Drake Performs “We Made It” x “Trophies” In NYC

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OVO Bowl.

As the Super Bowl festivities continue in the New York City, Drake hit the stage at Revolt and Time Warner Cable’s Super Bowl party. Luckily for us, B.Dot was able to catch “We Made It” and “Trophies”.


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  • oneloveonebeing

    hit making ability > …

    • McGlock

      real people want real music /// the jig is up …

      • Sam Robilotta

        Real music is the Beatles. This is hip hop. Not sure what the hell you listen too but this shit is fire.

        • LuckyP757

          real music = the beatles . this is hip hop. what am i missing here? hip hop isn’t or can’t be real music?

        • E$CO 10KHours

          real niggas fuck with Jodeci, not the Beatles

      • Theodore Pendergrass

        Agree. Hip hop fans expectations are real low. Throw any old thing out an they’ll say ” That’s Dope”.

  • Sam Robilotta


  • Guest

    Music is music period. Your taste in music doesn’t make anything real or fake. Hip Hop is a culture.

    • e g

      well said

  • Patron

    Ahhhh awesome. his live performances = just like studio

  • LuckyP757

    b dot caught these two songs, I’m sure thats not all he caught. ~wet plunger sound~

  • VernJ904

    Nigga we made it !!!!!! I like when drake switch up the flow #migos style


    Is it me or does it seem like the crowd should be a lot more into it? He my boy but they don’t seem that live

    • mac10

      I thought that too maybe its just a small crowd? I went to his concert in November and it was cray ppl just screamin

  • HeyBuddy

    How could anybody be mad/salty/hater towards drake’s “Versace” style flow? That shit is mull-FKN WINNER! Some of his best shit is with that style. IDK. but I’ve heard in the past “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

    Keep on going that shit hard!

  • RealDealĀ©Hill

    Hahaa Drake that nigga