New Video: Tyga “Young Kobe”

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 9.32.48 PM


Draped in his mink and surrounded by women in body paint, Tyga’s living the glamorous life in Well Done 4‘s new video. Guess Kobe couldn’t make the shoot.


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  • Abe6772

    I hate rap music

  • gab

    did he say he was young kobe ? ///// zzzzzzzzzzzz…

  • ck

    do people actually buy this shit? jesus.

  • blackholesurfer

    garbage really who oks this shit.

  • Did yall even hear the song? Tyga is extremely underrated, mostly due to his commercial success and the shitty content that comes with that. But he’s def. a spitter. Best track on the mix tape imo.


      I agree, most niggaz just know him from rack city. Black thoughts was dope.

  • young roologic

    I need young Osama Bin Laden to fly a plane into this dumb ass video…


    I wonder how Cheef Keef feels about this one?