New Music: Wale Ft. Rick Ross, Fat Trel & Young Thug “Clappers (Remix)”


Clap On.

With Hit-Boy on the boards, Wale gives his fourth single an extreme makeover with Rozay, Fat Trel, and hip-hop’s flavor of the month, Young Thug. FYI: Folarin saved the worst for last.

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  • MMG Suede

    #MASTERMIND #MARCH4 Fat Trel killed it tho, that Hit Boy intro was corny but i’s all good.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Ross verse was all over the place… (but what else is new?) lol this beat, decent i guess… & fuck is wrong with this “Thug” nigga? smh =/ this wasn’t even close to the original!

  • aintshit

    I think my nigga wale would be mentioned as a great if you could actually hear what he says…I mean he spits some fire but niggas cant understand him

    • BigBawseee

      i wanna hear wale slowed down .. i remember people wasn’t feeling jay-z when he rapped really fast but when he slowed it down his shit was hot

      • Wow…just Wow

        You Wale fan faggots have officially reached a new low

    • polopolo1

      You hit it on the head,

  • yeezus

    #WARREADY soon.. The streets will never be the same.

  • GreenBergs

    yall write that he’s the worst (young thug) but yet yall the same people who used to shit on future at every opportunity..and yall promote him too,so??

  • Chris M

    Dope beat.

  • Chad Law

    I am all the way good on this shit.

  • Your Father

    Hahaha! The engineer didn’t even bother with Young Thug’s verse. Nothing could save that.

  • Young Thug Fan

    WOW..AMAZING. Brilliant stuff!


  • Killyoself Asap

    LOL who made this garbage-carnival ass beat? Shit sucks. That thug dude is garbage too. Yall will just co sign n bump anybody I swear

  • its good to see fat trel getting his shine. dmv up. first wale on MMG now trel. thats what it is