Charlamagne Tha God On Arsenio

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Charlamagne We Live?!

Charlamagne went out west yesterday and made his debut on The Arsenio Hall Show. In the featured clip , he talked about his interview style, Wendy Williams, and pop culture headlines.

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  • Michael Ibbett

    Most entertaining non artist hip-hop personality of all time…on par with Howard stern and Bill o Reilly imo

    • areal1

      Have you ever heard of star from star and buckwild yeah he’s def more entertaining than cthagod and I like charlamagne its just he’s like a pg rated version of star.BTW even he admits he was influence by star

      • Michael Ibbett

        Yehh stars real good…I just think he has a Jay Leno type delivery with his Shit…and charlamagn just delivers straight to the point punches with no effort better, to me atleast

      • Michael Ibbett

        Oh and hes not really PG slash PC on the Vlad interviews and Shit..but in the mainstream and terrestrial radio stuff he does he has no choice but to be toned down…that Charlemagne n friends Shit was corny tho

        • areal1

          Hes not PG but he’s not star the difference is start doesn’t have friends in the industry he keeps it real with EVERYBODY and always has but cthagod picks who he wants to go at kanye and lil kim r easy targets but I watched him kiss Rick ross ass and never say anything about the co scandal or even admit he was scared of gucci mane so he wouldn’t ask him certain questions or nicki minaj he didnt ask her about her obvious surgeries so that’s y I say he’s a pg version cuz he chooses the things and people he wants to keep it real about. Oh and let’s not get into his self hating act when every joke he tells is at the expense of our community

      • Rufus Buck

        Star is not more entertaining than CthaGod. He’s more loud and offensive, but he’s not more entertaining.

        The difference between the two is that Star is a shock jock and he searches for the most controversial thing to say when he’s talking, whereas Charlamagne is actually clever and has a usually has a universally agreed upon opinion of the truth.

        Charlamagne broke Kanye into three pieces and disected his arrogance for the world to see, Star would have just been insulting.

        They are literally two different entities.

        Star is a really bad, crass and distasteful version of Howard Stern.
        Charlamagne is a modern day Lester Bangs.

        • areal1

          Yeah my nigga you CLEARLY haven’t listened to star alot or even read his book every thing he does is how he feels it may be shocking to you because most personalities don’t give you the unfiltered truth like star

          • Dwight Stewart

            Definitely didn’t want to read his book. He has this arrogant God complex about him…almost condescending. Its funny at first but then it gets obnoxious because its obvious that his attitude would be counter productive in the industry that he was in. He was the same guy who was hating heavy on Jay Z and then dapped him up later when they met, then tapered his perspective because of the potential of the new acquaintance. thats like a cardinal sin for a radio personality. If you cant stand your ground on a point of view then it wasn’t truly your point of view to begin with.

      • Guest

        star is sick but not better the c the god

      • Dwight Stewart

        yeah but naw. Buck tries too hard to be disrespectful, its obnoxious. Charlemagne is not trying to obnoxious, he just says the things that people are thinking and wont say. Big difference in approach.

    • K.O.

      You just called Bill O’Reilly a hip-hop personality? lmao

      • Michael Ibbett

        No…2 separate statements…but good attempt at understanding what youre reading….best hip-hop personality…so then on par means equal, to other iconic radiomedia personalities that are at the top of their respective fields

  • aintshit

    Charlemagne my man lay off the Sammy Sosa cream!

  • percivalmolina

    Hates on yeezy but rocking the leather patterns to the fullest extent haha

    • Dwight Stewart

      lol, dry your eye my friend. Its only entertainment.

  • brza

    Katy Perry is soooooo

  • Carlos Danger

    c-tha-god don’t hold back..what happen to your face.

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    wtf is dude wearin?

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    katy perry doe..

  • John Jay

    He’s fun to watch or listen…even if the world has more serious issues than entertainment.

  • MsGV

    Charlamagne praising Katy Perry who is dating a known racist, says JB hanging with blacks is going to get him arrested for the simple fact he is hanging with blacks, calls black woman hos..and yet you people are supporting this guy? I don’t get it.