• Non Fiction Dixon

    These old NY niggas need to quit it. NY hiphop needs a change of sound that old 90’s sound is dead. Take notes from the West Coast. They are on top because they changed their sound. If the west was still rapping over Gfunk beats they would be in the same position they were 10 years ago.

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Old School artists still eating, might b a few that ain’t, Least we had somebody to make the Billboard #1 Spot. So sad.

    • Killyoself Asap

      You part of the ignorant problem in rap with that “out with the old in with the new shit” Aint NOBODY out here sayin nuthin new that I aint heard already n prolly sweeter anyway. Why the fuck it gotta be with that rap but rock bands can do whatever they want and play for however long they want? Kill yoself

  • fuck the fakes

    i fucks with it
    real authentic ny rappers
    we need og ny rappers still to bring around some new ny rappers and be strong again. as a group. all working together. unity.

    fuck the fakes and the weirdo rappers reign.
    been to many fake young money we the best mmg c class rappers pushed on the public.
    cartoon characters.

    real ny rap is back.

  • LOL

    dope record, but enough with the DJ Khaled- type collabos

  • Belize

    Just quit Maino. Real nigga, horrid rapper

  • Viva La Raza

    nice verses, Maino sounding better than ever, UM sound tight, real hip hop

  • The Incredible Creation

    They just trying too hard… and its showing lol stop forcing shit..

  • Bkmkj

    This shit is dope as hell…niggz gonna hate though…

  • bam bam

    umm their not old ny niggas homie