• Vurbz Fenomeno

    this aint nothing but an exhibition of how the breakfast club stay winning

    • DJ DJ

      Breakfast Club falling off

      • krow132

        nigga no

      • Hannibal Lecture

        The Breakfast club is syndicated in every major city plus they are coming out with a tv show on revolt. You must be a intern for Mr. Cee lmao!

        • hahaha intern for Mr.Cee

          RIP HOT97

      • Mikeep

        you know what I’m a fan of the breakfast club but after a while charlamagne is so repetitive when he hates on someone or something he brings it up over and over again… same points everytime.. seriously cthagod broaden those insults!

  • Matt

    niggas playing stripper music all day every day how them niggas winning?

  • Hussle

    Hot 97 is not good for hip hop. Simple as that…

  • Lion against Lion!!! HA!!! Good Shit!

  • Ebro should of Been a Lawyer!


  • ricky anthony

    ebro keep it so real

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    hahaha funny moments

  • BK!!

    Hot 97 is SHIT!!!!They don’t even support homegrown artists at all…Fuck EBRO!
    All he can say is i did when it comes to real hip hop not what im doing now.He is a conformist plain and simple.Why d you think his gear is so tight?GTFOH EBRO!

  • krow132

    12 min into this shit and i dont even know exactly what there arguing about. Shit is stupid

  • titus tucker

    Buckshot talking about a HALF a million for a sneaker.. Meanwhile Kanye spent 13 million.. Buckshot.. IT AINT RALPH THO!!!!!!!

  • DMVillian

    WTF is this nigga talkin about! like yo shut that dumb shit up dog! sit the fuck down big homie things done changed STFU!

  • Rumando

    Newsflash to you ppl hot 97 nor the breakfast club are the number one morning shows in NYC. They are not even the number urban show in NYC. The Steve Harvey morning show is so any rappers trying to get play on NYC radio would only be looking to go backwards. Why aim for the number 6 spot when number one is where you should go?

  • Rgeezy

    Ebro is just a employee that does what he is told. No one should be looking at him or anyone on radio to properly represent the culture. Those days are over..

  • Straight Up Comments


  • The Incredible Creation

    shit is a waste of time.. only gettin worse… fuck the radio… http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/

  • Undergodwigiboard

    lol why are people mad..Ebro won this argument HANDS DOWN! all that violent rap doesn’t get girls..90z rap was commercial dude..and im a fan of hip hop..

    • krisskrossjump

      Buckshot is not a violent rapper at all.

  • Undergodwigiboard

    buckshot is not that intelligent you can tell…..the guy said this is a corporation and its true….the people want to hear dance music and its funny how buckshot did not directly answer the question whether the 90z were commercial or not