Trinidad James Arrested For Weed In MS

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All Green Everything.

What may seem like an ordinary day lighting up, actually lead to a day in the slammer. TMZ reports TJ was taken into custody today and booked for possession of marijuana at a hotel in Mississippi. Don’t believe me, just watch.

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  • Rufus Buck

    all because of a herb that grows naturally with zero evidence of health risks. Yet he could have had a cigarette in his mouth and had his car loaded with alcohol and he wouldn’t have even been stopped.

    The law is seriously criminal.

    • crayzee


  • Jav

    Hip hop police been goin hard lately.

  • @hiphopeEless

    The tax payer’s money going to good use i see

  • Your Father

    Fake artist to get the buzz up. I guess dissing New York wasn’t such a big pay off.

    • Your Father

      *fake arrest

  • Your Father’s Father

    @ Your Father

    This is your father speaking, SHUT YO ASS UP! Now take your hating ass to your room and you better not leave from out of there to I tell you so.

  • LuckyP757

    *cue half baked* you in here, for some marijuana?!? man, this is some buuuullshitttt

  • AtlantaBig

    Hope he gets sent for life sentence. He is the weakest rapper off all time.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      the hate is strong in you lol

  • Cmon Son

    This clown is never in the news for his music…can you bloggers stop caring because we don’t