New Music: Ludacris Ft. Jeremih, Wiz Khalifa, & Cashmere Cat “Party Girls”


Aqua Boogie.

After a few false starts (remember this? Yuck!) Ludacris hits the reset button with his latest recording featuring Jeremih and Wiz Khalifa. The song interpolates Aqua’s Euro trash hit “Barbie Girl”, which makes this even more unbearable.


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  • truth


    • Joe Kerr

      Agreed…. I’m sure some misguided soul will find this shit apropos for their shitty lives though….. There’s always a crowd…….


    Why does it suck, just curious your opinion @truth and @disqus_Af4e9Ts280:disqus

    • Joe Kerr

      Just not my type of thing…… It actually doesn’t “Suck”….. Just not for me I guess…..

  • Luciano

    i like it

  • Musikal

    Beat is dope.

  • Hmm, not exactly the type of style/song I wanted to hear from Ludacris, but it works! The hook is kinda weak too but on the flip-side, Wiz killed it and the $#!+ beats in the whip!!

  • Rumando

    I would say this song is cool but nothing special or mediocre at best. Ludacris needs to just get hungry again to give them classics he once did just my opinion



  • Reggie

    Songs like this are killing hip hop… Wtf is this? Sampling Barbie Girl??!!

  • Johnny Blaze Me Some

    Cashmere Cat is that DUDE, the only highlight of this song is the beat and even Luda knows that..

  • King solomon II


  • Public Hairs

    This is not a good single for Ludacris. It was “Im trying too hard” written all over it. And they sampled that barbie girl song for a hook? No man, no. “Representin” was a much better single.

  • MSG

    I think this is a sultry interpolation of that horse shit eurotrash “classic” from ’97…At least it sounds original in its own right – a smooth cup of Joe for a 6PM Saturday evening cruise…

  • French Toast

    Come on Luda you can do better. And switch your style up, it seems like he’s stuck in 1 style. I remember when Luda use sound different on every other track. smh. Ever since he cut his hair I don’t know what’s been going on. lol Grow your hair back, stop doing movies and stick to being funny.

  • mrholloway


  • Cami J

    I like it! A very pop-take to a slow rap/ club song. And the hook is catchy for multiple reasons which I think’ll help it be a hit with folks who grew up in the 90s and as a possible crossover song. A good song to mix with for DJs. It’s fine by me!