Lil B Lecture & Freestyle At UC Riverside

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Based Campus.

Lil B disseminated his message yesterday at the University Of California, Riverside. During the Q&A portion, he spit what some may deem a “freestyle”.


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  • mrzee

    lil b is like a cult leader.

    • B.Dot

      Heavens Gate?

  • Snake

    The fucks this faggot doing coming down to my home town trying to spread his wack message bout his wack career!

  • TeF

    This may be one of the clearest signs of the apocalypse that I have ever seen. Fuck is going on in this world? Shit like this is why it’s so hard to take Cali seriously.

  • Enzo

    Lol this closed minded ignorant dudes below quick to press comment instead of play. I love you and I hope you had a great day loving earth and your love ones your family. It’s so beautiful

    • YunG based guy

      based life