Jay Z Brings Out Meek Mill In Philly

Jay Z In Concert

You Ready?

Jay Z only has two dates left on his Magna Carter Holy Grail Tour. And last night in Philly, he gave hometown hero Meek Mill the floor to perform, “Dreams & Nightmares” and “I’m A Boss”.


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  • Nathaniel

    niggas gotta stop rapping with a backtrack in 2014. that shit just can’t continue.

    • titus tucker

      Meek just got brought out by Jay and you talking bout backtracks?

      • Nathaniel

        oh, i shoulda prefaced it, my bad: OOOH SHIT THIS DOPE, MY NIGGA MEEK WINNIN!!

        niggas gotta stop rapping with a backtrack in 2014. that shit just can’t continue.


        • matinykno

          Lmao that was a perfect Response

          and i agree the backtrack is mad lazy
          and he’s using as his backUp &HypeMan all @the same time.. soo Lame

        • Crystal

          @ Nathaniel……..Please let us know where you will be headlining for your first comedy show. You are TOO funny with wit to boot. I’d definitely pay to see you. And don’t forget to leave the backtrack of laughter at home. You will be performing before a live audience. But please feel free to try out more of your material here

      • Justin Time

        NIgga thats EVEN more of a reason not to use backtrack. You’re in your own city and you or anyone in the city didn’t have a instrumental? Cmon Meek. Rookie move

    • Alonzo

      Usually when people bring guest out its a backtrack. Dom brought Kendrick out and it was a backtrack as well. It’s more about the surprise guest less about that type of stuff.

      • Nathaniel

        more about the surprise guest from whose vantage point? and meek always raps to a backtrack. and even if he didn’t…

        niggas (who rap, in general, including but not limited to meek) gotta stop rapping with a backtrack in 2014. that shit just can’t continue.

        i mean, can we all agree on that? shit doesn’t HAVE to be combative all the time. just a simple truth. down with backtracks. i ain’t said nothin’ controversial. whew.

        • Alonzo

          I feel like if everyone could do that they would sometimes the dj’s do not have the instrumental. I don’t think it’s as simple as you may think. For everyone at the concert I doubt they give a damn about the backtrack.

  • robot gallardo

    meek mill making power moves, not too many rappers can say jay z brought them out on stage

    • Fistacuffs

      Yes they can lol.

      • robot gallardo

        its a blessing

        • Hip Hop Orangutan

          bringing out a hometown act is kinda standard practise…aren’t half the posts on this site “So and so brought out another ‘surprise’ artist in their home town”. Where is Jigga at next few shows? Let’s start making predictions who comes out.

          • robot gallardo

            its standard practice yea, but he could have brought out any philly artist.

            why didn’t he bring out gillie da kid or cassidy or freeway?

            he doesn’t just bring any old person out, he is hov

  • Fistacuffs

    Funny, they played Meek Mill’s intro right before the Toronto show too.

  • titus tucker

    I low key feel like Hov wanted to sign Meek..

    • igottagetit

      meek is managed by roc nation

    • cmon son

      man wake up……jayz and puff sent ross at 50….it was all planned that wale and meek would be put with ross[roc nation management]….then other moves to try and combat 50………..

      to sum up meek really did sign with jay lyor puff in a way……..just through ross………jay and lyor pulling alot of strings with mmg moves.

      if you put with ross believe its at jay lyor wishes.

      smoke and mirrors….wake up people.

      • marty mcfly

        Dont make up shit. Jay and sending niggas after other rap niggas. When 50 was talking shit about Jay, Jay was saying its just the competitive nature of the game and that its all good. Jay said he’s met 50 on numerous occasions and 50 says whats up and shows respect so it was never a real beef just competitive hip hop.

      • robot gallardo

        its not smoke n mirros, its just a chain of command that nobody looks deeper into

  • BlackCrown216

    When Jay performed in Cleveland, he wore a shirt that had a cross on the back, but it was upside down. If people know that is a symbol used by the Vatican and is symbolic of the antichrist, I wonder why he insist on continuing to do things like that unless its an attention thing

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Do you also realise that an Upside down Cross is the Cross of Saint Peter aswell which is used by the Orthodox Christian Church ? He uses them for shock value and trolling. As long as ppl keeping screaming “Jay’s the Ant-Christ” he is probably gonna continue trolling people

      • marty mcfly

        COSIGN, been saying that for a while now. Its not just Jayz either even though people somehow convince themselves that Jayz is the devil but for all the artists that get attacked by conspiracy theories about Illuminati and anti Christ this and devil worship that etc… All you people are doing is giving artists another creative outlet that they can use to express themselves musically. Any smart artist would play on that and throw that energy back out for business purposes cause why let that hating energy go to waste? Might as well make it part of the act and get paid.

        • Samsohn

          because Jay is trolling, it doesn’t make him a genius just because it’s famous – it makes him a GIANT asshole because he’s using his influence to fuck with people as opposed to doing anything that really has positive effects on his listeners…

          Harry Belafonte knows the deal, and he spoke the truth a few months ago on Jay…


          • Selorm Amuzu

            him being successful is as positive as it comes. This whole illuminati complex was even created as a way to undermine his success in the first place, the moment you saw a rapper in the white house, people wanted a reason and they chose the most trival and imaginative reason just out of pure resentment and in other cases hate! All he is doing to turn that form of resentment and troll the shit out of the clowns who believes it in the first place. As far as positive goes, I believe if Jay Z decided to give his money away in the first place in the name of “keeping it real”, ppl would still feel resentment for no reason just cause they don’t see his money coming their way. All this is just crab mentality from people

          • Samsohn

            “My presence is charity.”

            Amazing how the man can say one line, and it makes me not want to listen to his entire catalog anymore.

          • Selorm Amuzu

            is he lying though ? I mean he has been the most successful man in hip hop history, everything he does is often looked upon as influential, admired, scrutinised and hated on … call him an asshole for that line but didn’t we want him to pull of that Barneys situation in the name of “black people”. Call a man a king all day but don’t be surprised when he acts like one

          • Samsohn

            Selorm Amuzu, first of all, I want to say props for making legitimate arguments, when this blog all-to-often degrades into ridiculous 1 liners and bullshit. Also, we’re clearly coming at this from different perspectives, and I know, as a white man, I can never speak on what Jay-Z may owe any particular black person, or black people as a group. What I can say is that I have been a Jay-Z fan since 2000, and I have listened to ever song of his from the start of his career to The Black Album, and Jay is smart, he knows his impact on the culture, but he’s been playing it safe for years. He’s scared to make his brand mean more than just making money. He’s scared to piss off the corporate big-whigs and the CEOs. Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe he really just thinks he’s so important that he doesn’t need to try and be influential anymore, his presence is enough, but he just pisses me off. And worst of all, he’s such an inspiration on the hip-hop world, which is pathetic right now. This site is a part of it. I’m just pissin’ upstream. Be good brah.

          • Selorm Amuzu

            Thanks for the props, my thing is why are ppl waiting on him to get at cooperate, all ppl are doing are forcing the man to be a saviour, the man is self aware of himself that he is not gonna act on the emotion of people who don’t even see the bigger picture let alone though about it and don’t even wanna do anything about . As wealthy as Jay is, he is not in their class yet even if he ends up being a billionaire it would be 1 billion against billions, there are levels to this class shit. Me and Jay Z do not relate in anyway shape or form but I have still been a fan and always admired hie success cos it proves if you are about your business it will be done. And like you just said he doesn’t try to be influential, cos he doesn’t need to when ppl are always looking at him at microscope. I mean there are people willing to make an opinion on him drinking water lol. All I’m saying its about time a lot of ppl got off Jay’s nuts and be something of themselves. peace!

    • robot gallardo

      that shirt is made by a young designer “jalil pereza” who fucks w kanye west, jay z just wore it cuz it looks nice lol

  • bcl187

    Meek mill is such a fuckin fake ass. Wish Cassidy was there he threw his ass off the stage.

  • J Whistles

    I was at this show and didn’t even know who was on stage. Would have been much happier seeing Freeway come out.

  • Dwight Stewart

    His performance just shows how great Jay z is at it.