50 Cent Discusses NASCAR Partnership

55th Daytona 500

Get In My Car.

50 Cent’s diversifying his portfolio again by partnering with NASCAR Swan Racing. As part of the deal, 50’s SMS Audio will sponsor two of their vehicles during the 2014 and 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Read the full interview here.

50, let’s start with the NASCAR deal. If we were playing a name association game where somebody says “NASCAR,” I’d never in a million years utter “50 Cent.” How did this venture come about? 
[Laughs] Well, it’s collaboration between SMS and Swan Racing. I attended the Daytona 500 last year and there was so much publicity — and an awkward moment: I was saying hi to [reporter] Erin Andrews and she turned around right at the same time, and I almost kissed her. It got 10 million views online. And I enjoyed myself [at the race] and I became open to the idea. I watched it a lot on TV and hung out with [drivers] at parties, but that was the first race I actually attended. 

What is it about the sport that appeals to you? 
I liked NASCAR before I knew what it was. I had toy cars as a kid. I developed a fetish. Listen, parents paint the room pink for a girl, blue for a boy, and if they’re buying a toy for a boy, it’d be a car. I’d actually cry if I didn’t have my cars. So I already had that fascination. 

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  • b zdbnz

    “when you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all”

  • sincereakilleez

    I really admire that 50 can make all these moves but if I have to hear 50 cent and “partnership” and “joint venture” or anything synonymous I’m gonna forget this guy does music. I love a fellow Queens brother diversying his portfolio but where the fuck is the music fif. I got more faith in detox at this point. Maybe it’s just me but 50 been pump faking for some years now. You see a guy sell over 11 million on his debut, you’d think years later he would be in the discussion of greats but he’s not even in the conversation. Maybe for his business acumen but music resume has substantial gaps of inactivity. I’m not against being a business man but the core fans that put you on don’t give a fuck bout nascar to be real.

    • sincereakilleez


    • just maybe

      u gotta remember 50 shitted on alot of rappers….i mean really shitted on dudes and there careers…..put private shit on blast and wasnt afraid to get really disrespectful and grimey with dudes up north and down south,

      he’s the reason we have the we are the world unity from rappers….who clubbed together to get him up outta here.

      he’s getting blackballed by the industry…thats why he not mentioned….
      nobody wants him back at the top…its all politics and deeper than rap

      cant front dude was once that nigga and is a legend.
      would love a 50 and gunit comeback but other forces are at work.
      real NY shit.
      till then its all business movies and tv shows. cant knock the hustle.

      • The Incredible Creation

        you nailed it…

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    I smell a 50 is irrelevant comment coming………..

    • Hannibal Lecture

      Or a Ross is light years ahead of 50 comment lol

  • I could care less about this, I want some fuckin music from this guy. Even I understand how big a NASCAR sponsorship is but I need some music!

  • Selorm Amuzu

    Danm 50, Jay Z could do deals but at least we got albums from him, this is why everyone thinks you are irrelevant (musically cold in my opinion). If you are about your business, be about your business but if you are not about music at the moment, leave it until you are a 100% sure about it

  • LOL

    the biggest rapper to fall off the face of the earth. this is irrelevant to any music fan, unless your a true stan.

  • The Incredible Creation

    MO MONEY! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 50 said fuck that rap shit for now lol