ScHoolBoy Q ‘Oxymoron’ Covers & Tracklist


Joy To The World.

SchoolBoy’s Oxymoron is a little more than a month away, but tonight, he unveils its frontal display. The standard cover features his daughter Joy while deluxe has the man of the year, himself. Preorder it here or cop it February 25th. Below is “Break The Bank” which is available with the pre-purchase. Produced by The Alchemist



UPDATE: Gang’s all here.

1. “Gangsta”
2. “Los Awesome” (Feat. Jay Rock)
3. “Collard Greens” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
4. “What They Want” (Feat. 2 Chainz)
5. “Hoover Street”
6. “Studio” (Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)
7. “Prescription/Oxymoron”
8. “The Purge” (Feat. Tyler, the Creator & Kurupt)
9. “Blind Threats” (Feat. Raekwon)
10. “Hell of a Night”
11. “Break the Bank”
12. “Man of the Year”
13. “His & Her Friend” (Feat. SZA)
14 “Grooveline Pt. 2″ (Feat. Suga Free)
15. “F**k LA”

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  • ITS ME

    This is going to be a great album, definitely pre ordering

    • AKbar

      me being a real OG, im probabaly going to ask my mom for her credit card so i could buy it.

  • Devante

    This cover mad original ( sarcasm)

  • Hussle

    this is dope. shouts to ALC

  • OcelotDME


  • Oz

    nothing was the same anyone?

    • NativeKing

      most definitely lol

    • heruthagod

      Nope, that’s Q’s daughter not his childhood pic

    • AKbar

      they’ve been taking pictures of babies ever since that one nirvana album with the dollar/pool

  • bcro30

    the west coast 50. This beat has a old school Lost Boyz 1995 feel to it. Feels like i’m 12 all over again. Just missing the mr. cheeks dance.

  • CK

    this song feels like a potential classic.

  • Bkmkj

    this shit fire bruh…im hype for this album…Chuuch!!

  • Mohammed

    Whew, song is crazy. Can’t wait those covers are dope…

  • Dashing28

    Original.Has anyone in rap ever done a cover with a childlike version of themself?

    This is the first time, right?

    but seriously though, im looking forward to this album.

    • Branden Myers

      that isnt him, that’s his daughter…

      • Dashing28

        I know. I didn’t say it was. I was very careful with my words. It wasn’t a photo of Biggie on Ready to Die either, but it’s intention was to convey a younger version of himself as is this (hence the tattoos by her eyes that match Q’s).

        It’s become a cliche to put a child version of yourself (whether it’s actually you or not) on an album cover. Even Wu Tang said that Biggie was biting Nas’ illmatic on the cover of RTD. And that was almost 20 years ago.

        It’s just been done so many times. Illmatic. Ready to Die. The Carter 3. The carter 4. good kid maad city. J. Cole Villematic. Nothing was the same. etc.

        • Branden Myers

          Just based of the cover, I would think the album is looking into the future, not looking back at the past. Children are usually a symbol for hope, growth, etc. and the implication is that his daughter has changed his life. This is not the same as using an old picture of yourself (or having a stand-in baby that represents you). Most of those albums you mentioned are grown mean looking back, not looking forward.

          • Dashing28

            Perhaps you’re right about the symbolism (although I haven’t gotten that vibe from the music that I’ve heard so far) but visually it still comes across as cliched to me.

        • R Hustle Films

          You are both wrong. the cover is a play on the concetp of OXYMORON and the fact that all his gangsta ways (Represented by the Ski mask version) are to provide for his daughter (the GIRL in the picture) wearing the same hat…

  • Viva La raza

    wow, Q’s voice sounds sick….

  • cannon

    the cover goes with the song.sick.

  • KoldCase

    Schoolboy Q been putting out heat!

  • GreenBergs

    i wonder if these dudes team realize what they have with ab soul…or they just gnna settle for the album being accepted somewhat like this shit and kendricks will be the only one noticed..

  • I like the ski mask pic better. A lot of people are doing the throwback covers and the covers with children on em. The ski mask and the bucket kinda shows the juxtaposition of Schoolboy Q; a gangster rapper hippie

  • GreenBergs

    you could hear in the hook, that mac miller helped schoolboy q write this joint..

  • Don Drew

    No Ab-soul Q damn he ain’t eatin’

  • ShitYouNeedToKnow

    No ab soul on the album???

  • No Ab-Soul or Q on Kendrick album so I don’t really care if all members of Black Hippy aren’t on the standard album, They’ll probably all be on a bonus track on the Deluxe though. #OXYMORON #TIMELESS

  • Viva La Raza

    take off 2 Lame & Tyler and you got a solid album. Everything Ive heard sounds promising

  • cf

    bummed that Q felt the need to have 2chainz on there, I’m sure soulo and rocky are on the deluxe


    wow a song with tyler the creator and kurupt?

    sounds interestings hope its good.

  • Obama

    Ab Soul will be on a bonus track i GUARENTEE IT Druggys wit Hoes Part 3 … Im calling it

  • Travis

    The deluxe edition has 17 tracks. I’m assuming that 1 of them will be Druggy’s With Hoes (Pt. 3) because the album NEEDS an Ab-Soul feature to make it complete. I’m hoping that the other bonus track will feature Isaiah Rashad to round out the TDE features, but I doubt it. Most likely gonna just be Yay Yay or some shit. Either way, gonna be a CLASSIC #Westside album

  • The Incredible Creation

    No Ab or Isiah … =(

  • NativeKing

    lost me at the 2 chainz feature

  • Damian Marshall

    No Soul?

  • cabo

    no ASAP Rocky ??


  • Hollywood the God

    wheres ab-soul???