line that killed the song) but we’ve yet to see anything in comparison with Cole/Kendrick. I defiantly believe one of the two will happen but I would prefer the Cole/Drake album. It would be more of an complete Album.

  • watchthethrone

    well deserved from a great artist in J. Cole. Jay’s Roc-A-Fella first chain too? that’s something special

  • Dante

    I don’t know why, but I was happy as fuck watching this!

  • Sean Power

    why didn’t the preform nice watch ?

    • FauxFlacco

      Hov prolly forgot those lyrics a LONG time ago…

  • It’s Just Music

    watch his entire next album talk about this experience.

  • Big Al

    Why Jay got a condom on his head?

  • huh?

    He just got a chain???

    Been on the label like 5 years now. Damn Jay Electronica got a long way to go

    • Zip-Lo

      Stupid he been on w Jay Z for 10 years not 5, and his name is Cole cause he put the E in cool and took one O out!

  • nahhh

    So Cole just been wearin Jays chain this whole time?

  • novakaine

    Jay passing the torch Jay original chain that’s raw


  • bcl187

    I hate jayz! I don’t respect ppl who support lucifer.

  • trashman

    Is this important? These new cats are weak in the heart and rely on self pity n emotional tales. Come on man. Its why blk kids dress like faggots and Macklemore took over. Yall weak ass niggas. Cause yall have no leaders left.

  • ColeBlooded

    Cole finally got his Chaining Day. Cole been the hottest for a year straight. Facts only.

  • cannon

    black album will always be MY SHIT! reasonable doubt and black album always switch for #1 for me

  • Samsohn

    Can someone tell me if this is the first ROC chain Hov ever gave out? I always thought Dame was giving em out, that’s why this is a lil wierd to me. I’m old school I guess.

  • Wally Sparks


  • JADatsyuk

    Surprised they didn’t do “Mr. Nice Watch” but congrats to Cole.

  • Joe

    People said Jay never put Cole on like he should have. I think Hov knew from the beginning he had something special. Cole has had the talent and work ethic to make himself what he is and Jay just opened the door for him and sprinkled a couple verses here and there. Props to Hov he knows what hes doing.