New Music: Chief Keef “All I Care About”

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No I Don’t Hang With 50 Now.

With Young Chop on the beat, the Almighty So puts his personal interests all over his new track. For those who care, his Back From The Dead 3 and Bang 3 is on the way.

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  • Belize

    You never go all the way auto tune #TropicThunderVoice

  • DT


  • Musikal

    What the fuck is this shit????

  • LMFAOOOOOO SON IF YOU NIGGAS POST ANOTHER BULLSHIT TRACK AGAIN. No way Big Homie listened to this before posting. Why post wack shit? I don’t care if he’s signed.

    • Marley71

      “Brought to you by the marketing dollars of Interscope”

      • yup-perz

        Payola…STILL in FULL EFFECT!!

        • titus tucker

          Payola is paying for radio play..

          • yup-perz

            sure….and internet is the NEW radio….
            point is that the same money that was used to pay dj’s to spin this or that record “x” amount of times is now used to make sure the music site/blogs give “x” amount of posts or attention to this or that record….
            new game, same plays….

  • Justarapfan

    This kid has been set up for failure.

  • Hussle

    yall might aswell post another 360 track instead of wasting a post with chief keef

  • those pants tho lol niggas wear anything lol #wack track too

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Psuedo Wayne Dedication anime art? BUt the anime is better…. ok giving the artist another listen… lots of hype, but so far has yet to showcase to me some legit artistic orginality and skill… LISTENING…. hmmm all I care bout is money… well all I care about is seeing the end of this type of disposable content. I like the auto-tune vibes… but the content… sigh… can anyone really vibe to this without being ashamed of themselves ? I guess i’m the product of total different environment, PEace.

    • twincitiesog59 .

      fasho doe Almighty SoSa done went to Almighty SuckA!! wit dat wack display, “WHERE’S THE HUNGER”!!!! BANG BANG!!!

  • Snake

    Couldn’t get past the first min…real talk

  • Im with phillz, did he even listen to this bullshit before he posted it??? #EarKiller

  • 305 MAFIA

    Rapradar been DEAD. HiphopHotwire Gat it rightnow (Elliott wilslut is a GROUPIE )

    • Kakakakaka

      Nigga I went to ur lame site and ur posting the exact same shit lol

  • The Incredible Creation

    Interscope cuttin’ them checks [$$] or sending threats to have sites shut down *shrugs*


    lmao yall buggin this shit HARD lmfao. he came wild with the flow lol

  • LOL

    how the fuck can people listen to this shit? terrible

  • Jimmy Iovine must be passing ya’ll a check

  • Sam Robilotta

    lol just listen to this

  • The Almighty

    why y’all supporting this bullshit?

  • Viva La Raza

    where the quality control? Auto Tune sounds cool sometimes but this sounds BAD and im oepn minded to Keef’s melodies and songs but he sounds horrible

  • Revolt Staff to infinity

    ok, I see why people annoyed with Rap Radar. You guys are visible taste makers, you earn a living off your opinion & site, you document our culture, but you post so much garbage. If you focused on the latest & greatest QUALITY, Rap Radar would kill the game. Basically marrying your staff’s ego & work ethic because I do love your site…but come on!!!


  • Matik

    this is in discussion for literally the worst song of any genre I’ve ever heard .. all I keep thinking about when I listen to this garbage is how the hell did this dude make the final cut of Yeezus .. even though I personally though Yeezus was wack, its still a major project, and Chief Queef definitely shouldn’t have made the final cut..

  • L Train

    Not bad for a nigga that don’t care about nothing but money. If he likes it I love it get that money

  • TeF

    This is the absolute hottest garbage of all the hot garbage I’ve heard lately. I can’t get this time back. It must be April 1st. The fact that someone at Rap Radar heard quarters actually took the time to code and upload this to the site as if someone is checking for it just makes me violently angry. The culture has taken so many fucking L’s in the past decade, and THIS is what you give exposure to? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I’m starting to think some racist rich white guy started Rap Radar as a silent partner and is consciously making sure shit like this stays on the site for the greater good. You motherfuckers are working my nerves with shit like this, Dead ass!

  • yup-perz


    • yup-perz

      ^^(this doesn’t even deserve words)^^

  • DontBlameCointelpro

    Reh Dogg was ahead of his time then if this is meant to be dope.Whats the agenda RR?

  • John Jay

    when he’s gonna go back to rapping????
    he should listen to his song “don’t like” and check the progression

  • iDontCURRRRR

    Real Real Real Talk…. who seriously thought this guy was a decent/good/somewhat relateable rapper? I understand hip hop and all music is opinion based but COT DAMN this NIKKA?!?WHo the fuck at interscope green lit this!?!?! how you ride out to this? how you listen to this in the club? car? house? gym? bedroom? any fucking where that plays music….. fuck this i dont hate but today CHIEF KEEF you must die. Like right now, not yesterday not tomorrow like now TODAy, choppa to the face, trigger pulled, Mastermind cover yourself NIKKKKAA

  • Blizeee

    Keef kill the Autotune already man…