• brza

    Isaiah Rashad’s new EP is dope and not one mention of it on here it’s worth listening to

    • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

      Isaiah Rashad is not on YN and his son’s “cocks we will suck on” list yet.

  • Marcus Lany

    WOW!!! He had so much potential yet some how this remind me of Bow Wow… Totally lost & confused KOB more like King of the Sounth with all these down south beats!

    He takes an L for this, to bad its like Drake when he signed to YMCMB instead of being in the same position but independent!

  • Larry Hover

    The only thing that saved this wack shit was that last song was real shit so I understand why he did this shit but dam I expected more from him!

  • LOL

    some good tracks, but overall weak. u ain’t a southern rapper, u from Brooklyn dawg.

  • dub

    King of Brooklyn, and this is mostly trap garbage. I appreciate the breakbeats on a couple of those. But damn yo, he got on Trinidad James for talking crazy in NYC and I can respect that. But let’s not act like NYC hasn’t been jocking the south for years now. Name a big rap artist outta NYC that hasn’t been on a trap beat. I’ll wait.