• Chronic

    They really need to just end this shit now…Zimmerman should not get attention for anything again in his life unless it’s about him goin to jail or dying.

    And DMX is just a washed up coke head who’s honestly probably gonna get his ass beat cause Zimmerman has been doing nothing but boxing for months now

  • Sam Robilotta

    since when is Zimmerman a celebrity? and DMX never heard of Google, still baffles me.

  • TeF

    I find this whole shit to be just fucking embarrassing. Have we really fallen that far as a society. What is the possible positive outcome of this. We’re supposed to be happy like Trayvon is getting avenged? Bullshit, this is a money-grab, this man is getting rich off of that young man’s blood, while a white man and a black man fight in a ring for entertainment and an increase in racial tension. As far as DMX, there was no bigger fan of that guy than me, and I’m shocked that he’s even enlisted in this high level of coonery, stick with the rocks X. Fuck everything about this, and everyone that makes a dollar from this should die in a fiery crash.

    • Guest

      its going to charity…

      • Guest

        dmx is at fault for falling for zimmermans antics, all zimmerman wants is attention, and this blog post and dmx putting himself in the pool of fighters is helping that. if you think dmx’s career wasn’t already down the drain, u mustve missed the video of him not knowing how to use google, the countless times of him smoking crack, or impersonating an fbi agent…

      • TeF

        If you believe that shyt, I have in bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

  • BlackCrown216

    I find it crazy how we’re all on the same page and believe that its incredibly sad that they are giving this man attention and a spotlight based on a violent act against a kid. I think that american society only cares about money and in any other country , this would never be allowed. Not even sure why there is support or no boycott in place. This man is being paid on straight ignorance.

    Just like many of u, I find this so disturbing…..they only care about ratings and money. There is no longer ethics and convictions in this american culture.

  • ohboy

    If DMX really goes through with this i think his gonna get his ass beat bad. I remember seeing some old footage of him running down the block and having a asthma attack, plus his not in good shape and is still probably on drugs. His people need to stop this.

    • Richard Kylea Cowie


  • marty mcfly

    Im gonna start off by just saying this cause im really tired of all the fuckery thats been goin on at this point. Hip Hop culture is a way of life. Its a culture that people have dedicated their lives to, two of our legends have died for and its a culture that I myself personally would die for IF its a artform that could ultimately shift its artistic consciousness and help lift black people outta despair, oppression and self hatred among ourselves. That being said, when it comes down to this kinda foolishness? As people that make up Hip Hop culture we need to know better then this. I didnt even listen to this audio because the situation is ridiculous to me. No matter how you feel about the issue, people should be like NO, just NO bottom line. If you kill an unarmed teenager that was minding his own business just walking down the street then you are not allowed to have any part of the Hip Hop culture PERIOD. No matter how you feel about the situation, no matter if your black and understand what its like to be in Trayvons shoes and have experienced the kinda bullshit that wanna be cops (or real cops) will do to instigate a situation and how far some of them will go to get physical with you just to get a reaction from you so they can pull a gun… Or if your an idiot that actually looks at Zimmerman like a “celebrity” for shooting someone he could’ve easily just drove passed in the first place. When it comes to Hip Hop culture in any capacity whatsoever period, Zimmerman is not invited. He shouldn’t be allowed to get any publicity from our media platforms and he shouldn’t be allowed to be any where that the Hip Hop culture is present and that includes in a ring with DMX cause regardless how you feel about DMX, he aint no child murderer. Now if Fox News and other establishments wanna help Zimmerman have a career in the entertainment business then let them do that so they can cater to their middle america racists white fan base thats mostly in their late 60s and 70s but as far as Hip Hop goes and black people in general? We shouldn’t have anything to do with Zimmerman period end of story.

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Good post man,Zimmerman doing this for money and publicity, that’s all.

  • BlackCrown216




  • Michael Ibbett

    At first after what he said I thought theres no way he’d be considered…but now it makes sense..he can talk all that but at the end of the day hes gotta be mad outta shape..cigs weed crack etc…plus his size is equal…I really hope this ain’t sticky fingaz part 2 but im afraid it might be…here’s to hoping he whoops his ass tho

  • Luther

    This is sad more like a nightmare/joke….Are people really this ignorant to allow this to happen on the day the young boy died. I couldn’t agree more with the comments below. What is this gonna prove?

  • mike

    i am a black young adult who grew up on hip hop. just so you know that i am not sue hick from the backwoods of southern america.
    but listening to ciph, ebro and rosenburg made me see how unbalanced all of this is.
    i would love for that fight to NOT take place. but guess what? this is america. people want to see this. even the folks who say they don’t want to see it. they will tune in, watch it on youtube or whatever. this is what america has built as a society.
    it all switched after monica lewensky.
    she was the last D-list personality to be demonized, ONLY. after her, our society has demonized and then praised these odd people. america has given them interviews, book deals, reality tv shows and a whole lot of other type of attention.
    so here we are. if this promoter didn’t do it, someone else will and people will definitely be interested. look at us…writing and reading and talking about it. thats fuel.
    and Hot 97’s stance felt very unbalanced. they play and promote rappers and songs about senseless killing all day long and if we were to question them, i am sure that they would say that these rappers’ are just telling “their” story. what they really experienced.
    well damn, zimmerman might be more gangster than these rappers that we respect so much for “keeping in 100”.
    at least we know that he really killed. shameful, yes. but all of it is. all killing should be shameful to a certain degree. because this man was not black, it doesn’t make it any worst than what these rappers are talking about “they did”. and the rappers influence “our culture” a lot more than zimmerman does. we don’t care about him. we want him to go away.
    helping promote this “circus” does the exact opposite.
    thank about it.


    • marty mcfly

      Dont say anything in defense of Zimmerman and dont try to rationalize him being able to fight DMX or becoming a celebrity in anyway. Now I get where your coming from and I know some other people are gonna compare Zimmerman to other people and make rap lyrics and issue etc… I get that. IN THIS PARTICULAR SITUATION? NO. Its different on many different levels. Fuck seeing Zimmerman fight in a ring, I wanna see Zimmerman dead period. If somebody kills Zimmerman then hey I consider it an eye for an eye. Rappers may rap about murders (that 99% have never done) and other people may kill someone in which they go to jail for life and there may be people out there that became celebrities for dumb shit etc… Zimmerman is a totally different kinda situation. The people that wanna turn this into a circus do it because they look at Zimmerman like a hero to the racist parts of america and they wanna celebrate the death of Trayvon and thats a major difference in the level of wickedness in this situation and others. Now some may wanna rationalize this in their head and some may wanna compare Zimmerman to other people BUT other people weren’t treated like Zimmerman after they killed somebody and thats in most cases regardless of the situation. When you have people trying to profit off of Zimmerman in order to not only help themselves but to make Zimmerman a celebrity and help him become a success? Thats just pure evil imo. Why dont these people see if its anything they can do to help the Martin family move forward with their lives? Its because there are some people who are so wicked that they would like to see Zimmerman be praised for shooting an unarmed teenager and that to me makes this particular situation different then any comparison anybody can make.

  • ilexx

    Ok I hear everybody’s comments but I actually find this interesting… Ppl are like how is George Zimmerman a celebrity and honestly America is to blame for that because ppl become celebrities for nothing here. Anthony Dodson? Became known because of his newsclip which was autotuned into a song, Psy had a stupid viral song and Zimmerman murders an innocent kid and got off. I am not saying its right but once u become popular, celebrity status may jus be around the corner. Sex tapes have turned ppl into celebrities, shit it’s built million dollar empires right?

    For me, it burns me everyday that this pussy walks free, it’s a spit in the face of any young minority.

    I would personally love to see somebody beat the shit out of George Zimmerman on TV/online whateva. I think it would be a glorious day. But instead u guys would rather let him walk free and nothing happen to dis fool.

    I know it ain’t gonna bring back Trayvon and it’s not like this guy spending years behind bars but if he got his ass beat it would at least give some well needed laughter at the expense of Zimmerman. Fuck dat bitch somebody needs to knock him out and Hip Hop is the only community that will get it done.

    • marty mcfly

      Zimmerman is a completely different kinda situation then others who have become celebrities for dumb songs and other dumb reasons.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      But at the end no justice was served,it is gonna pure entertainment and this fool is gonna get paid at the end of it. Don’t forget there will be a very good chance he would win cos of the man he is facing, DMX now is not the DMX we loved earlier, this was a risk for us to even get involved in.

    • ilexx

      I understand where you guys are coming from. No justice will be served here no matter what.

      I am hearing mixed things about this being for charity, of course we don’t know how true that is, in terms of how much will be given to charity exactly and who gets paid but as far as I know the Celebrity Boxing company promoting the event is for profit sooo they definitely gonna eat. Maybe that is a problem but I have seen people profiting off of worse than just “racial tensions” in America.

      Our news and media outlets gave him all this attention even after the trial, anything Zimmerman does becomes news. They already enabled him and now that he wants to profit from that people want to make something out of it. This country already profits from the sufferation and despair of ppl from all kinds of backgrounds. The same media outlets profited from milking everything about trayvon and Zimmerman when it went down and during the trial and they are gonna do it again with this fight. That’s the nature of America though and I am not saying its right or wrong but its the truth.

      I could care less if Zimmerman profits from this because I am not interested in how much money he has, in fact I don’t think him making money from this gives him any more power than he already has, money isn’t the end all be all… Who knows if he will benefit from the money, it could be the worst thing for him, u never know.

      But what I am saying is that with all that laid out, I would be willing to watch Zimmerman potentially get his ass handed to him. Whether DMX can do it is up for discussion though. I woulda preferred to see The Game fight him.

      • Selorm Amuzu

        We would like too see this I hear but this aint it, this is a situation where regardless black people lose but it not because of the ass-kicking but the aftermath. Zimmerman will play martyr to the public and the black person would have done nuffin but re-enforce a stereotype on a public scale regardless of who that black man is. This gonna be like Macklemore in the Grammys, the stage is set for Zimmerman to win regardless !

  • Real Dope Brother

    If this fight goes down, I hope hundreds of Americans storm the ring and beat the hell out of Zimmerman before the fight even starts.

    • Theodore Pendergrass

      No It’s private or invitation only plus undisclose setting with lots of security is what I heard.

  • marty mcfly

    What makes this even more sad is there once was a time in america where killing a black person did make you a celebrity. For hundreds of years murderers would get a not guilty verdict from “a jury of their peers” if they had killed a black man, women or child AND some would even made it an event by advertising that they were about to kill a black man, woman or child then the newspaper would make it a story and they would have a town event were whites would come out by the hundreds and watch a slave be taking outta his chains and then hung from a tree and they also did this to black children. Then the towns people would gather around under that dead black persons hanging body and take pictures and celebrate that persons murder and murderer. They would then take down the body, and whoever wanted to kick the dead slave or dead free black man, they would come forward and do so. Some would kick the body, some would chop the body, some would set the body of fire, some would even be so enraged in demonic evilness that they would repeatedly shoot and stab even the dead body of a black person while the crowd would cheer. This happened repeatedly in america for years. That evilness is still present today in the mentally of many people who do not see black people as having the right to be free in america. They look at a black child or teenager and believe that child deserves to die or be killed simply because they do not like the fact that that person is black. So imo this whole Zimmerman bullshit is just another public lynching of a black child for all the racists parts of america to celebrate and that to me is wrong on alot of levels.

  • Kingly_Caracter

    This is absolutely disgusting…”Black people are now a commodity”. We have once again become nothing more than “expendable prey”…I literally feel ill right now…

  • Kingly_Caracter


  • Selorm Amuzu

    Some one need to tell Earl Simmons that this ain’t it… And i mean a Divine Intervention !


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAYVON! HOMIE 19 TODAY fuck Your MEDIA BULLSHIT! ZIMMERMAN is NOT a CELEBRITY, DMX need to be the bigger man and tell it like it is!

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Shame Shame Shame !!!!

  • Extra Domus

    50 should beat the breaks off zimmerman and let brotha lynch hung finish homie off haha

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  • The Incredible Creation

    Some comments have been used for this “Dirty Amerikkka” post –> http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/2014/02/dirty-amerikkka-people-react-to-dmx-vs.html <– The people react to DMX vs. George Zimmerman


    ZIMMERMAN is NOT a CELEBRITY, DMX need to be the bigger man and tell it
    like it is!