Nike Releases Kanye West ‘Red October’

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Marginalize This.

On the eve of Kanye West’s 10 year old debut (The College Dropout), Nike unexpectedly released his much talked about “Red October”  color way. A link for the sneaker was posted on at 1:00 and by 1:11 was sold out.  Two months ago, Ye announced his deal with Adidas.

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  • Steve

    Too much red and not enough October IMO

    • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

      wat r u tryin to say? serious question btw

      • mrzee

        he’s just trying to b funny, but failed miserably.

      • Steve

        The submarine “Red October” (in the book at least) notably had an advanced stealth propulsion system that was ahead of its time. This shoe looks like a fire truck and is the opposite of covert.

        • LuckyP757


    • LuckyP757

      man what the fuck do you know STEVE??!

    • brza

      lol valiant effort

  • $$$

    These fools have a pic of a fake (or custom) shoe up

    • eastpointvet

      lol so you saying nike posted a fake

      • $$$

        RR changed the pic, they had a pic of a fake up. Nice try though

  • GreenBergs

    imo u are a certified fag if u was one of them sneakerheads fiending on ur twitter app tryna cop these off nike….

    • LuckyP757

      fuck your opinion. niggas like shoes, and they’re fags. you sound like one of them job corps niggas who aint have 245 to drop on a pair of kicks.

      • GreenBergs

        Bro I used to be just like u thinking jordans are exclusive and yeezys and what not, bro I’d personally rather save up for some dope louis’ , than some bullshit yeezys that have a garbage colorway, I stopped copping jordans around the time of the coool grey 9 s coming out, shits is corny to me, I’m 22 got the bread and I just personally rather cop air maxes like the good old days, shits become wack as fuck wit faggots having programs to purxhase sneakers on nike and shit , jordans yeezYs all bullshit

        • jeff

          ya’ll need to take that money and buy a plane ticket overseas and see some shit and learn some shit thats beyond sneakers…ya’ll don’t know smh… by the way I used to a sneaker head

          • GreenBergs

            well normal people have a 9-5 so to pick up and leave would be impractical, i dnno what you may do….maybe public relations or something in that direction?

        • LuckyP757

          niggas like what they like. motherfuckers kill me saying they’re corny. “some dope louis” as if they’re far from being attainable or i cant have high end sneakers as well as yeezys or jordans .. in the end people can like what they like just calling em fags for their admiration of a certain sneaker is what blew me. some niggas parents aint have the bread when they were smaller so they’re playing catch up, some cop because theres more to it than being an hyped up shoe..

  • Hussle

    who the fuck cares

  • Matt

    they look dope would like to see other colors, throw some gator skin on them or some wild shit like that

  • kinggizmoe

    the 4 blood moons the secounDates of Biblical prophecy Blood Moons in 2014 and 2015. These are the dates for the upcoming tetrad – four successive total lunar eclipses – in these years.


    Total lunar eclipse: April 15

    Total lunar eclipse: October 8


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    there is a reason he called it red october

  • SnkyPetePuma17

    Really! $260 – $280 (with tax & shipping included) hummm I would buy 2 NEVER wear them and sell them when his line comes out on Adidas. See “I GOT THE ANSWERS KANYE”