• Chazz Shabazz
  • NativeKing

    dig this

  • Free Agentz

    I fuck wit it

  • Jaymalls

    holy shit…. well damn!

  • pat

    whoa…shot at drake with that trophies line??

  • toronto

    door 2 door 2 door 2 door 2 door HA!

  • polopolo1

    Big sean Trina come up he wanna big dog and I can feel it now, was that a drake shot though?? Nice!! Shaking shit up

  • raphthewzrd

    big sean has to keep this up for the next album!

  • king dame

    yes finally sean steppin it up #barz

  • Hannibal Lecture

    He’s got to step it up. Freestyles are not going to do it. He took a lot of fatal career damaging blows last year.

  • Carlos Danger

    big sean just showed he can rap for real.

  • Juice Crew

    If he spit like this all the time I’d actually listen to him.

  • Seriously4

    This nigga finally spittin some shit

  • yeah

    In his mind he needs to go in and make a mixtape, get the right heads to master it, then put it out as an album, I will admit his 60k sales hurt but it was still a good cd, but all the push backs slowed the buzz down too much, beware should have never even dropped, a lot of Detroit should have been saved for hall of fame. Coming from somebody that’s been down since 2008 from the day he was on the university blog, sean deserves to win, just as much as cole, drake, and kendrick, if you don’t think so you’re opinion is too based on record sales

  • Respect

    This was trash, yall comments got me hype for nothin, nd no that wasnt a shot, he said he kills WITH niggas who just won all the trophies

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Great beat, great flow, great visual!!! Big Sean!!!!

  • sincereakilleez

    That nigga just murked this shit. I’m more of a Cole dude but nobody can hate on this shit so fuck what y’all sayin… Sean just reminded dudes he can spit

    • sincereakilleez

      And he’s a problem!!! Dope shit

  • de

    Sean just murked that shit! Straight Up!

  • Realistically

    How is this dope? What substance is he providing in his lyrics? I’ll wait …

    • nukc

      Its a freestyle dumbass

      • nicoswebaby

        you do know that it’s not an actual ‘freestyle’ right?

        • Realistically

          But I forgot … freestyles are “free reign” for the promotion of ignorance and materialism. Joy.

  • SayitaintSean

    Sean should have saved his 10 2 10 remix verse for this…Amazing though

  • LuxuryRap

    dope ass freestyle with a dope ass visual #DONDA

  • dre

    whats with the “he finally got bars” comments. this dude has been killin’ it . stop it

    • pet

      Niggas been sleepin’ since day one, that’s why.

      • ApeManWC

        i wonder how many people have the uknowbigsean mixtape and know how hard it is to get that kind of music out and get paid. the people who bought his album arent the same people who are on mixtape sites lookin for heat and upcoming artists. I been waiting for him to drop since like 09 and he sounds diff. but this freestyle is him getting back.


    one word FIRE!!

  • Maestrosik

    Its sad tht Hall of Fame got lost in that ALL Hail Hip Hop 2013 year with the NEW GENERATION vs LEGENDS battle Cole, Ye, Mack, Wale, Macklemore, Hov, Drake, Pusha, Em, and let alone Kendricks spill over from late 2012 along with all the Extra hits on the radio ……. Detroit Mixtape was such a hit… and should’ve came as the album with the hype of Cruel Summer… Clique, Mercy, Mula, ect but he will get on this joint!

  • Fly boulevard


  • Shay Avig

    mannnnn that is a dam good song it should be in a album