• esdee

    hollow got that. more focused and hit every punch hard. no filler

  • Dante Cartier

    Can’t Call It

  • REALLY23

    hollow won…

  • Dante Cartier

    Hollow be thy name

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Thy means your….You know he called lux God right…Hollow fanboys are stupid as fuck lol…Hollow be thy(your) name lol. I agree with that bar because he said Lux is god & he’s the chosen one so he basically said I am gods son

    • TeF

      “HALLOWED BE THY NAME” is the actual prayer text, Hollow is a Completely different word, context and meaning. Ya’ll gonna say it was some super word play, and I see what he was trying to get at, but I can’t even award that shit metaphor, simile, or analogy points. Earn/Urn, that shit makes sense, but only because he was speaking on Free shit, AND death. I honestly think he believes “Hollow be thy name” is in the Lord’s prayer.

  • Regular Guy

    I would much rather SMACK do this battle than UW, Bad mics, they over did it with the PPV, taking away the actual cultural aspect of the battle IMO,not tryna be too technical…but I’m taking Lux just cause his lines stung a bit more than Hollow. Lux 2-1

    • es

      What is it that is taking away from the culture by doing it ppv . more money means more exposure and finally the stigma of battle rappers cant make good song will not mean as much. evolution is the key and the new age technology is the way. TAKE ADVANTAGE

      • Man your wasting your time a lot of these dudes still think you not supposed to have money unless the white man says you can. As soon as I heard these brothas were putting something together my guy I ran to to support. I would do the same with smack but there is too many of these. 400 dollar for sneakers 5 dollars for a meal thinking ass dudes influencing decisions.

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        Hollow is the reason ppl think battlers cant rap on beat

    • Johnkkkkk

      Also, if Smack had done the battle you still wouldn’t have seen it yet. You would probably wait another month before the footage dropped.

  • Ea

    Lux won, hollow lost the first two rounds but came hard in round 3… Facts are facts 2-1 doesn’t win the battle

    • “Win” or “lose” ??? Is this the new 3-0 but not a bodybag?

  • will

    I must know b.dot why you cover this? I love battle rap btw

    • Will

      I didn’t realize you show loaded lux love on the site

      • Nickey Negrito

        And it’s a lot of comments. Speaks in volume about Hip Hop culture.

  • #thePlug

    Y’all really put up the bootleg lol

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    ppl from the age of 16 and below will feel hollow, but everybody else (grown folks) will fuck with lux..straight up..lux got that…killing these dudes with positivity..let him work

    • Johnkkkkk

      Its sad that you have to judge a battle based upon the fact that Lux spit a positive message and not because his performance was better. Under your rubric, as long as you use Lux’s style you can’t lose.

      • Vurbz Fenomeno

        Lol..niggaz can’t read..never said he won because he spit positive shit..my point was that its hard to diss someone with positivity and still make it hot

        • AKbar

          you and Lux take an L for all of Hallow’s rebuttals and no one cares about a positive message when every other line is about garbage cans and stacking bricks

          • Vurbz Fenomeno

            Lol..one nigga can’t read and this nigga can’t write, dudes name is hollow not hallow and don’t even say its a typo cos the “a” aint next to “o” on the keyboard..u the nigga that lux was talking about when he that line about “when was the last time u read a book”…look at me king…look at me!..lol

          • J. Argus Hannibal

            Say what you want, but neither you nor most of these “Lux won” cats know what battling is about. Hollow used a versatile and varied delivery. He used a number of tactics (punchlines, schemes, bars, wordplay). He exposed inconsistencies in Lux’s character, then he made him look like a fool for judging another brother without all the facts. Then he checkmated him by bringing out Calicoe’s dad. What did Lux do that was so superior? Huh? He regurgitated the whole “soning a nigga” shit that he did at SM2 so I didn’t find it all that special the 2nd time around. He appealed to his base by spitting that “holyman/lyricist” combination that he is known for. Other than that, he didn’t come with anything noteworthy. And I can’t prove it, but I think his ass choked at the end of his 2nd round, because he over-rapped round 1 and Ars had to stop him, then all of a sudden in round 2 he’s stopping himself? Come on son. That don’t add up….

          • Darealridiculouz

            TRUE SHYT!!!

          • Whatyofeetsmelllike

            Lux said the only true thing hollow said was that he sales his clothing on the street & he does that’s self promotion

          • J. Argus Hannibal

            #1 why would lux admit to anything damaging? #2 the word you want is ‘sells’ not sales. You would serve yourself better by focusing more on your education and less on battle raps because your grammar, logic, and critical analysis could use improvement.

          • Whatyofeetsmelllike

            hollow also said hollow be thy name…Thy means your & hollow & hallow are two diffrent things. He LOM livin off of moms

          • Christopher Johnson

            I think its either 1-1-1 or 2-1 either way lux was putting in work but Hollow rebuttals were round changers.

    • Equinsi Ocha

      hollow flipped that whole positivity thing on him and destroyed it. hollow killed it. I got it 2-1 hollow JUST bec of calicoes dad.

      • Vurbz Fenomeno

        I ain’t even gonna lie..that was dope when he did that…hollow is like DNA and disaster, they got that freestyle joint going for them..but the over all battle..gotta give it to lux and furthermore that crowd was so rowdy and wack…UW sux..i fux with smack

        • Equinsi Ocha

          yeah I like smack to im surprised he didn’t host it. lame hosts didn’t grab anyones attention or bring any charisma. but I see what u mean lux got the set ups, stories all that and that’s why I fuck with lux heavily.. but id be lying to myself if I said hollow lost bec I caught myself rewinding his lines more than lux.

    • Darealridiculouz


      • Nickey Negrito

        So preaching is Gay?
        I guess when we at funerals and the preacher preaching, It’s gay? !

        Anyways those who respond with name calling instead of an intelligent comment why you feel Lux lost are displaying emotions because their favorite got out barred.

    • lionhunter3

      I’m with you Vurbz in that i’m almost reaching 30 and still watching battle rap and I wanna hear grown man bars that ain’t all about fictional murders. I could watch Lux do that Calicoe in that 3rd round all day HOWEVER there’s a fine line between having a positive message behind your lines and being corny. I mean look at all these positive cornball rappers out there today: J Cole, Common, Lupe Fiasco…etc. can’t stand em . I think Hollow did the same thing to Lux that Lux did to Calicoe in this battle in that Hollow brought Lux down to earth. I knew if Lux did the preachy thing again in this battle it wouldn’t work twice in a row.

  • polopolo1

    who won officially? if u ask me Lux took it, he worked them grooves. lamoo stand up niggas dont lean

  • areal1

    Ill take lux in this one hollows lines didnt really hit as hard to me just gimmicky lux was more hard with substance

  • BK!

    Thats LUX!!!!EEEAAASSSYYY!!!!!!Get Hollow a book to read!

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      yeah cause his dumb as said Hollow be thy name & thy means your…he called lux god

  • BK!


    • Johnkkkkk

      This was a real light bar for you to then say body bag. The “even if hollow ween off it he still be a nigga in disguise” (or whatever the line was) was infinitely better.

      • BK!

        I agree but,i just persoally couldn’t stop laughing after that line….I just feel LUX is just better than Hollow…This battle proved it.

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        He did that Sams line & killed hollow…& Lux so good his ass didnt even realize when he said Lean on me principal clark vs sams on the roof that lean on me is LOM…Lux killed him. 3-0

        • Jinks

          That wasn’t something Lux pulled outta straight air, He used that line cause Hollow was promoting LOM (Lean On Me) Shirts with Principal Clark on the front.

          • Carburex

            I think Lux ultimately lost this battle, but that line was fire.

      • The RealExodia

        Hollow wean wordplay bruh

      • Joe Steed

        Naw the LOM livin off of moms line was classic!!

  • Matik

    Hollow ..landslide

  • bbe4eva

    hollow 2-1 the coin flip helped him…

  • brza

    2/1 Hollow – Gave Lux the 1st and Hollow the 2nd and 3rd and since when does RR cover battler rap I thought this was Vlad’s lane

  • Carlos Danger

    its tough because hollow da don came prepared lux came with the black power movement flow but its just not the same as how he did calicoe…hollow 2-1

  • Maseo

    Lux won this battle… point blank period.

  • TT

    Hallow got the last round..Loaded won the first 2…Need a part two on smack..

  • “Calicoe got the casket for free you gon earn/urn it” I just can’t give hollow this! Lux had too many uppercuts that just stick with you

    • Johnkkkkk

      How is that an uppercut? That is a real simple bar. There couldn’t be a more simple double entendre than taking two words that are spelled differently, but phonetically sound the same.

      • Did you get the bar? Do you know what an urn is? It was nice ass wordplay.

        • daivd lee

          It was nice but it wasnt all that.

          • Karlus Hannaway

            it was NICE.

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        you probably didnt get that a calico is a gun & a hollow is a bullet. Add them together now be amazed!

    • Ralph E Dykes

      2 MAYBE 3 LUX WAY

    • the beast

      how u kno he was sayin earn/urn?…thats exactly wat hollow was sayin…stop gassin that nigga

      • Because before “subtitles” and “slow it downs” this is the type of shit real fans would do. Take bars and break em down. How am I gassing him when that’s what he meant to say? And if you want to get technical the theme/scheme and wordplay is just to coincidental. Casket/urn/death… FOR FREE/EARN. I don’t get how you don’t get it.

      • fredosantan

        stop dick mane™ damn

      • Gabriel Mendez

        lol… so you’re saying we should listen to someone “spit” and not think at all about what the meaning or the plot behind it is? Well fuck me for trying to comprehend complex lyrics. I guess I’ll go listen to justin beiber. Fuck jedi mind tricks right?! *sarcasm ends here* i have to write it for you just in case you only chose to read and not comprehend.

  • marty mcfly

    Hollow Da Don won. Its like he already knew most of what Loaded Lux was gonna say before the battle cause alot of his lines counter what Lux was saying and that in itself shows a higher level of concentration and also Hollow still had his own style of delivery, that was more skilled then Lux. His punchlines were harder then Lux and they were smarter then Lux because like I said a second ago, not only were they creative rap wise but they were counters to points that Lux was making. Hollow won

    • Truth B Told

      THANK YOU….I been sayin xactly this since I seen the battle

    • PaperChaser

      Yea took the words out my mouth

    • sway-z

      I disagree, although I respect that view. IMO, it’s not all that hard to know what Lux was gonna say before the battle because we all know Lux’s approach. Lux is more about spreading a message and shit like that, and it’s well documented that Hollow be on drugs, so putting that together didn’t show me any creativity.

      I think the fact that we ALL knew Lux was gonna touch on his drug problems, and it was still dope as hell, speaks to how hard Lux went at his neck, in particular that 3rd round. Outside of Calico’s pops, I didn’t think Hollow was all that dope in that round, whereas Lux hit him with at least 4 memorable, quotable, punches.

      • marty mcfly

        The fact you already know what Lux is gonna talk about, like Hollow did isnt really a good sign of creativity either. If you ALL knew what Lux was gonna talk about then damn this nigga must be the most predictable rapper ever. I think Hollows was more creative just because his lines had multi purposes. Some of Lux’s did too but Hollow put damn near whole rounds together linking all them points together about topics that Lux just walked right into.

  • Dre Neal

    LOADED LUX WON THE BATTLE WHEN HE SAID “Be A Fan Not A Fien, And You Be A Nigga From Queens Not A Queen, Man Up Cause Stand Up Niggas Don’t Lean Nigga!!! Crowd Went Crazy IT WAS NOTHING HOLLOW COULD HAVE DONE AFTER THAT

    • Darealridiculouz

      thats the only line you niggas have to say.. he got his ass cooked

      • Racks

        Lux had plenty bars that went over your head.

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          Lux haymakers
          Principal clark plus a entendre he probablly doesnt realize he done
          Banging on the set/casket/tv
          Drake scheme
          Future know it all with no answers
          Most talked about battle rapper this age
          Kill yoursef jump I love you enough that I wont leave you the way you are
          Hoover just a vacum cleaner
          Casket for free you gonna urn it
          get every one of the hollows off the street man(his voice when he said that was epic)

          This are the easy to catch ones that ppl knew

          • Racks

            He had more haymakers than that too

          • Megamind

            Bro…he hit him with so many lugs it’s not funny!
            “How can a nigga name Hollow, ever give you anything solid?” damn!!

          • iimuch

            “…On earth as it is in heaven, tho wanted to see him slain. It was written, I’m the chosen one, that’s why Hollow be thy name.” Hard!

            Both threw haymakers…don’t just point out Lux’s

          • Carburex

            This is exactly the problem with people who try to make Lux’s lines something more than what they are. He has a nice flow, but his line aren’t that deep. Just because they are wordy, it doesn’t mean his ideas are particularly complex. In fact, he’s very repetitive and has been making a meal of his feigned concern since the Calico battle. We should start calling him Mahatma Lux.
            The ‘banging on the set’ is one of those Lux bars that are meant to pull on the heartstrings of listeners…the scheme was pretty good, but a little cheesy coming from a guy that in many other lines says he kills rappers like Hollow.

            ‘Future know it all with no answers’ is super lame. It makes no fucking sense…’a future know it all?’ Oh, you mean someone who doesn’t claim to know it all at this time, well, why is it perplexing that he has no answers? Just by stating a dichotomy within a statement doesn’t make your statement profound…or even intelligible.

            ‘Most talked about rapper of this age’? Only since the Calico battle. Lux was an after-thought until then. Not to mention in this line he rhymes age with age ‘Woo, how does he write this stuff?!’

            ‘Hoover just a vacuum cleaner’ is as hackneyed as a bar can get in battle rap. That line isn’t even good enough for proving grounds. I think just last year I heard at least 3 other rappers use that line.

            ‘I won’t leave you the way you are,’ more of that fake caring Lux is still riding from his Calico battle.
            ‘Get every one of these Hollows of the street’ was the punch to the lamest set up he had in the entire battle. He started by asking Jay if he was watching or following tweets to tell Obama=WTF? Are Jay-Z and Obama known for discussing Gun Regulations openly? A better set-up would’ve been to tweet Michelle or work that angle.
            In the Holloween scheme he became X-Factor for that scheme. It was ok as far as schemes go.
            When he tried to rebuttle Hollow he started one round with ‘Just when we thought Hollows had points to their round…’ WTF my dude? Just like Hollow said, ‘Lux doesn’t have a street bone in his body.’ Hollow points don’t have points, that’s why they are also called hollow tips. And don’t try to say that this was meant ironically because it made his line weaker.
            His ‘you never had a book since spades’ highlights how pedestrian his writing is. What’s the purpose of having a book? It’s a bit lazy, he should’ve said, ‘you ain’t read a book since spades.’ Same connotation, but with a little more meaning.

            There were way too many light bars by Lux, he spit way too much filler in this battle. He had some good lines, but overall, he got beat by someone who exposed him and was much more prepared. Lux needs to re-invent himself, because this is just his second battle with this fake preacher/community leader act and it’s already gone stale.

          • The RealExodia

            He had to dumb it down for the crowd.

          • brandon

            u preety

        • Carburex

          I hate to categorize an entire fanbase, but this is not true. Lux isn’t too ‘complex’ for us to understand, this is rap we’re not trying to interpret George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The reason many people don’t worship Lux is because many of his rhymes are weak, non-sequiturs, superfluously wordy, and full of pseudo-intellectual platitudes. Like Clips told Surf, Lux reminds me of ‘Dhalsim because he’s got flame, but when it comes to punching, he be reaching.’

          • The RealExodia

            Lux isn’t a punch line person. He more metaphors, wordplay and entendre.

          • Mic King

            You effectively downplayed the hell out Lux’s bars fam. If you prefer a more traditional style that’s cool, but you can’t take away from this man’s wordplay. The superfluously wordy, pseudo-intellectual platitudes you’re talking about is the only reach here. This nigga puts his bars together amazingly. There’s a reason why whether you felt he won or lost, that he’s still the most sought after battler to beat. The critique just seems a like salt.

      • Dre Neal

        He definately had more lines but just like a year ago when he told calicoe “Is Ur Money Being Long Worth Your Lifespan Being Shorter” that was the nail in the coffin. I think what u dont realize is that he built that whole 3rd round up to say that one Lean line and it worked. Two diffrent levels of battle mc honestly lux is too skilled for hollow. Mook & Lux is gonna be the one because both of then battle on a diffrent wave then everybody else not no gun barz

        • Carburex

          This is one of those reasons Lux fans lose credibility, Lux may not say ‘gun’ bars, but he does say he’s going to hurt/kill/take out rappers, and isn’t this why gun bars lame (because they aren’t true)? And to me, fake preaching is much worse than fake violence. Like they always say, Lux ain’t about that life (of holiness) so his bars lack substance.

          • Mic King

            It’s a battle. Lux chooses to battle by attackin people’s characters. The only thing we know is off stage, Hollow frequents in the prison industrial complex. It’s just a battle, that fake preachin shit is dumb, cause if niggas are actually shootin off stage and in the trap, then why in the fuck would they battle rap?

    • Unloaded Lux

      Agreed this was a crazy line sounded good but they ended up being blanks cause any weight they really could’ve had was diminished when Hollow basically exposed Lux for being a hypocrite. Cause he came at Hollow for drug habits but he’s a coke head, told Hollow to not be a queen yet he’s the greedy diva, told him to be stand up but he’s the dead beat dad. Cause a standup up nigga woulda got work to properly take care of his seed.

      • Dre Neal

        Well It Was Close But Now That Eminem Just Invested For Lux And Mook To Battle That Means He Really Won All The Way Around The Board!! Lets See Whats Hollows Next Move Cuz Lux Is Winning!

        • Unloaded Lux

          Just cause he get a nice match don’t mean he won that battle. How many times stuff like that happen in boxing? How many title fights Zab Judah get even though he lose all the time. Not saying Lux is a consistent loser, just that he lost his last match. Lux is just thinking about keeping the money flowing in. He knows going vs Mook and rehashing their classic will do that.

          • mac

            Overall best battle in last 2 years. Debatable first and second rounds. Last round clearly hollow. But the lost nigga shit lux spit is epic.

      • DreadFaceKillah

        exactly why can’t people see this… I takes a whole lot to win a battle and bandwagon battle rap fans and people who jus started watchin a couple years ago don’t understand….the majority of the rappers in battle rap said Hollow won people that are true battle rap fans know

        • Mic King

          You can’t hold an opinion and call it a fact my dude. I’ve been watchin battle rap since the days of Super Natural. I got Lux winning. This battle was real debatable. It can go either way and is about preference.

        • just wish

          I just wish Hollow would’ve been able to throw that pic of Lux selling Cd’s on the street in the second round before he got cut off. The pic can be found on unbias review high stakes recap around the 51 minute mark

        • fredosantan

          Bitch Lame azz hollow didn’t win… Get outta here with dat shit-

        • peediddy

          you idiots with your old school references make me lough. we old school to. star from shot97 radio is old school too, buck wild is old school too, theres a lot of cats like myself who have been around this art form long time. but we still have our reasons why we go with hollow. have ur opinion and shut up. say lux won, express ur view, but don’t crush other people’s reasoning because they felt hollow won. we all watch because of certain reasons. we don’t react to the same things in a battle. hollow was more creative with it for me. i wanna lough when i watcha battle, i wanna say ooohhhhh shit when i watch a battle and i wanna see versatility in a battle and that was hollow for me. the contents where different, that is just part of it, but the way the shit is said, no matter what is said, but if it is potent enough to break the opponent, so he scores a point with me. hollow is an intelligent brother. he might not be using such words as lux or delivery like lux, but he does what he does best and stays true to he way of doing it. there lost kids out here indeed. i don’t disagree hollow is one, but he can defend why he is the person he is, at the same time he makes sure that those who judge a book by it’s cover should taste the judgement medicine themselves and they shall be made to face the consequences of judging others. you cats should stop acting like you yourselves practise what lux preaches, it’s just a show. it’s he’s show. he does it well, but i don’t feel it, even though i’m a masters graduate, with 2 kids whose future is bright. who o not watch tv, but do the necessary things that kids should do, like painting, reading, piano lessons and now and then a dvd we select for them or with them, making sure there is no violence or acts of ignorance in it. i am not a lost nigga. i watched the battle 8x and hollow expands the match for me. he comes from all angles, which flatters the potent content lux delivers. i just think others don’t get why we go with hollow in this battle. they are probably too focussed on what he did in the passed. they have become die hard fans who took a little quality away from the battle. they were dying to see hollow lose, especially the old heads. they were not intending on listening hollow. they went there for the same reasons they go to church. to hear the words and the message, that uplifts they’re spirits, but when they leave church, they ain’t shit!

      • Big b

        Don’t mean it’s true cuzz hollow said it in a battle

      • thelight

        anyone who names himself unloaded lux is either hollow da don, in hallow’s crew, or a fruitcake whith a crush on hollow. You gets no respect for having a name like that. The same would go for someone who did it to hallow. Ass

        • justwish

          Anyone who keeps misspelling the name of the rapper in question probably doesn’t deserve much respect themselves.Either their cheap keyboard is broken , they’re too lazy to spell consistently or they have a spelling disorder.Dumb Ass.

        • justwish

          Anyone who keeps misspelling the name of the rapper in question probably doesn’t deserve much respect themselves.Either their cheap keyboard is broken , they’re too lazy to spell consistently or they have a spelling disorder.Dumb Ass.

    • Shoepac

      What was so creative about that? ollow brought calicoes dad out, (the infamous lost nigga) was the highlight of the of the 3rd round, and hollow clearly beat him and the second round,

      • TeF

        In my opinion, bringing him out was a bad move, because when all is said and done you had this past-incarcerated grown ass nigga damn near in his 50’s coming on stage coonin’ and acting hard like it’s still the early 80’s. Acting like that he’s most likely headed right back in too. That was sad to me, and it further proved how stuck and lost that nigga STILL is. Hollow got ZERO points for that stunt. Lux reeped more points this battle, for accurately describing that man last battle. Think about it.

    • Shaneequa Artavanis

      That shit was weak as hell..lux got y’all niggas blindfolded by the trash like a febreze commercial

  • Jerseygr8

    Hollow 2-1

  • AKbar

    Hallow won, he had no flaw what so ever in the whole battle. + the crowd loved him (and i don’t even ride with the fans at all)

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      the crowd booed him each round & arsonal had to make them stop….Lux got cheered so much arsonal had to tell them to stop it…Hollow lost

  • Karlus Hannaway

    Wordplay – Lux
    Punchlines – Draw
    Delivery – Lux
    Personals – Lux
    Crowd – Hollow

    Lux still undefeated. Good matchup…

    • Rachel Maddow’s Testicles

      Dickrider – Karlus Hannaway

      • Arkansas BOOM


  • Karlus Hannaway

    Theres no way Lux lost the last round. Complete character assassination.

    • sway-z

      Exactly, no way in hell. Outside of Cal’s pops, nothing Hollow was talking about had as much impact as the shit Lux was saying to him.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      That lean on me line was evil as shit

    • TaTa_U

      EXACTLY! I just can not comprehend how anyone can give Hollow the third round… Lux KILLED him in the third…
      “Hollow da dinininin… My prediction… that repetition in yo diction due to addiction from sippin,.. Yo mind Slippin Nigga… It’Like ya lif’s written.. Scripted… It seem crypted…ya driftin off in the midst of the mission… till it’s missin.” ( Lux is tellin Hollow how that Heroin has him noddin out and missing out on life)

      “This is like Quarry vs Ali when the right follow… ya Sights boggled… Ya time borrowed… Ya life should have been swollowed… Hollow’s Apollo the Light model… Who fights Drago, You might wallow into depression… Dresser full of Sprit Bottles!”

      Loaded Lux killed him!

  • Smart Alix

    Damn even RapRadar says F*ck UW and posts a Youtube leak… #badjournalism #bootlegging #viral

  • Ralph E Dykes


  • Hannibal Lecture

    Lotta Lux dick riding. Hollow definitely stepped it up. Got to give it to Hollow. He counterstrikes everytime. Overall that was a good battle. Lux represents the old Hollow represents the new!

  • whatusay

    Round 1 to Hollow breaks down Lux style along with his choke “Look at me King” /Round 2 to Lux nice lines “Ru Paul couldn’t drag queens this much””Livin’ Offa moms” along with comin’ at how Hollow voice change pitch/Round 3-Lux went hard but Hollow completely discredited Lux on his turn took him to church calling him greedy, coke head and a dead beat pop that takes any substance from anything Lux said before basically that’s why he started with “we don’t want to hear that bull* sharif”. Exposed him as a hypocrite as a Peter Popoff and throw in the fact he propped him by bringing out Calicoe pop. Used the main thing people remember about his last match against him. Game over. Hollow- 2 Lux-1

  • Seddy-Sed Alfred

    lux won…. #BarzOverJokes but hollow came with that crack…. classic battle

  • Lebron Hairline Restoration™

    Say it to Black’s face nigga! ….no eye contact. lmao That lost Lux the battle. Took his damn soul out of the building.

    • sway-z

      He looked right at Black, he didn’t show any emotion except for a smirk after a couple seconds. I also think the Hollow fans in the crowd were the ones chanting, because when he was getting booed, it sure sounded much louder than the scattered chants at the end.

      Matter of fact, Hollow got booed a couple of times, and for longer periods, to the point Ars had to tell the crowd to chill. Lux got booed for half a sec in the 3rd round and brought it right back with one of his hardest punches of the whole night.

  • Guest

    WHOA at that “fire round” line.

  • Rozayne

    Lux bodied hollow! Hollow got booed in his 2nd & 3rd let’s be real.. He had no punches and delivery was boring!!

  • sway-z

    Fucks with Hollow, but I’m goin Lux 2-1. I think Hollow, especially in the first round, was too amped up. His delivery was off (ironic because he said something about Lux’s delivery later on) and I don’t think anything he said was all that crazy.

    I just feel like Lux got too much love from SM2, so in this hatin’ ass, weird, contrarian internet age, the majority of fans were ready to say Hollow one just off GP. But once again, Lux in the 3rd round settled all that noise, at least for me…

  • onlyrealshh

    rap is a about substance and truth. he shamed that young dope head. you heard what the crowd told hollow the never gone be solid after he tried to say nobody understands you. he said we understand that. nothing can outshine the truth. nigga that was a intervention and og black proved he was still just another lost nigga. go read a book and we aint talking a pack of spades. pac the best cuz of his truth and lux the best so far on this battle shit. spitting game and keeping the crowd going with him. just cuz hollow went last doesnt mean he got the last laugh. all dope fiends say that shh u think u shareif. but look in his eyes and face hollow felt that truth and it hurt! lux 3-0. but hollow stood his ground. then he had that pic of hollow beaming up to scotty.

  • sway-z

    I know FOR SURE the one nigga that took an L that night was Jack Thriller. I don’t know what the fuck he was on, but they should ban that nigga from hosting ever again…

  • Ralph E Dykes

    holllow act like a spoil crazy son or kid mad at his daddy 2-1 lux maybe 3-0 lux

  • Ralph E Dykes

    wait a fckng minute even though i WAS THERE LIVE I MUST SAY THAT HOLLOW EVEN TOOK OUT PEN AND PAPER WOW ???????????$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Equinsi Ocha

    hollow 2-1 barely though. just off calicoes pops alone edged it out.
    great battle tho hope 2 c a part 2
    lux getting 40k hollow prob a good number..
    and they couldn’t afford decent mics?

    n stop saying you got to be old to fuck with lux. hes nice but he lost hollow broke down his whole preaching shit and flipped the script on that. just cuz lux has wisdom n knowledge in his battles don’t mean hell win everyone.

    • sway-z

      True, you can say that. You can also say though, that Lux broke down and flipped all that crying Hollow was doing about Lux’s money demands when he basically told that nigga he’s getting the most money for a battle he ever got in his life because of Lux. Either way, this was powerful shit and I’m only disappointed that the venue, host, and mics weren’t up to the level of the mc’s.

      • Equinsi Ocha

        yeah I agree with that hollow was bitchin about it for a lil.. but I liked the notebook notes he gave to lux.. and the hells angel jacket line too..

        but the venue for the 1st ppv ever with Lux in it disappointing.. mics were terrrrrible.

  • Damian Marshall

    First battle i seen since Bus And That other Cat.

  • onlyrealshh

    smack is heroin opiacs. he said he probably paid u n smack. then he told that boy he prinicple clark. u like smoking crack dont you jump, lean on me movie. and he on lean but stand up nigas dont lean. if u dont understand what he is saying be ashamed of yourself. we live in the search engine age. hollow was flowing but he didnt have a point. thats why he started that second bar with it. its a rap documentary called rhyme and reason. rappers delight is the 1st rap record. but the message let the masses know hip hop was here to stay. dont diss something cuz u dont get it. we understand that. and im solid. he came with that panther theme. what happened after the panthers were eliminated drugs. he said i been waiting for this nih. said he met him on vice street and he druggy. now lux is the difference from methaphors and real rap. hollow methaphors lux real rap with methaphors. everyone saying he lost need to look up those methaphors period. then give your score. lux 3-0 but hollow stood taller than calicoe. and that man to grown to be out there probably on paper saying his gang and acting like a kid. another lost nihga

  • Damian Marshall

    Stand Up Niggas Don’t Lean.

  • Damian Marshall

    Damn 40 mins in and this shit is ill.

  • trillmaticccc

    Hollow won it imo…he just hit harder to me

  • Damian Marshall

    True Speak: Hollow Won That.

  • Rico

    When calicoe daddy came out it didnt do nothing but prove lux right “another lost nigga” 45 years old waving gang signs looking like a fool…smh and thats what yall look up to you “lost niggas”…thats why kids grow up to be nothing we need more positivity and messages in rap

    • john

      Loooool lux was speaking all.the positivity before. It’s all a gimmick. When calicoe pops.applied for taxes occupation section was none and same thing for lux so stop it. don’t judge a man because he sin differently

      • fredosantan

        mane shut da fuck up

      • Mic King

        Since lux battled Cal, niggas have been questionin bars that glorify our destruction. Why do so many niggas want to stop this obvious evolution?

    • Carburex

      This is a case of people will spin everything to justify their preconceptions. This ‘lost’ campaign has garnered Lux a lot of praise from sophomoric fans who don’t want to seem uneducated. Lux is the last person who should be giving moral advice. If you truly are a fan of battle rap, you would know that this ‘community leader’ Lux is new. Lux is not a role model, and as much as I enjoy this scene, I would never let my impressionable kids watch these grown men with no real jobs. Lux made $40K, great! I hope it takes him far, but it’s not like he’s made the best choices this far. Lux was exposed as a fraud in this battle. Calico’s dad coming out was a grim reminder that he shouldn’t throw stones if he lives in a glass house.

      • Mic King

        Hollow came with accusations and conjecture, and I’m gonna stop you right there. I would let younger niggas listen to him. Why? The same reason they let former addicts lead NA meetings, cause they lived through it. Come on man. Stop downplaying the nigga and just enjoy the battle. There was no fraud cause none of these niggas are who they say the are on stage… smh

      • TeF

        The “community leader” Lux she speak of, isn’t so far fetched. Your entire basis is that he’s not a role model, most notably because of his past. Think about that though, the last battle, although it was showmanship, he came on stage as a battle rapper way older than Calicoe, that’s a reality though, so it’s not odd that coming from that life you can look back as an older cat and point out errors in young dummy ways. That’s why that round was so fucking good, because as brutal as it was, the truth was too much, and the only niggaz who didn’t feel that verse are young dummies who praise that life and who won’t live past 25.

  • Elder Rawchaa…


  • mtaylo2

    time limit blew me in the second round hollow was petty for the time stuff, but lux 2-1 i watched it on pay per view as well as twice online and I still see the same thing

  • J. Argus Hannibal

    Say what you want, but none of you “Lux won” cats know what battling is about. Hollow used a versatile and varied delivery. He used a number of tactics (punchlines, schemes, bars, wordplay) and he used them well. He did rebuttals in every round. He exposed inconsistencies in Lux’s character, then he made him look like a fool for judging another brother without all the facts. Last,he checkmated him by bringing out Calicoe’s dad. What did Lux do that was so superior? Huh? He regurgitated the whole “soning a nigga” shit that he did at SM2 so I didn’t find it all that special the 2nd time around. He appealed to his base by spitting that “holyman/lyricist” combination that he is known for. Other than that, he didn’t come with anything noteworthy. And I can’t prove it, but I think his ass choked at the end of his 2nd round, because he over-rapped round 1 and Ars had to stop him, then all of a sudden in round 2 he’s stopping himself? Come on son. That don’t add up….

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      lol lom is full of year olds hollow lost accept it & move

    • john

      l agree bug im no so sure about the chocking part.don’t take way from.lux performance he had some bars but if battle rap fans are still amused By lux “holly/soning” performance because that shit got old. It’s clear how hollow proved lux contradiction in The 3rd

  • Extra Domus

    I think Lux just had the crowd on his side – after all this “get this work” hype n shit people are drawn to his energy but even being a Lux fan I think Hollow exposed him…but the crowd was blinded by their love for Lux…

  • Nickey Negrito

    Lux won. Out barred Hollow. Quotables are for ever. Hollow had good jokes and nice rebuttal. But we all know in battle it’s all about them bars.
    Even when Lux bring props, those bars are the key factor. That’s in any battle. It’s lyrics niggas. Lyrics!

  • Nickey Negrito

    ….. and this was the ultimate line, I might be paraphrasing some but Lux said: I got you the most money you ever made in a match.

    I wonder how Mac Diesel feel, or any Queens nigga after that battle.


    • TeF

      “…but don’t thank me for that.”

  • Nickey Negrito

    Bringing out Calico daddy proved that them dudes were effective by that third round from Lux over a year ago. They really went to the extreme to destroy one man.

  • Battle rappers is making bread. $75k guarantee battle. Lets go!

  • Rachel Maddow’s Testicles

    Hollow won 2-1. I had lux as the favorite before the battle but i’m a fan not a dickrider. Watched the battle 4 times

  • lionhunter3

    This was tough to judge because I like em both and they both came with it BUT I have to give it to Hollow here’s why: Hollow’s first round, especially the beginning gave me that feeling…u know what feeling im talkin about. No other rounds in the battle did that for me. I mean he was really on some different shit, the same way Lux was on some different shit against Calicoe. Lux’s 3rd was hot but the crowd was starting to fall off and the preachy tip can’t work 2 battles in a row. It worked with Calicoe because Cal is a real g and his pops is a g but it didn’t work with Hollow because he’s not the same type. So round for round they are probably even but i judge battles on whoever takes their bars to the highest level, even if it is just 4 bars.

  • Terrance C ampbell

    This nigga momma must name be Brenda with this trash shxt!

  • john

    It seems to me many of the users commenting watched the viideo from a bias perspective. So of course hollows performance will be unappreciative and disapproved.probably most of the users commenting were fans of lux glory days.don’t get me wrong lux is a great battle rapper but don’t take away from hollow.it’s funny no brought up hollows rebuttal ‘you should have got that work’

  • Megamind

    Anyone who thinks Hollow won this battle don’t know the concept of battling. PERIOD…i’m not gonna even explain it to you dumb cats

  • Real Nigga

    Hollow came to fight…..but Lux’s 3rd???? ooohhh by mennnen lookin ass, 3-0 lux

  • mc

    I personally have never heard either of them battle before, so I’m not biased.
    Hollow fought a good fight, but the depth in the bars of Lux killed him, they arent even close to being on the same level.
    Lux seems like he could make records with the best of them, hollow not so much.
    just my 2 cents

  • TroyFromTheBronx

    I’m 30yrs old. I listen to Malcolm X Oxford debates- I know all about chairman Fred Hampton & the whole panther movement – I know the concentrated effort to destroy black ppl in America… With that said HOLLOW STILL held it Down by showing that “you can not judge me” perspective. Exposing Lux personal short comings as well. The Message is lost on the youth because of the Judgemental holier than thou tone it is delivered in ! I thought ” no way Hollow can reply after that” and He Found a Way EVERY round! Reality Struggle mental rap. I saw the Battle was Epic and Even !

  • Skinny Suge

    No way Hollow won. First round he got Lux by calling him out on his choking. Everything else was just antics and goofy shit. He brought out Calicoe’s pops and proved Lux’s point. He is still a lost nigga. Came out going crazy and throwing BMF gang signs. Like go to sleep my guy. Hollow had a ton of punch lines that went nowhere. Lux 2-1.

  • ServesYouRight

    I ain’t gon front, Hollow destroyed Lux in this one…

  • BlockStar101

    Lux had a few iLL lines one big one , Hollow had More hight lights but feel off towards the end ,Hollow punch lines hit more and stuck around more ,And him pointing out most lux flow and deliver is un audio and un understandable the crowd dont have the luxury to go back and ask your self what Lux say oh huh oh like we do and im sure did his mike was louder but he still wasnt clear .It was and ok battle my nod would go to Hollow that pointing out Lux rush deliver and flow killed along with witty-er Punch lines and clarity in Bars .

  • Wr3ck

    Lux all day!!! After watching this 5 times Hollow didn’t get bodied just the lost to a Grand Master.

  • Clixer3

    Are you guys serious right now? Why is no one talking about the whole Hollow scheme with “just because you dont understand em it dont mean that hes nice”, he killed that shit. “My bars give you that mmm, I just shitted face. His bars give you that hmm, I think I get it face”. He killed the whole coke head, bad dad, being greedy shit. Legends dont choke.. And they let lux slide on some time limits but Hollow got straight cut.. Lions Den scheme.. The Upload/Download scheme.. Pringles still stackin chips in a can.. Its easy to develop a large picture when you focus on the negatives (black face)..Thats why Hollow by thy name.. And Hollow had bars for days, it can go either way but no way you guys can say Lux took it easy, people were listening to Lux and hearing Hollow. I gave it to Hollow in the end but I wouldn’t argue if someone said Lux got it. But not a 3-0, not a bodybag, 2-1 either way.. Theres a reason they were chanting Hollow in the end haha

  • John Andrews

    The Knock out punch was from Lux, “all that static on the set, just wire hanger for the antenna, and why it always take a black woman banging on a box for niggas to get the picture” Nigga is Mean!!!

  • dap

    Lux 2-1 hollow came tough but it was no dice only because lux is the dude on top so when the battle became debatable people wanna scream hollow he got booed twice not to mention at the beginning he protest for 4 minute verses and lost at his own game

  • GreenBergs

    lux easy body bag

  • justwish

    How Hollow could’ve finished —
    Alright, alright I know lights on so Imma make this real quick, flip the script and use a rebuttal to make your hypocrisy suck a d*, you telling me to be a man not a queen but you the one that took an hour to get dolled up just to make ur scene; and you come at me for sippin’ lean but if we check ur mucus membranes I bet you they not pristine (sniff, sniff); and that sh* about stand up niggas don’t lean, well real stand up niggas do WHATEVA it takes to care of their seed

  • TheREal.


  • TheREal.

    they bout to turn on the lights and kick us out!! lmao the venue was trash. but good ass battle.



  • GreenBergs

    if this shit was 4 minutes a round, tell me how this shit is an hour long again ???

  • 7brickciti

    Rd lux comes out swinging landing vicious blows hollow takes a knee for a standing 8 count 10-8lux rd both lands great shots both get dazed but lux lands the more effective shots 10-9lux rd a slugfest lux comes out landing hay makers hollow goes down but up @9 didn’t think he would make the rd but he comes make & lux is on a knee for the 1st time ever but he’s up @9 can he recover he makes the bell 9-9 split but lux 3rd was monumental thts some real talk but lost nigs don’t want to hear it like hollow said & thts the problem

  • loco

    Lux bodied that dude, too much uppercuts for Hollow, just tooo much. Hollow held his own but the way he flipped LOM was brutal!! Lux 2-1

  • Malik Shabazz

    LOADED LUX knowledge reign supreme G fuck all that fake gun clapping and cutting u aint never did. STAND UP NIGGAZ DNT LEAN, HOLLOW IS JUST A QUEEN FROM QUEENS. AND LUX KILLED HIM WIT THAT DRAG QUEEN BAR

  • bigree234

    Yall talking bout how loaded lux lines wasn’t deep what was some lines or bars from hollow that stuck nun just basic shit and his flow was up and dwn the whole time lux shit was real and no one knows if lux is a coke head if you think hollow won you a lost nigga

  • Amtraxs VBlog

    yeah that Lux 3rd verse was the illest $hit I don’t heard in a while…

  • razor ramone

    Lux won this based on content. The first time you watch it
    you give each rapper props for their creativity and lyrical
    prowess but like most Lux battles, every time you watch it again, you find yourself listening more intently to what lux says until eventually you skip through Hollow’s verses just to hear lux spit. the reality is that Lux is a breath of fresh air. That’s why people always want to hear him perform. Hollow, although good, sounds like stuff you’ve heard every time you watch battles.Try watching it over and over again and still be interested in Hollow. Content won on the day. They weren’t evenly matched. Lux too deep!!!!!

  • The RealExodia

    How can you say hollow won because he brought out calicoes dad? Bringing his dad out just proved lux point that he is a lost nigga. Hollow is one of my favs so is lux. I give first to lux. hollow exposed him the second and lux third was LEGENDARY

  • The RealExodia

    That was god with me when you said follow me into that pharmacy
    You get the picture? The good farmer sees (pharmacy’s) need to be crop (cropped) out nigga
    You a bad weed, and this a travesty If hollow fans didn’t get it. its obviously your not paying attention.

  • iimuch

    HOLLOW WINS but what a great battle. It’s funny how Lux is known for exposing someones background and using it in battles for his advantage. But when Hollow did it just now: with Blackface BMF, him being homeless, and not getting a job to support his son…people don’t like that. Or is it the major fan base that won’t admit when a great mc taks an L. Lux is still one of the best but he closely lose this one.

  • BattleGod

    People from New York are so biased. Lux lose all 3 rounds, Hollow broke down Lux’s battle rap style, i.e “I think I get it face”, then brought out my Calicoe’s dad!, after Lux threw repeatedly low blows last much against Calicoe,stating his was a lost niggas. Well he went and found him!! 1-2, Hollow won hands down, New Yorkers are very biased and they are the reason Lux won’t rap out of state and into another where battle rap is actually appreciated. You fags need to get off Lux’s old ass balls and face the fact that he will be dethroned because some people have sense. Lux takes to many pauses, his verse don’t really flow but have a hook and he raps too fast.

    • TeF

      How are New Yorkers biased in this particular battle when both of these cats are from New York? That makes no sense. They went in there with a split crowd.

  • Ralph E Dykes

    loaded lux won 2-1 and hollow da helper help him win

  • Joe Steed

    It was a classic match-up. I think older battle fans will appreciate lux’s wordplay and underlying punchlines not just the ones that the crowd reacted to. However Hollow definitely did not get killed! He rebutted everything lux said and he even told him he was goin do that. I had it round 1= tie, round 2= 10-9 lux, round 3= tie. except if you count when Hollow brought black out then you might have to give round 3 to Hollow Definitely one of the most competitive battles I’ve ever seen if not the best battle I’ve ever seen.

  • Insight

    Why do these niggas try to battle lux. Its like eminem from 8 mile in 96. Just give up.

  • Insight

    Loaded lux 3-0 body bag. Hollaw was ok though. On to the next one. Mook and loaded rematch maybe?

  • TheSun

    Hollow 3-0 Bodybag. The End.

  • justaceorion

    lux . won. more punches, and nothing hollow said were hard enuff to hit lux for a k.o. all hollow shyt was anglesof deception. I don’t think lux would be up there speaking abut what drugs do to u if he was a coke head…even if he did do drugs at least he knows its not the thing to help u advance…other hand hollow got lean on me shirts. he the type of guy that will end up back in jail cause he speaking his own demise…he don’t know the power of his words. and also when he and if he does go back or has a tragedy,,,none of you gys supporting him will really support him when it counts.fact! lux was in character and intact. lux brought his message, swung his sword and gave hollow shots that were landing harder. everyone saying hollow won isn’t given any GOOD reason why they thnk that. did he expose lux in the third/no!he just gave a good round for the most part to another perspective of how he would counter the “knowledgeable” session lux had spit. but nothing he said disproved the reality of what lux said about drugs or standing up as a man and being self sufficient. and we cant even score round 1 and 2, lux was way too crafty and bar heavy. hollows let down flow was in round 2..all the overlong e=schemes that didn’t connect at the end made his shyt boring. this is what he accused lux of against cal and he ended up hurting himself.even his 3rd round he should have cut it short cause the more he rapped the more he sounded ridiculous. lux over hollow 2-1. no 3-0 either way unless u talkin lyrics…lux sure victory Beloved!!!!!!

  • Kazira

    Hollow won? Lol this is the reason white boys gonna take over this battle shit just like everything else cause niggas get stuck in old shit hollow got killed by surf damn using the same tactic on lux and y’all say he won.. Blahahaha young niggas don’t want lux to be king.. But words never lie lux is the king of this battle shit… Tight pants fatherless niggas smh lol

  • Mr. Wonderful

    Lux said, “You aint seen a book since spades”. WOW! Even his intro was quick and catchy. “Hollow,….so glad he could make it….so bad he won’t make it”. HILARIOUS!