Action Bronson vs. Security & Fan

Action Bronson In Concert

Time 4 Sum Aksion.

Rule of thumb: Never interrupt Action Bronson’s set. Security found that out the hard way last night on the Portland leg of his Blue Chips 2 Tour. While lighting up a joint, Action shoved the┬ápersonnel┬áthat tried to take it away. The night before, he tossed a fan into the crowd in Seattle (3:30 mark). Don’t mess with Queens.

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  • Yelawolf

    Post that new yelawolf lyrics video

  • GreenBergs

    isn’t it getting obvious by now that this shit is either a) a part of the “action bronson experience”, or b) that dudes are getting paid to get suplexed off stage…

  • yeah

    lol both hella funny

  • Peekay

    You guys are so late to this story it’s not even funny. Don’t even bother, we know you don’t support real hip-hop.

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Look up the name “Bronson” and it will all make sense…



  • yo

    bronson didn’t even throw the guy off stage in the seattle video?