French Montana Explains ‘Tunnel’ Arrest

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Say Cheese.

Have you ever seen someone so happy under arrest? Details are murky, but French Montana was booked last night at B.B. King Bar & Grille. The venue played host to Funkmaster Flex’s “Tunnel” revival. Apparently, Jadakiss and Chinx Drugz were cuffed as well. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: French explains why he was booked to TMZ. Damn warrants.

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  • gzdehb

    lol this ain’t post worthy
    Fifth came to D-block…

  • looks staged again

    fuck this staged bullshit………

    50 AND THE LOX IN THE STUDIO………………..


  • Sean Power

    just wait until the Toronto all star game no rappers are going get cross the border

    • Nahaha

      To bad it’s in New Orleans

      • slyyy

        hes talking about the 2016 all star game not this years obviously

      • Sean Power


  • Hussle

    50 with the lox in the studio and it doesnt get a post??? WTF

    • smh

      50 is WASTING MONEY on features for a MIXTAPE that Jimmy and Dre will SHUT DOWN in less than 24 hours after it drop! 50 has been BLACKBALLED look at all the SONGS he drop last month, where are they NOW?

      • OcelotDME

        Can’t shut down a Legend

        • karma’sabitch!

          Damn LIE! its happening right before your eyes, homie. When was the last time 50 dropped a album? Em dropped 3 albums since 50 last album. SH working on their 2nd INTERSCOPE album. Puffy dropped a album on Interscope. Keef Cheef dropped a album on Interscope. Kendrick went Platinum. Shit, even French Montana dropped a album on INTERSCOPE! Gunit as a LABEL got DROPPED by INTERSCOPE RECORDS and 50 OWE 1 more ALBUM and a GREATEST HIT to INTERSCOPE! Neither one is coming out! They got 50 STUCK in his contract like he had Buck!

          • Demic (Music in Bio)

            so true. the irony of it all

      • okay your right

        so not irellevant or a has been but being blackballed.

        big difference then if other forces are shutting down his music.

        the we are the world group of dre jimmy puff jay ross khaled french meek dont want 50 in position again.
        he bad for business.
        thats why they all in it together working against him for all the times he shitted on them. they on some behind the scenes snake shit
        pussy niggas basically.

        ny losing cuz of shit like that.

        50 the only one capable of bringing ny back at this pojnt.
        50 with a reunited g unit inc buck.

        • smh

          he BLACKBALLED because he said FUCK Jimmy Ivoine. Then he said he do NOT NEED Dre and Em to sale RECORDS. When Em was fuck up on drug 50 was running around calling himself MR. INTERSCOPE because he THOUGHT Em was Done. Now he got the HEADPHONES and that’s GOING “AGAINST” his BOSSES (beats)! If “I” was 50 I would say FUCK MUSIC and MOVIES and INVEST in REAL ESTATE something Jimmy can NOT BLACKBALL but ANYTHING 50 do that has ANYTHING to do with ENTERTAINMENT it will be SHUT DOWN by the BIG GUYS!

          • okay your right

            i hear you but 50 isnt dumb he wouldnt be wasting his time with music if he knew it was over
            50 been making alot of claims recently on twitter of a major comeback,,,,maybe he knows something we the general public dont.
            its all politics at the end of the day.
            time will reveal.

        • TreTheGreat

          True shit. Okay you’re right

        • guest

          bring back ny? do you not remember this fool beefing with a bunch of artist from ny? he was the first one making ny look bad back in the day

    • mrlino79

      becuz aint nobody lookin out for punk ass 50cent..only u…lmmfao….50 is a has been

    • It does have a post

    • Extra Domus
  • LOL

    this mufucka cheesin hard

  • Donn

    Album coming out?



  • French Toast

    He trying to hard to look like he not scared. smh he scared as shit lol