New Video: CyHi The Prynce “Napoleon”

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Mount Up. 

CyHi The Prynce has been gone for a minute, but returns to the blogosphere with stable of bars. It’s going to be hard keeping track of all these quotables. Be on the look out for his new project dropping later this year, executive produced by Kanye West.

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  • Bkmkj

    That boi nice!!!

  • smoss44

    bdots a lame after hearing the alloutshow today. cornball. elliot you too FU(K RAPRADAR!!!! LAMES RUN HIP HOP jayz is a lame too
    believe it or not

  • Belize

    Cyhi so raw…this nigga shoulda been out

    • KanYe2tha

      ^Co-sign i always wondered why ye pushed big sean before cyhi

      • BlackCrown216

        Man….I co-sign the co-sign…..

        I feel like he coulda been competing for wale and big Sean fans…him and Kendrick and/or Cole would be nice on a track

  • djdoit

    best on good music period

  • JP

    This is Ill, I’d like to see someone say it’s not.


    THIS SHIT FUKKIN FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ray_punk95

    He freestyled half of this on a Kanye interview a couple months ago! Still DOPE!

  • Chronic

    Damn I almost forgot about cy-hi. Really don’t know why he never blew up bigger.

  • BlackCrown216

    Damn. Hes a breath of fresh air!!!!! Where u been chi!!! These cat in the hat rhyming rappers wit southern beats killing the game!

  • DAP

    video ass but track dope he went in

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    best tecnically sound lyricist on ye’s label. cant wait.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Bruh! WTF?! Could you imagine how G.O.O.D can really been running the rap game if only Kanye would push the fuckin button and shine the light on the stable of talent he has? like.. these niggas ain’t gettin any younger! He so worried about KIM & fashion that he’s letting all the talent under the G.M. umbrella go to waste like… Sean & T could have done a lot better with the ultimate YE push.. smh and the PEOPLE are forced into seeing all these other subpar ass crews like MMG, A$AP etc. | rap game too watered down..

    • Viva La Raza


  • Justin TimberBAKED

    Man Chyhi is nice as fuck! You can tell he influences Kanye’s flow. Ye need to put him & Pusha in the front. Wish they still had Cudi, but fuck it!

  • Viva La Raza

    where this guy been? best I ever heard him. I thought he sleeping, not being active and dismissed him… But he definitely got my attention with this. Real nice bars, dope voice, just stay active homie what the fuck

  • veesky

    Nice. Sometimes, punchlines can sound so forced, cheesy, derivative, etc. but he definitely tailored this song in a way that most of them hit and made me look forward to the next one. i’ve definitely been sleepin’ on the kid, Respect

  • yungofficial


  • Judge Dredd

    This dude is dumb nice, fuck Kanye West…. He needs to sign with Kobena Phunk.

  • Rodney

    Honestly I think y’all should stop bashing Kanye for him not being noticed yet , Kanye is an artist just like Cyhi so therefore Kanye doesn’t break or make him only Cyhi have that control so blame him not Kanye … Smh y’all act like Kanye suppose to do everything for him , no the music industry isn’t like that …

  • Unkown

    I bet he been ghost writing for Ye