New Music: Mobb Deep “Take You Off Here”

off here

Mobb Deep Back.

P and Hav will be releasing their double-disc, The Infamous Mobb Deep LP in March. And currently on the road, they roll out their campaign with its first offering.


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  • mad ry23

    Pee so wack now it’s unbelievable. Smh

  • Fags

    I thought he was gay… Now you back fucking wit him must mean they bboth GAY ASS NIGGAZ!!!!

  • Hussle

    P used to be so dope. His flow is lazy, lyrics are lazy. Idk what to say…

    • Sam Robilotta

      man for real was sooo dope

    • Clearly you havent bumped Albert Einstein

  • yungofficial


  • Sam Robilotta

    beat is dope .. damn these guys were the BEST have to give this a full listen

  • Guest


  • Damian Marshall


  • DialTone

    I fucked with the Abert Einstein Album but IDK sometimes Pee goes into this wierd Lazy shit and sometimes he sounds like the great MC that he is. Wish i new why cause somebody in the camp needs to say something, I can’t call it with the Mobb anymore that funky breakup and diss recordes from Hav makes this all look fake.

  • BK!!


  • Viva La Raza

    not as bad as all the comments…you rap “fans” are so lame…
    not the monster Mobb Deep single I hoped for but they set the bar so high and never come wack. I will most definitely cop this. No doubt they will have plenty of gems on this.

  • Matthew Morgan

    This is nice…yall boys need to pay homage n salute Mobb Deep.!!!

  • eddiegunz

    P’s allright here. It’s not incredible but doesn’t have to be-clearly evolving their style. Can’t sound the same forever. P bring it when he want…

  • aki

    fuck all yall mobb deep is the best murda muzik nlisten to the lyrics dummy chiraq eastide laws crazy imfamous