New Music: Maino “Tupac Problems”

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2Pac Back.

When  2Pac was alive, he always seem to find himself in hot water. Maino is no different and brings his troubles to wax.

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  • bxn

    Well if people like meek rozay & khaled can do it a real street cat like
    maino can, the only problem is the songs wack and its another southern
    beat. come on

    • bigfoot2011

      Go to philly. Meek was really in the streets. Philly streets nothing like them moist NYC streets

  • Mike b.ett


  • The Incredible Creation

    he wanna be from the south and be 2pac so bad lol smh – Tupac’s problems consisted of being shot a few times, being accused of raped, beefin with a whole coast, dying.. etc. – all this shit main-o complaining about is basic ass shit, give it up man…

  • MAB

    Maino been falling off lately, this is garbage juice lol

    • Justin Time

      Lately? When was he ever on?

  • PaperTagz


  • Joshmo

    unoriginal! and you dont have makaveli problems trust me

  • Myke Wayne

    Ain’t checking for that hating ass, Bum ass, Bully.
    Not to mention that he sucks as a rapper.
    Fuck outta here!!

  • Joh Rel

    Listen to what he’s saying

  • BigBawseee

    Not feeling Maino as a person.. He needs to work on his image

  • phaze

    This song is hard!!!!!!!! NYC Stand up!!! people just are mad because he be checking everybody favorite south abc rappers.

  • Bkmkj

    This shit wacc maino you buggin with all this south beats i thought niggz was gettin on they ny shit now…The Fugg??

    • ThaRealHater

      NY Music died with the rest of the boring shit yall produce musically. Let it go. NY had a good run. Now they lay next to the grave west coast music lays in.

      • Bkmkj

        nigg ny still make bangin music its you fans that changed thats why these niggz chasin sounds to please niggz like you…

    • phaze

      Maino is not anti south he is pro NYC there is a difference. south beats are the shit nothing wrong with using southern beats over NY flows.

  • ThaRealHater

    This King of Brooklyn shit is funny. Somewhere in the world, in a very expensive place, surrounded by a very expensive lifestyle, Jay Z isnt even aware of somethin so lame. lol

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    Welll Welll Welllll…………WACK!