Macklemore & Ryan Lewis World Tour


Would You Like To Watch A Tour?

For the past year, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been performing all around world. And with the tour coming stateside in a few weeks, here’s the first clip of their overseas travels. No passport needed.

UPDATE: Episode 2| 3| 4|5

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  • Sam Robilotta

    quality music

  • YeeZus


  • YeeZus


  • twitterless


  • Auntie

    B Dot is so cute with his Macklemore posts 🙂

  • Guest
  • Billow Baggins
  • Yikes

    So corny

  • Z bot

    Hip hop for people who don’t listen to hip hop

  •’s old self

    no thank you B.Dot 🙂
    but I would like to see kanye and drake rapping together at an after party.. please post thanks

  • Neal

    Bi sexual tour of Maclkemore smFH

  • SouthernSmoke88

    Garbage for middle america..

  • NASty

    its sad too see your heavy dick riding has turned off SO many people from this dude’s music. At least on this site.

    I mean, the music is no where near my cup of tea, but dude has talent and ryan lewis is a talented producer. But ask anyone who frequents this site….. B.Dot be dick riding.

  • josh

    OVOxTDE>>>>>>>>>> Mackleshits