Diddy On Executive Producing Ross LP

Sean "Diddy" Combs Hosts CIROC The New Year 2014 At Private Miami Estate

Bugatti Boyz.

Rick Ross’ Mastermind is weeks away and Diddy’s making sure it arrives on time. In a press release, Puff discussed co-executive producing his sixth solo set. Hopefully his input is employed the same way it was on Jay-Z’s  American Gangter.  Above is footage of them working on the project.

Says Diddy:
“It’s a team effort. Ross, Khaled, Gucci Pucci and I are like a family.  The goal for Mastermind was to create a classic album. Once we put all our superpowers together we knew there was nothing stopping us from accomplishing our goal,”

Says Rick Ross:

“Diddy is one of the greatest producers of all time and someone I respect. He has a proven track record of not only creating hit records but also classic albums. It just made sense for me to have him be a part of this process,.

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  • B-Bell

    I’m glad he want back to Puff. Puff brings another side out of Ross as an artist.-

    • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

      bahahahahahahaha lmfaooooooooooooooooo

  • Fresh360

    Ross has a great ear for beats but if Diddy can supply anything close to what he gave Jay-Z for American Gangsta, this may be the album where Ross finally gets over the hump.

    • DadeMIYayo

      what hump fool.

      • Fresh360

        Ummmmm his FIRST platinum album or maybe his 1st platinum (which would only be his 3rd) single in 6 years. Yeah that hump.

    • Dwight Stewart

      I appreciate your point but you’re kinda talking as if his albums didn’t go gold. Give that man his credit! 500,000 copies of selling ANYTHING is a fucking accomplishment. 500,000!!! and a few times doing it!!! Most of us don’t know 500 people. Lets get out of the internet dream world for a second. Rappers in this era are barely selling 20,000 copies because of illegal downloading. Not to mention he’s one of the better writers in modern hip hop…and before you react, do a little digging on the artist who he’s also written lyrics for (some ghost written). you may not like what he’s rapping about but his technically ability is very high. Tell me another rapper who can consistently vibe on songs with the likes of Jay Z…every single one of those collabs he has held his own. I will admit that he can get too thematic with his music but which successful rapper hasn’t done that in their careers. Tupac and BIG got obsessed with talking about death, snoop- weed and sex, Jay z- drugs and flossin’, Nas with the afro centric Muslim undertones, Outkast with that quirky pimp life, Eminem with his drug and family problems, etc. etc. etc. salute that man and let him have his little shine for a second orrr put it to the side. We’re to old for all this hating shit though.

      • Fresh360

        Can you point out where I “hated” on Ross? Even the tone in my original post was complimentary. You’re confusing facts, he never went platinum, with hate. I think Ross is a great artist who has yet to reach his full potential.

        • Dashing28

          People are very sensitive these days. What you wrote made sense. Ross has made some very good albums. He’s never made a classic though. Deeper Than Rap and Teflon Don are his 2 best, but neither reached classic status critically or platinum status commercially. He’s shown moments where he can really rap, but he’s gotten formulaic recently(Trap record with repetitive hook or soulful record) so hopefully this album is a break. Just once I’d like to see him try to step into something different. I’ve got high hopes for this one too and I’m optimistic for Diddy’s influence. It can only help Ross who’s been stuck in a pattern of producing the same records for quite some time now.

        • Dwight Stewart

          i was reading all the other peoples stupid comments, Hip hop fans in general just hate for no damn reason. No other genre is as bad as hip hop is with the hating. I appreciated your comment but saying that he might finally get over the hump is almost like saying that six gold albums are irrelevant. I didn’t say platinum I said he went gold 6 times (500,000). Lets be fair though, the moment he released his 3rd album, that meant he got over the proverbial hump. Most artist will get 2 albums, very few get to do 6 on a major.

      • FOLK103

        loool he havent gone platinum while jeezy done did it 3 times and gold 4th time gold aint shit

  • BK!!

    Straight TRASH!We dont support this CLOWN!

    • Dwight Stewart

      all 3 of you

  • b zdbnz

    @ElliottWilson. I support @rickyrozay in anything he does

  • wei sheng

    the wackness!!!

  • brza

    including the smash hit “Take That Take That Take That Part II”

  • Peekay

    if Diddy’s involved, I’m less interested.

  • Billy Kincaid

    Diddy was an ASSOCIATE Producer on American Gangster, not Executive Producer. HUGE difference.

    • Fresh360

      Not really Jay-Z and Diddy tell the same story. Diddy found a stash of beats that convinced Jay-Z to record the album as well as shaped the sound of American Gangster. Also if you notice Jay-Z is ALWAYS credited as executive producer of his albums. The Executive Producer credit is a money thing more than an artistic one (i.e J. Prince is credited as Exec Producer on all of Drake albums but did not provide a single beat or in studio during sessions).

  • LuckyP757

    i think this will be what GFID was supposed to have been. he hears the talks I’m sure. he reads the trolling ass niggas comments. this is gonna be the 1 here.

  • Public Hairs

    If anything, it will be Diddy’s crew (The Hitmen) that will enhance this album, not Diddy himself. I dont think he really knows how to actually produce music.

    • The Ghost Of Rich Porter

      learn what a producer is, because you sound stupid.

      • Public Hairs

        No no, I know what it is (you assumed I didnt, kiddo). I genuinely dont believe that he can provide any level of artistic input to this album NOR create music, Kinda like what you did with this topic.

        • marty mcfly

          Yes Diddy knows how to produce.

        • Dashing28

          I get that he’s kind of an asshole, but people never give Diddy the credit he deserves. Without Diddy, Biggie never would have put out the radio records like “Big Poppa” “Juicy” and “One more Chance” that allowed the masses to hear the other records like “Unbelievable” and “The What”. He coulda just been like an O.C or a Jeru da Damaja..

          Never would have heard of the Lox, Mase, Total, 112, Mary J Blige, etc.

          If “The Hitmen” were doing all of this on their own how come they didn’t start a massive label and go multiplatinum with artists. I swear people think it’s easy to go from being a backup dancer to a net worth of nearly $600 million.


          • Public Hairs

            You ever notice how all those acts came about when Biggie was alive and never thrived after his death (except MJB who WASNT on Bad Boy)? Me too.

            Diddy got lucky with Biggie and has never come close to a find like that or the Lox or Total or whoever since. Diddy’s role is played up quite a bit.

            Only credit I give him is he knows to tap the TRUE lyricists in rap to write his shit.

          • Dashing28

            Ummmm………Biggie was the greatest rapper of all time. It’s very difficult to just find another one, but if you want to talk about success. Since Biggie died, look at Diddy’s track record…

            P.Diddy – No Way Out – 7 X platinum
            Mase – Harlem World – 4 x Platinum
            Lox – Money, Power , Respect – Platinum
            Mase – Double Up – Platinum
            P. Diddy – Forever – Platinum
            Black Rob – Life Story – Platinum
            Shyne – Shyne – Platinum
            P. Diddy – We Invented the Remix – 2 x Platinum
            Da Band – Too Hot for TV – Gold
            8 Ball and MJG – Living Legends – Gold
            Mase – Welcome Back – Gold
            Yung Joc – New Joc City – Platinum
            P. Diddy – Press Play – Gold

            Faith Evans – Keep the Faith – Platinum
            Total – Kima, Keisha, Pam – Gold
            112 – Room 112 2 x – Platinum
            Carl Thomas – Emotional – Platinum
            112 – Part III – Platinum
            Mario Winans – Hurt No More – Gold
            Dream – It Was All a Dream – Platinum
            Faith Evans – Faithfully – Platinum
            New Edition – One Love – Gold
            Cassie – Cassie – Platinum
            Danity Kane – Danity Kane – Platinum
            Danity Kane – Welcome to the Dollhouse – Platinum

            And I excluded the Biggie albums he released after Biggie died that also went platinum…And I excluded the Bad boy Greatest hits albums that went gold.

            Not to mention Janelle Monae, who’s signed to Diddy and is a critical darling, even if she’s not selling platinum. Not to mention MGK and French Montana, that have platinum singles. Not to mention the production he’s done for non-Bad Boy artists, like Jay Z’s American Gangster, J. Lo, Lil Kim, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Nas etc.

            Tell me who’s done more than him with such a diverse list of acts? Some of which aren’t even that talented.

            I know he’s an asshole, but let’s not pretend that the man doesn’t have an untouchable track record of success.

          • Public Hairs

            You cited a lot of facts that are statistically true (though half that list are terrible acts NOT to be proud of with no classic material that came, went and were forgotten), but you can’t prove Diddy’s involvement in them on the creative side. He’s a businessman, not an artist. He even admits he doesn’t write, so what makes you think he sits there and constructs albums with people? He simply has the final word.

            He may know who to get to do such n such cause they are hot at the moment, but that doesn’t make dude Quincy Jones like you paint him out to be.

            So yea, his role is hyped up. Business is his thing, not art. He knows what to ATTACH his name to.

          • Dashing28

            He found and created a lot of those acts. Carl Thomas, 112, Total, Mase, Shyne, Black Rob, Faith Evans. Those acts were terrible?? The Lox?

            By the way, how many of them have been successful since no longer working with Diddy?? If he just finds them and that’s it, then they should thrive on their own, right?

            He’s never been a writer (neither has Dr. Dre FWIW) but he’s always been involved in the production. You must not really know the role of an executive producer. He may not hit every note on the keys, but he decides the shape, sound and direction of the albums. He hires the producers to create the soundscape. He brings in the songwriters. He says “No, this shit aint hot. Let’s bring in someone else.” “Let’s scrap half the album and start over.” He makes the artists re-write their verses. In many cases, he probably has a greater impact on what the album will be than the artist themselves.

            And also knows when to leave an act alone (Janelle Monae) and not interfere.

            I didn’t compare him to Quincy Jones (who by all accounts is the greatest producer of all time, an unfair comparison) but you don’t need to be a composer to be a great producer, especially in hip hop, which is an entirely different way of making music. (Would you compare Pete Rock or Premo to Quincy Jones?)

            Point is Diddy’s not that much different from Dre, but he gets viewed very differently because people tend to no like his personality…

          • Public Hairs

            Nah dude, you absolutely made him out to be bigger than what he is. Again, he knows WHO to get that has the TRUE artistic impact and he can supply the funds to get the ball rolling (he’s a businessman above all else). This is the same guy that charges his OWN artists for video features.

            You basically buy into the image of him COMPLETELY without questioning any of it. If you’re a big Diddy fan, I can understand that, but you’ve bought into the hype way too much cause of what you see on TV and what they tell you to believe about him. Simple as that.

            A lot of the other stuff you said was too far-fetched to legitimately acknowledge as debatable.

          • Dashing28

            I don’t like Diddy at all actually (I did like his 1st album a lot though, and the 2nd one had a couple of joints on it), but I do respect him and what he’s accomplished. I don’t buy into the hype or his image, I look at the stats. And again, if he just knows “who to get that has the TRUE artistic impact” than how come those producers/artists are not nearly as successful without him??

            What do the other artists that have worked with him say about him that’s negative? He’s a shady businessman. True. He charges artists to be in their videos. Fair enough.

            But I’ve heard nothing negative about his ability to make hits..

            Diddy worked with producers that he built up for the most part. D-Dot, Stevie J, Hitmen, Nashiem Myrick, Mario Winans, Carlos Broady. These are guys he FOUND and produced music with, guys he gave direction to….if they’re that dope on their own, how come they didn’t blow up on their own? If he was just the $ guy who worked with in-the-moment producers, then his tracklist would be Swizz Beats, Timbo, Neptunes, Rockwilder and whoever else was hot at the moment.

            Badboy set the trends that the other labels followed and Diddy set the tone. He’s why Biggie made “One More Chance” and “Juicy” which made him accessible, and he’s why Biggie was surrounded with Mase, 112, Total, and not just a bunch of hardcore NYC rappers like OC, Jeru, M.O.P etc. He knows how to make hit records and albums. The stats speak for themselves. The shit’s not debatable.

          • Public Hairs

            Most of these acts are not as successful without him cause they don’t have his budget backing them anymore lol. He also uses the “hot/bubbling” acts in their prime and moves on. This man knows how to survive in the business.

            I would go as far as saying he may have an “ear”, but Im sorry, I just dont believe his artistic integrity is on the level of his business acumen. That’s my whole thesis.

            Stats are a great marketing tool to make someone appear a certain way to a certain crowd. The #’s may be legit, but to attach them STRICTLY to Diddy is a reach (but he is the boss).

            And to go back to the original post, reading “Diddy on executive producing [insert rapper here]” does nothing for me. I dont see how this headline could excite anyone, really dont.

          • Dashing28

            “Most of these acts are not as successful without him cause they don’t have his budget backing them anymore lol”

            We could go back and forth, but I’ll just say budgets don’t make artists these days. Ask Drake, Macklemore, Chance the rapper, Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown etc. how big their budgets were before they blew up. It’s much harder to get on the public’s radar/gain fans than it is to maintain that once you’ve got it. So Loon, Black Rob, 112 (who were signed to DefJam after Diddy and def had a budget) Faith, Shyne, Danity Kane etc should have had it easier than all of these new acts if they have the talent themselves.

            Lox dropped an EP in December. It’s not very good. Typical street shit. If Lox said they were dropping an album and Diddy was exec producing it, I’d be excited cause I know he knows how to make an album that sounds good. They know how to craft bars and punchlines.

            His business acumen and his artistic integrity go hand in hand. He knows how to make commercially palatable music. And he knows how to make cohesive albums. (Ready to Die, Life after Death, Harlem World,No Way Out, American Gangster)

            To tie it back to Ross, he simply hasn’t made a cohesive album. He’s never made a classic. He’s got a good ear for beats (although they’re starting to sound repetitive) but he’s yet to make an album that lasts beyond a moment. I think Diddy exec producing can only help with that. That said, I think Ross is real cold right now and needs all the help he can get. Ye brought the best out of him on “Devil in a new Dress.” Sometimes you need an OG with a track record longer than yours to take you to the next level.

          • Dwight Stewart

            absolutely a legendary producer

          • Dwight Stewart

            I agree, diddy is definitely a legendary, underrated producer. a little annoying but definitely underrated. 112 cut ties and disappeared along with every other bad boy star that thought they could do better without him. #salute

  • Rgeezy

    Fake people always gravitate to one another.

    • Dwight Stewart

      Most rappers are fake though. not sure how this relates to music we enjoy… its somebodies truth even if it isn’t theirs.

  • Really Tho

    How many behind the scenes, fake album hype, lame ass promo videos are you gonna shove down our throats? Fucking chill

    • MMG Suede

      Don’t click it then lmao fr fxck sake you people confuse me like read a book or something

    • Dwight Stewart

      stop trolling and shit wont be shoved down your throat.


    these niggas fake industry friends and brothers….they will stand together….and when shit gets real and things fall apart…they will all fall together…everyone of them. it’ll be funny to watch it go down. everything works in cycles.

    • MMG Suede

      Why you wanna see another mans downfall?? like lmao so you clicked this just to post that but did it help your life in anyway !???

  • MMG Suede

    I really don’t like Tyga, so what I do is simple. Whenever I see his posts or links on Twitter involving Tyga. I simply don’t click it cos I know I wont like it. Some of you should try that for Ross butt wait. You are all underground fans ok

    • Dwight Stewart


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Rick Flop is the biggest fraud known to mankind. He’s not a boss he claims to be. The real boss is 50.

    See how The Lox, and Fat Joe bowed down to Fif! All these niggas know who he actual Boss is.

    #50 Cent, G-Unit for eternity!