Fat Joe & Scott Storch In The Studio

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.42.15 PM

They’re Back.

Fat Joe’s still in the processing stages of his forthcoming album and recently reunited with Scott Storch working on their next collabo. Here, the producer speaks on their encounter.


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  • jpjdc


    • fullyautomatic

      FOH dick head lol

      • jpjdc

        oh word? because you gave a damn about either of them niggas before this post? ..stop it no one cares about scott storch until he proves that this isn’t another almost come back and he drops another hit.

    • Cmon Son

      Lol real shit…how can ya’ll clown LL Cool J but support this washed up shit

  • brza

    looking forward to these records I mean if Scott Storch is this hungry again

  • Extra Domus

    studio? more like bedroom…

  • LOL

    Storch a legend on the boards

  • 4766231

    Cool. Now Fat Joe has a buyer for his cocaine.

  • static

    the music game has changed so much.. it is dope studio but not as DOPE as it used to be lol great music i hope comes either way.

  • as funny as all this Storch sh^t is, the man was in The Roots, is classical trained, and worked w/ Dre for a while so I won’t be surprised when he does drop some heat.