• Arthur Fonzarelli

    The song sucks, but the covers awesome.

  • hmmm

    ima a dog?

  • PhilLee8

    Lil by lil the wackness is evaporating.

  • Nathaniel

    Kanye says “I Am A God,” 2 Chainz comes back with “Ima Dog.”

    i wonder which one people will be more angry about.

  • BlackCrown216

    Man o man……if it wasnt for the ratchetts in the hood who like that ignorant flow, this man would be getting shown no love. I think he needs to do charitable work in the hood anytime he gets a chance just to thank them.

    Between him, migos, Ross, chief keef and the young thug, fat trel, and lil b’s of the industry, hip hop will continue to be in a coma….hard southern beats with no real lyrics has been doin the damn thing the last two years….!!! They need to thank Waka…