New Mixtape: J.Cole & Dreamville Records Revenge Of The Dreamers

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 8.39.51 PM

What Dreams Are Made Of.

In celebration of his 29th birthday, J.Cole is giving gifts to his fans. This evening, he has announced his Dreamville label has signed a partnership deal with Interscope and releases a new mixtape featuring his fellow label mates. Congrats!


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  • Chronic

    that intro song is tough, so is blowin smoke, rest of the songs coles on are cool, the ones without him are garbage

    • Luke

      motion picture is garbage??? I understand wanting to hear new J. Cole, but if you think these other dudes can’t spit your not listening.

      • Chronic

        theres a difference between guys bein able to spit and making good music…which is why guys like papoose will never make it huge…dudes on his label can spit, but they have nothing that makes them special in todays market

    • Maestrosik

      Listen AGAIN!!!!! Omen murdered that joint bruh!! To each it’s own tho

  • truthbetold

    COLE WORLD BACK. This shit is insaneee, Cole’s production and lyrical combo is too much. Holy shit

  • Hussle

    Dreamville RECORDS!!! Let’s go!

  • swank

    Where is the beat from motion picture from? I swear I’ve heard it before

    • brza

      that drum loop has been used for several records – i.e. Nas “I Can” at a faster bpm

  • truthbetold

    Revenge of the Dreamers, Blowin Smoke, May the Bitter Man Win, and Crooked Smile (Original) are VERY impressive. I can tell those are going to be on repeat.

  • Maestrosik


  • sincereakilleez

    *Goes to store
    *Buys Dutch
    *Roll One
    *Presses Play

    • sincereakilleez

      Shit dope

    • Alex Cooper

      this dude has the right idea.

  • ColeFan

    im a die hard cole fan, like for real. but this is disappointing. its not close to anything he’s put out previously, not even warm up. the best song is “Lit”, but I’ve been bumping that for months now. And i get it’s a Dreamville mixtape, not a Cole mixtape, but still. Smh.

    • Marcuschrist

      Truth shit

    • realcoleworld

      boy did you listen to the track “revenge of the dreamers” lord how can you hate on that, too dope

  • Jinx

    That Bitchez Joint Hardddd!!!! Tear up the Clubs in 2014.

    • Kw

      I’m saying that’s that classic feeling

  • meezy

    the problem is i cant tell any of these niggas apart…. besides cole. it seems they all got the same flow and voice

    • Maestrosik

      Well Bas flow is more relaxed… He is on Lit and Golden Goals…. Omen has a more aggressive flow sort of choppy like old school hip hop …

  • erney

    Real happy for Cole he’s living his dreams and doing what he loves. He’s the best on the mic no doubt and this is great

  • Marcuschrist

    Thank god he remade crooked smile because the original was horrible

    • Trav

      You tripping homie those bars are tough. Beats a classic.

  • Marcuschrist

    Not his best work but nice

  • DoMTown21

    This is cool. I really like REVENGE of the Guap Monsters by Jesse is Heavyweight though. Got it from the flea market in Mobile a couple years ago. Cole rip shit too. Plus I like Revenge of the Nerds by Lupe.

  • Migos

    Nigga said Migos is the new James Brown…I’m Dead

  • Bola Profit Otukoya

    Saw the link and had to roll a fat one before I pressed play. Shit EPIC.

  • Big Dee

    Out of pure respect for Cole I’ll pretend like he didn’t release this bullshit……couple tracks straight though

  • Alex Cooper

    oh my… GAWD FIYAAAA

  • GracetheMartyr

    Crooked Smile goes hard!

  • Nicole

    Nigga killed me impersonanting Migos cuh!

  • Kevin Banks


  • 2saunt

    Good lyrics, but I’m yawning on the production.

  • hustle

    whats the chorus in crooked smiles original