New Music: Chief Keef “War”

bang 3

Cold War.

Looks like everyone is ready for war. And now that Chief Keef’s Bang 3 will now serve as a LP, the Chiraq trooper preps for combat on his new track.

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  • BigNig

    Man this is so embarrassing for hip hop culture… Tbh a couple songs from finally rich banged hard but everything since that has been so bad. Do these niggaz even listen to their shit before or mix it or are they such drug zombies from all the Molly and lean that they think this sounds good. It doesn’t sound good at all it’s just loud annoying noise

  • Really

    Really RapRadar? What are you posting this trash for? Chief Keef is complete garbage… I can’t wait for RapGenius to try to decipher what he’s even attempting to say in this song.

    • MMG Pleather


  • Belize

    I fux with it #KanyeShrug

  • Michael Ibbett

    This sounds like a bad acid trip…..or lil Wayne ate a whole sheet of acid and was in a coma and this was in his dreams

  • TOY-T

    Hey shawty, ain’t no future in no gang-bang
    And ain’t no manhood in no bang-bang
    Ain’t no honor cleanin’ interstates inside a chain-gang
    Know some rap niggas put that shit inside your mainframe
    Pills make you stupid and liquor do the same thing
    ‘Raris too expensive and they way too hard to maintain
    Get yourself a Camry, “nigga said a Camry?”
    Watch that ho depreciate and then you’ll understand me
    It’s called being fiscally responsible
    Don’t let these lying images up in hip-hop here conquer you
    The TV’s not your father fool, that video’s not your momma
    Try your best to be a man and your worst to be a monster



    • lol


      • Tokyo Tony


    • Theodore Pendergrass

      Ain’t that Lupe? I like that joint, never hear bros giving him props.

  • It’s Just Music

    “only real music is gonna last. All of that other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow”

    • Strong Enough

      shut up

    • The_Real_Gucci_Mane

      ur stupid this shit goes hard af !

  • Mr. Smith

    Never have I listened to such an inaudible song. Not sure if I spent 5 minutes listening to him having a stroke, seizure, or brain aneurysm.

  • blackholesurfer

    sounds like hes got a dick in his mouth and chocking in this song. LOL

  • Dashing28

    The whole game is being trolled. Only explanation.

  • asdfghjkl

    THIS SONG IS FUCKED. Stop spreading cancer you idiots.

  • ITS ME

    Not the best song, but it does get me hype. Turn up I guess?

  • John Jay

    Wo Wo Wo pussy bwoy da wo wo da fuk da bwa wa dee dee da wah wah wo wo huh da cadwa be di fadda….da cough are the best part!
    Ignorance at its best

  • Theodore Pendergrass

    Man this is sad.

  • Douglas

    This is a joke right?

  • Blizzee

    Can this dude rhyme anything other than fuck yo mama, and Rari?

  • draws

    this shit is the worst

  • fade

    This is awesome best chief I’ve heard so much fire and aggression hardest chief.keef song yet. Up just as much as a.waka flocka song.used to. Sosa baybbbeeyyyy

  • The _Real _Gucci_ Mane

    pussy dont want a war ! thats wat he sayin!