Drake Plays New Music In NYC

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New Drizzy Drake.Drake stepped by behind the tables last night at The Griffin and Marquee. He previewed some music, but according to DJ Steph Floss, didn’t let the entire song fly. Luckily, jasonleejames gathered two 15 second soundbites.

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  • yeah

    baby girl on that first clip

  • Dante Cartier

    More Agressive. Less Pessimistic.

  • trill troll bruh

    he puttin out that aaliyah joint

  • LOL

    nigga better slow down before he oversaturate himself like 50 Cent, not good to rush into gettin new music out

    • jfraz1992

      he dropped in a album in september, how is he rushing??

      • Hannibal Lecture

        Thats a fatal mistake this is Kendricks year!

        • jfraz1992

          kendrick my ass, drake is still on top lol

          • DAT NIGGA


          • tlox

            Kendrick is riding on Drake Haters to come through for him…building a career based on hate is a dumb move

          • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

            Please tell me how he built a career based on hate

          • tlox

            Kendrick is attracting the wrong type of crowd an you know it…he needs to come out with his album right quick like FUCK NOW Schoolboy Q that’s my dog he’s BEEN droping music lately…GKMC is just one good album that dropped like fuck 2012 we’ll see how his next album pans out…

          • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

            You didn’t answer my question

          • tlox

            I think I did…

          • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

            You didn’t though. I asked you how’s he building a career off of hate & your answer was that he’s attracting the wrong type of crowd.

          • Hannibal Lecture

            Your a sensitive bitch (As i expect a Drake fan to be) Kendrick hasnt hated on anyone. Hes doing what a mans sport required. Drakes career will be over next year. You know your too sensitive when bitches say so!

          • tlox

            seems like your the sensitive one with that reply and a true Drake hater (i.e Drake career will be over next year) WTF

          • It’s Just Music

            I doubt a rapper with 3 platinum albums, highest grossing tours of all time in rap, ambassador of the raptors, sponsorship with Jordan, most number 1 billboard records, is going to have his career ended by next year lmao

            Drake has delivered 3 platinum albums all commercial successes all with great reviews and quality music.

            Let’s see if Kendrick can touch his debut. You Kendrick fans setting up your idol for failure.

          • HHannibal Lecture

            On top of birdmans dick!!!

          • Strong Enough

            i swear you niggas is obsessed with dicks

  • LA Tha Gawd™
  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Cool to see him in the DJ booth

  • Chronic

    really unimpressive sounding

    • tlox

      it’s a phone recording in a club…it ain’t no CDQ

      • Chronic

        I’m not saying quailty sound…I’m saying the beats sounded wack and all I heard was him singing (furthering my drake only as big as he is cause females buy his hit theory) and some simple ass rhymes

    • ThaRealHater

      Comin from somebody who cant do better. smh. Same bum ass nigga who talks shit about the broncos doin bad when your team wasnt even in the suber bowl ass nigga.

  • Richard Kylea Cowie

    Ninja man ……Hold On……